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  1. Skippy was born and raised in middle America. He learned to fish from his grandfather as a young boy and loved to eat food he caught himself. As he grew up he continued to fish local ponds and lakes in his free time and would travel for fishing trips when he was able to do so. When he reached the age of 28 he moved to South Carolina and purchased a fishing boat in an attempt to fish for a living, selling his catch to local markets and restaurants. Never getting tired of fishing, he would still find vacation time to make trips to fish in other parts of the world. When news broke of the infected spreading in Chernarus, Skippy seen an opportunity to get a rush fishing for fish possible infected, hoping to get the fight of his life. He was not sure if fish were capable of being infected, but he wanted to find out. He traveled by boat to Chernarus and spent a couple days fishing the shore when a storm destroyed his boat, leaving him stranded in the foreign country.
  2. Tyler63

    Realistic use of medicine in DayZRP

    great guide i just bookmarked it
  3. Tyler63


    i really like this one
  4. Tyler63

    The Gorka Times - [WIP] - Hiring!

    this is a really cool idea
  5. Tyler63

    Encountering nothing but jerks

    that reminds me of these guys i seen, i was nervous to run up to them but i wanted some interaction so i went for it, but i get up to the guy and say hello and he just tells me to please leave the area..........so i just said ok and left while i was ahead but could have either been nicer about it, or if your gonna be a jerk, rp as a jerk a little more then just tellin me to leave haha no salt either just thought id share
  6. My old computer looked like those low res screenshots, it was unplayable, so glad i can run the game now haha
  7. well your definitly qualified heh, welcome!
  8. wow thank you all, so from what ive gathered they do spawn, but very rare........... I guess the only question I have left is If anybody has some known spots to try looking, until then i will continue to comb chernarus lol
  9. Its so crisp........I'm jealous heh
  10. Has anybody confirmed that the wild boars are spawning in .60? I have tried searching information about it and spent lots of hours running around spots I think I have seen them in previous patches but haven't come across one yet. Any clues would be appreciated!
  11. I am new, although I have played a couple days now I have only ran into a few people. I have had a lot of fun by myself but look forward to meeting some of you.
  12. Hello, Im new myself. Maybe we will run into each other