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  1. Ran into a low lying fence in cherno, breaks leg. I tried to step over it, apparently I am weak.
  2. Hello and hope everything is well. Quick Introduction. Name is Nick, male 37 and been playing Dayz since the mod days. Honestly Haven't put to much time into Dayz SA due to personal stance on the game. Came back for .60, and liked where the game has gone. A Medic in the Army, so hoping to build a profile to play as a medic in the RP community. Completed some of the Whitelist application, but I want to develop my character first before I finish the application; so I can present a fully developed character. RP experience is roughly about 10 years on and off. The rules of this RP Community is almost the same from my last RP community so it will be easy to adapt. Also a player of Rust, I dabble with W.O.W. (most people have left), overwatch, battlefield / battlefront, and a few other games. Open To answer most questions and if you have any just ask, hopefully I answered the right questions on the application since I can't go back and review. Looking forward to seeing you all ingame or if that's not possible, hopefully in the forums. Have a Good Day and Stay safe