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  1. Mark is a 6ft4 tall handsome archaeologist who started life in England, he travelled around the globe overseeing sites and cataloguing the finds. He travelled to Cherno to excavate an area of a Quarry in the north east of Severograd. while staying there in tents he caught wind of disaster. It took a while as he doesn't speak the languages of locals and they all fled in the night. once he come to grips with the situation he and the only people who remained decided to stay at the quarry and surrounding woodland until some sort of rescue or end was in sight. time went by and more an more people turned. Mark struggled being so alone and finishing off his turned collegues. he became the sole survivor and nearly gave up when he met Dr Sin..... he gave me vitamins and shock theropy and I joined him and his "family" ive adopted the Sin name and I work with the doctor and family to cure and treat all the people of Chero.
  2. hey, I wasn't part of the whole "town" procedure. I arrived late on top of the castle to which 7 alleged people climbed up the stairs to kill us, as climbing the stairs the idea was to throw a nade down thus to kill these people coming up. Due to the DayZ physics the nade only dropped literally 1 millimetre infront of me. killing me and one other. I dont have any real involvment to prior events having only arrived at the castle from cherno briefly before. plus to add I was only with one person ontop of the castle whom i just met threw bumping into him up there. so names i do not know. he said he was a doctor thats the only thing i knew before shots came and i was pinned at the top of the castle.
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