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  1. Zantier said the first bullet that hit you was a .308 bullet to the right leg that would have broke it. Can you explain this osku197?
  2. So yore saying he told us to keep walking but awimba says that he told us to stop and drop our weapons...weird how you are contrsdicting each other when you were so close by and heard everything Sorry i cant remember each word he said. It was very close along these lines. What do you mean its weird? You ran off and you got shot it was NVFL when you had like 6 guys pointing guns at you.
  3. Andrew Hamiltons POV: I was right next to Uwimba while this was taken place. When they started to walk away Uwimba said keep walking, dont turn around or we will shoot. this is a intialation. One of the 2 ran up the hill NVFL and he was shot down. This other person was not getting shot at but then ran to the left when he was instantly shot down.
  4. FritzyRollo

    S2 | RDM / No time to comply / Possible combat log | 07-08-2016, 01:14 (Aprox)

    In the video Provided by charlie he said 3 guys, 2 guys before we initiated. He saw 2 of us aiming our guns at him. In cory's POV he said he saw 3 guys surrounding him. This is led me to believe he actually did not see the situation.
  5. FritzyRollo

    S2 | RDM / No time to comply / Possible combat log | 07-08-2016, 01:14 (Aprox)

    Regarding the Trigger Happy thing. Luke Smith is the one too answer that as i did not kill you i only shot due to him shooting. Also want to state the cory was lying in his report. Which is against the rules. 7 day standard punishments Trolling Lying in a formal report Kill on Sight The Rule regarding this situation Do not attack another person or group without a valid in character reason which would justify a hostile action. This is the first time of me robbing someone and turning around when someone specifically not too with a gun out, i would say is a hostile action again first time of me robbing someone so opinions could be different for experienced players .If we had alot more players surrounding you i would not judge this as a hostile action but since it was 2 of us i would. If your initiation is "Do not turn around" 90% of the time the person is always going to turn around it is just a first reaction that most people have. Is this Fact or are you basing it of youre opinion this also different in many different situtions.
  6. FritzyRollo

    S2 | RDM / No time to comply / Possible combat log | 07-08-2016, 01:14 (Aprox)

    I dont know how much more detail you need. We clearly said "dont turn round or you are dead", and you did turn fully towards Luke, for his own safety he shot and killed you. Are we just meant to let you turn around when we said you cant? What kind of bandits does that make us? You cant have a time to Comply when we told you not to turn around. You stated "i could have been a threat" .... you said could so you might have actually raised your gun and started to fire. We cant take any chances. Cory you stated he was surrounded by 3 men. But he was not this is making me think you were not actually telling the truth in your POV ,2 of our guys had our guns pointed at him whilst the other was trying to get in to our comms lying prone behind a bush and a wall. Charlie you said you needed to turn around to verify what we said. When you are getting robbed why would you turn around to the robber as the first thing you do?. You dont need to turn around to talk to us. We would have attempted to RP this situation if you complied. Alex Johnston will write is POV regarding this situation
  7. FritzyRollo

    S2 | RDM / No time to comply / Possible combat log | 07-08-2016, 01:14 (Aprox)

    When we were robbing you the first thing we said is "dont turn around, or you are dead" and you turned around so we took this as a hostile act so we killed you. In the video you provided you cant hear a thing because you were shouting over us.
  8. Server and location: S1 NWAF TENTS Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 06/08/2016 INGAME TIME 10:30 Your in game name: Andrew Hamilton Names of allies involved: Luke Smith Name of suspect/s: Cherry Poper (not 100% sure logs will show when we shot him) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none i did not have any recording Detailed description of the events: I was looting the air field and headed up to the tents when i heard this person which then proceeded to Rob me saying "im just making sure you are not the person i think you are" he then ties me up and i ask him "who is the person you are looking for" then he said "i got robbed earlier on" which i did not rob him. I think he used this as an excuse to rob me when i unbroke from being restrained i saw that most of my ammo was taken. All of this time my mate who was with me saw this taken place.