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  1. Che was born in Israel 1998. After graduating from the university, Che and both of his friends decided to take a trip to Chernarus as one of his friends had some family members there, although the civil war was just not so long ago. Suddenly, when the outbreak began... The three friends heard a lot of noise from the outside of their houses, they went outside to see a massive amount of civilians being evacuated by the soldiers. The three friends got separated in the crowd and they never saw each other for the time being. Che was living his life by moving from one city to another in order to find some food and water, searching for the friend he lost and meeting new people. His morale went lower and lower each day and he started to wonder if all of this worth such a life. One day, while Che was making his way through the city... He saw a familiar face on one of the infected inside the market. He approached the infected slowly, looking out the window before releasing that this is one of his two friends. He had no choice but to leave him be and carry on his own way, wondering what's the fate of the other friend. From there on... the story continues.
  2. *Jake bends over towards the river and fills his bottle with water, humming a tune while doing so* *He presses the PTT button and speaks with a curious voice* "Hello there people... It's been a while now since the breakout and I wondered what music you guys used to listen to." "I used to listen to Electro Jazz a lot, such as April Showers." *Jake releases the PTT button and stuffs the bottle in his backpack* curious Humming a song Humming a song Humming a song
  3. Jake takes a seat on the grass and presses the PTT button, you can hear a campfire in the background. "Yuri, you said?" "I met him yesterday at Kabanino, this is all I know if it helps. Good luck finding him." Jake releases the PTT button and leans himself backward, placing his arms behind his neck.
  4. *Jake pushes the PTT button and speaks in with a calm voice* "Alright, i'll meet ya' there, friend." *Jake lets go of the button as he takes a deep breath, moving along the road*
  5. *Jake picks the radio as he presses on the PTT button, speaking in with a shocked voice and the sound of a campfire at the background* "G-gal? Is that you?" *He raises his voice* "I thought you were dead already! and it was me indeed!" are you safe? our camp is gone last time I checked...." *Jake stands up and starts walking as the sound of his footsteps can be heard before the release of the PTT button*
  6. Jake1

    Who was that? [open frequency]

    "Alright, like yesterday... see you there. I would have a green jacket by the way."
  7. Jake1

    Who was that? [open frequency]

    *Jake turns on the radio again as he speaks in with the same tone* "Sounds fair... b-but, I keep my mask on just for my own safety okay? Oh, and I would have a blue jacket, helmet and a AKM." *Jake turns off the radio* *Jake turns the radio on* "Uh... what time was it again, heh... forgot.. how about 7PM Cherno's G.M.T?" *Jake turns off the radio again*
  8. Jake1

    Who was that? [open frequency]

    *Jake takes a seat on the rock as he turns on the radio and speaks in with a worried young voice* "Uh... I think you're talking to me here... Uh... I'm afraid I can not tell you my name and you're right, I ran away because of being nervous, heh... aaaand taking care of my own safety, I heard you yelling at me 'Sir, Stop.' which wasn't very welcoming... So yeah... I am the guy you're talking to. I-Is it okay if I ask for your name?" *Jake turns off the radio as he leans on his back, counting stars*
  9. Jake1

    In memoriam