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  1. **Finishes off his cigarette, he picks up his radio and hits the X-Mit button** Listen to me you dirty imposter, I am going to feed you to my hungry dog, see you very soon **trasmission ends** **Picks up his weapon and tucks his radio to his chest-holder, spits a blob of spit to his right and departs from the hideout**
  2. Hello Hebee, I was not part of the initiation as well as I did not kill Jimmy, moreover, please check the logs when I died and when Jimmy died, because I was simply running around Stary Sobor and searching for water because I was sick and hyperthermic which led to massive water loss. What I am really bugged about, is the fact that I was killed without an initiation whatsoever, moreover, the guys that killed me ghosted into the server as they stated in their POV. Or atleast, ''logged on to help pado''. OP killed me without any initiation, they only asked ''How are you?'' OP ghosted into combat. Logs for Jimmy's death and connections of the OP members will help alot.
  3. I do not have a video, but I would like to state that - -Do not log into or near an ongoing hostile situation and use this advantage to interfere in the conflict.
  4. I may not have been directly involved in this report, but am probably the reason why it happened. I got initiated on by ZBOR, and due to terrible communication within there group, I was KoS'd. I decided not to throw up a report because talking is a lot easier then this. Pado, being in my clan, was right down the street when this occurred. Rather then using his KoS rights immediately, he lit the beacons and requested aid. So it is virtually impossible for you to have been killed before me. o
  5. I died four minutes before Jimmy and I was not initiated on. Edit; After looking into the report and other reports that were made from all this situation, I have come to a conclusion that Kflores is either lying in the report or he has complete miscommunication with his group. I would like to state that I died before Jimmy and that I was not initiated neither there was any hostile action taken upon Svatnye before this. ''i log on to help pado because they killed Jimmy so i run from alter radio station link up with pado'' @ Kflores72. It is considered ghosting as well as if you were aware of the situation at around 23:24:34 | Player "Elias Roach" is connected Still ingame, no one from your team was killed by me or anything hostile, noone -- that means that I was killed first and no initiation was done to me, as you said here; ''pado begins to speak to him we see the armband then pado and him start shooting each other i watch pado die and i start unloading on him allies Pado'' In the logs I was shot first, RDM.
  6. Hello Skeetski, I will copy the logs from our report in order to point out the times of the incident and clarify some stuff. The situation of me getting ''majesticly domed'' happened at times of; 23:43:26 | "Elias Roach SHOT Alex Zub by M4A1 into rightleg." 23:43:26 | "Alex Zub STATUS S::4000 B::-1667.29 H::708.078 HP::0." 23:43:26 | "Alex Zub SHOT Elias Roach by into RightArm." 23:43:26 | "Elias Roach STATUS S::500 B::4500 H::4800 HP::0." 23:43:28 | "Elias Roach STARTS BLEEDING." 23:45:02 | "Elias Roach STOPS BLEEDING." You got shot at; 00:00:53 | "Nikolai Zdena SHOT Dragan Zhukov by SVD into rightleg." 00:00:53 | "Dragan Zhukov STATUS S::3200 B::1512 H::3600 HP::0." 00:00:57 | "Dragan Zhukov STARTS BLEEDING." Fifteen minutes before your death. 23:42:18 | Player "Dragan Zhukov" is connected 23:43:26 | "Elias Roach SHOT Alex Zub by M4A1 into rightleg." 00:00:53 | "Nikolai Zdena SHOT Dragan Zhukov by SVD into rightleg." Seventeen solid minutes, you were online.
  7. Hello, this is Alex Zub here -- I would like to point out this report out as it happened before this situation. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S2-RDM-North-of-Stary-Sobor This person claims that Zbor KOS'd him, but I was shot before him by Svatyně.
  8. Server and location: North of Stary Sobor, on the road to Kabanino. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 0:43 server time. Your in game name: Alex Zub. Names of allies involved: Zbor members. Name of suspect/s: Unknown. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Logs only. Detailed description of the events: I was running around the area, looking for a source of water, all of a sudden, I see two guys looking at me, as I start moving off, one of them approached me and asked me ''How are you?'', I told him everything is alright, he then raises his weapon and starts to spray me, I took a couple of shots at him and we both died, his friend finished me off.
  9. After playing on this server for quite a good while as well as hearing many people, I would like to note the most vital issues that make you lose the motivation. Firstly, is the forcefield of the houses, houses is a good thing yeah, but it is only used for mass harvest of loot as you know that it is 100% safe there. In real life apocalypse, I doubt something can be safe. Remove the forcefield, then you can script something like a code-lock where the person needs to write down the code in a small screen with buttons. Or you can just make the door private only to one person but when it is attacked two times by RPG's it will break down, or something more creative. ---- Secondly, the rules need to be more pointed out because most of the times during shootouts or initiations, I feel like I am uncertain about some rules and it creates delays and problematic situation which irritates the gameplay. ___ Finally, I think the salt and the hate between people as well as the reports that go off after every small situation is something bad too.
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