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  1. Today we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice 1060x600-e6905cfc3e4d13831bcc7f76aa9281f9.thumb.jpg.4028d7df0e56c225865efb529171dda7.jpg

  2. welcome back dude
  3. doesnt match 5/10
  4. All Muslims obviously aren't terrorists. But unfortunately all terrorists seem to be Muslim 🤔

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    2. Spooky88


      Dont forget islam is a religion of peace...

    3. Hebee
    4. Spooky88


      And ofc if you say something opposite they bomb you

  5. It's unfortunate. More than likely it will turn out to be Islamic terrorism. Isis will probably claim responsibility. It will be another person who 'converted' to Isis and decided to wake up one day and kill a bunch of 18 year olds. Isis is an ideology, not so much a military group
  6. This looks really cool, I love that recruitment picture!
  7. Another fantastic day of roleplay with my boys @Mexi, @Brady, @Erik, @Tristyn Hudson, and @Dusty It's been awesome since I joined. Cant wait for more
  8. its saturday not friday gordo