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  1. Mike Murphy grew up in New York City and graduated from Cornell University in 2006 with an archaeology major. He made a career travelling the world in search of rare artifacts with his team, composed of 3 other members. In July of 2017 he and his team traveled to the small country of Chernarus to search the various ancient castles located in South Zagoria for artifacts. The first castle they explored was called Zub, located next to the town of Vyshnoye. Though they were staying at the international hotel in Chernogorsk, they decided to set up a campsite next to the castle because they would be there for several days. When they returned to Chernogorsk after 7 days, they found the city in chaos. People were packed in the small town and everyone was panicking. Mike and his team couldn't believe it when they heard about the infection. Had they heard about it the first day of the outbreak, they would be on a plane heading home in an instant. However, the infection was a week in at this point, and all the airports were closed due to the panic. So their best option was to stay in Chernogorsk and hope the infection wouldn't spread to the city. Unfortunately, on July 19th, the city fell. Waves of infected invaded the city and everyone went wild in the chaos. Mike and his team attempted to flee the city; however, Mike was the only member to survive the escape. He fled to a small cabin in the woods, where he stayed for several days, fearing for his life and mourning his friends. He contemplated killing himself several times, but didn't. When he finally emerged, he found the country was in shambles. He couldn't find and signs of life, and it seemed like he was alone in the world. So he spends his days clinging to life, trying to survive and looking for people who could help him.
  2. Ok thanks for the help. So I'm still whitelisted, I just need to create a new character with the new lore, right?
  3. I've been whitelisted on the server for about a year but ever since the new lore it says I have no active profile when I try to join. Does everyone need to re-apply for the whitelist?
  4. So my Whitelist application was denied for a minor error in my character background. I have to re-apply for the whitelist but my character background is gone. I pasted it on a separate text document earlier however. I was wondering if I am allowed to just edit that and fix it, and then paste it into my application, or if I have to completely retype a new character background.
  5. I had a quick question; if someone robs you on the server, are you allowed to kill them after for doing this?
  6. I am currently waiting to be white-listed, but i was wondering how hard it is to join a group? It seems like a lot of fun, and I was wondering how and where to find a group to join.
  7. CasualCaveman

    The Green Mountain Concert/Tournament [Tonight!!]

    This looks fun