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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I don't think i got points for it so can't find a post Why the verdict is not fair: It was kinda fair, i called somebody a clown because they called me a loser or some other insult on the discord so i was banned off of it Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: N/A What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unbanned from the discord What could you have done better?:Not have engaged in the back and forth with the other member
  2. Alexander was born in Long Island, New York to a strict but caring family, his father was second generation polish and his mother was Norwegian, she had moved to the united states in 1989, 8 years before he was born. Alex was raised to have great pride in the country that took in both of his parents, but his mother also made sure that he was taught about traditional Norwegian culture as well, and many times throughout his childhood he would visit to see his family that still lived there. Alex's grandmother was a renowned psychologist back in Poland and because of this he grew up with a great appreciation of the practice, when he graduated high school he decided to that he would follow in her footsteps and began studying it as his major, a few years went by and in late 2018 Alex decided that he wished to study abroad, and what better place then in his families home city of Nyheim, so he traveled there and began studying at a local university for a few months as the new year came. When 2019 rolled around and the AVM-FLA-19 spread throughout the nation, Alexander was forced to stay throughout the lockout, and when things only began to get worse there was nothing Alex could do but ride out the storm and hope better days would come.
  3. Just watched some of them and have to say, Kinda mid Definitely know what’s up I’ve roleplayed with y’all enough to know lmao and btw a few 2 min roleplay videos never represent what a group does the vast majority of their playtime, and that’s the same for everyone, I should know
  4. I kind of feel for this dude as this seems to be a situation that happens a lot to new/solo players nowadays, the last time that i logged into RP was to see how the little server events would go, I hadn't been on RP in a few months so I figured fuck it let's see what's up. There was a murder mystery event going and everyone was looking around for killer in the apartments of the main city. I shit you not the second the killer shows up in a window to scare the people on the road some goon in an orange armband(Violent Kind) shouts out to get that muthafucka and unloads a mag into the window where he is, killing the person roleplaying as the murderer, as you can imagine the event gets really awkward from there as people try and act like the killer is still out there. Now I decide to say to the person to stop being a monkey, me being in a hostile group many a time i figured that would maybe a little hostile interaction interaction going or maybe I'd just get told to fuck off. Well instead I immediately got surrounded by the rest of the 10 goons and told to put my hands up, I had forgotten that this was 2021 DayzRP and we immediately initiate on anyone who gives a reason, probably because the server pop is so low and these interactions are few and far between now, i proceed to have some of the worst hostile roleplay of my life, i mean who would of guessed that a hostage taker can't actually come up with roleplay when he decided to take someone for calling him a monkey, in the end i get beaten and told never to come back to the only city on the map ever again or I'll be killed on sight. All in all pretty funny experience, and i know some people will say wElL wHy dIDn'T yOu rEport and my reason for not doing that is because I don't care enough anymore, to me it just kind of reflects the standard of Hostile Roleplay on the server by probably the only group of people who still do it anymore, and i can see why OP got pissed when it happened to him. I'm assuming that this Kerch group is the newest iteration of hostile roleplay from the same people that made VK as I can tell from some of the posters here, and I just wanna say get a little creative with your fucking hostage RP fellas, I saw someone mention "overtly" hostile groups like Anarchy and Cerb(both of which I was apart of) as a comparison and I can tell you that each time we robbed someone we definitely did more than stop and frisks or robbing someone and immediately telling them to fuck off, especially because if we didn't do that staff would be on our ass faster than a fly to shit. I don't wanna have to be the guy to lecture someone on hostile RP but at least do the bare minimum and explain to them your purpose or what you do in the area, give them your name so they actually have someone to hold a grudge against, maybe even get a little creative and turn them into someone useful and give them a little mission against someone else in exchange for supplies and a friendly relationship with your group. Depriving someone of information when you take them hostage just makes it such a one sided experience for the person being a hostage and it's just not fun. Now this certainly isn't to say that Kerch or any of the groups from this click of people is the reason for low pop on the server, there are so many other glaring problems with the server that me and many others have pointed out that far outweigh the severity of shitty hostile roleplay, but it certainly doesn't help when a new players first hostile encounter is "Put Hands up let me frisk ploz" and them essentially being told to fuck off, that's more just the cherry on top of a shit sundae. As a side note I love how the most common response when threads like this are made is for the old guard to condescend or basically tell the guy he's wrong, the classic is always to say BUT THEY HAVE STELLAR RP when someone is talking about a specific group of people, come on now lad, we all know that's cap with a capital C, I haven't seen stellar RP on this server in a loooong time(including myself of course lmao, i'm pretty shit ). such a great way to keep the new players around right guys
  5. Dude I do not know many people who actually enjoy the infected in Dayz, they are the most braindead annoying mobs I've ever dealt with in a game. It's just a chore to fight them. No one said that we have to have our "50 round Fals" but getting rid of automatic weapons from the loot tables is just stupid imo
  6. Some of y’all really can’t take people saying Chernarus is better than Nyheim, etc multiple times so your solution is to remove the forums? Real wild idea hours out here
  7. Topics shouldn’t have to be deemed by staff as “acceptable” before everyone else can see them, that’s one of the silliest and counter productive things I’ve seen suggested on this site. And off topic section is funny, why get rid of it. people shouldn’t be deemed as “toxic” because they don’t agree with a certain point of view
  8. bro you are deadass one of the most stand offish angriest people I've seen on here in a minute, I can visualize the smoke coming out of your ears. Just because someone doesn't want to join the staff team and "do something about it" doesn't mean their opinion is invalid, the community has been on a downward slope for months and people have their opinions about what to do about it, not their problem you perceive it as useless complaining or "rhetoric". I'd suggest maybe hopping off that high horse you've mounted and just read what other people are saying without throwing a fit, it is a video game community after all.
  9. Gonna have to agree with you here Bill, an effort was certainly put forward to make a good new map for the community but I think at some point you have have to realize that shit did not pan out, and it’s probably time to move on from it, feels very much like a map from another community I was not a fan of, I just don’t think that kind of map works in the context of this type of server.
  10. Seems like a lot of stress for something you get no compensation for, I would honestly suggest just leaving it at this point, put your time into something that makes you some paper
  11. Yeah I’m afraid you have gone off topic sir, this thread is for DAYZ montages only, unfortunate.
  12. DID I HEAR PV-i mean roleplay
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