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    S1: Invalid Kill in Polana - 07/17/2019 02:43

    I mean I could literally see you guys shooting from where I was sitting, doesn’t help your boys literally talked about killing my guys while I was sitting in the house healing i hope you don’t mean rulebreak KOS lmao, I had all the rights in the world on you
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  3. Shroud

    S1: Invalid Kill in Polana - 07/17/2019 02:43

    yes it's considered a hostile action giving KOS rights, where's it say it's an invalid initiation bud? don't think that's ever been said. and you can say that you don't meta game all you like, but being in game and being in your guys stream while he is hostage is metagaming. The reports not even about you and your lads, so not sure why your making this about WP, i had no problem with anything that happened in the situation between our two groups.
  4. Shroud

    S1: Invalid Kill in Polana - 07/17/2019 02:43

    Since when do you need to initiate to knock someone out? also what were you doing in the guys stream while you were in game? hope you weren't using that for any meta gaming purposes lad, kinda looks that way.
  5. Shroud

    Child RP

    Definitely some odd times we in lads on a more serious note things like this need to be taken a tad more seriously, can't have people walking around as 13 year olds ERPing, like the fuck
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  7. Shroud

    Child RP

    So a bud of mine sent me a clip from a stream and i think this really drills home the point to me that this Child RP shit is getting a bit out of hand, we are getting into some real fucking weird territory here people, and i think shit needs to be toned down.
  8. Shroud

    S1, Berezino, Home Base

    Shroud POV: Me and the boys were in Berezino hanging out when we saw this lad in his base, some chit chat went back and forth and we didn't really like some the things he said so we hopped over the wall to go confront the guy, after getting in he pulls his gun out acting sketch and so we initiate, he decides not to comply so he is shot, end of situation. -We didn't "exploit" over your walls we literally jumped into the base -Didn't kill you instantly, we initiated and you didn't comply so you were shot As you said in your own post you are just going out of your way to attempt to get someone banned because you died, but there are no rule breaks to be seen here. Allies: @Dew and other bois from the ends
  9. Shroud

    S1: Invalid Kill in Polana - 07/17/2019 02:43

    Server and location: S1 Polana town Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 07/17 2:35-2:52 server time (Still ongoing at time of posting) Your in game name: Charles Chelios Names of allies involved: Bois from the ends Name of suspect/s: District i think Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So me and the guys had taken a guy from Wolfpack hostage for talking shit about the group, after a bit of torture we let him go and head back to town, the guy we had taken hostage comes back and tries to shoot me with a pistol and dies, we begin fighting wolfpack as they used their rights to begin to fire on us, then out of nowhere District just decides to kill Bobby randomly and after a while i die to them to, Wolfpack was fine to shoot at us as they had valid rights to do so, however i am extremely confused as to why district got involved and just started killing our members without saying a word, not sure why this happened.
  10. Charlie was born into a poor ass family in the ends of East London, from an early start in his life he was bad kid and fell into a bad crowd since his mother was to busy piped up on meth and his father was a raging alcoholic who for some reason took joy in beating up Scottish blokes and getting locked up for it. He took solace in hanging out with the other lads from the ends especially a one Joey Ends whom he associated with and helped sling in the local neighborhoods, Charlie act like an enforcer for Joey because of his relatively large stature and his knowledge for beating the absolute shit out of people. There was one day in particular where a bunch of posh cunts refused to pay for what the boys were sellin em so Charlie beat the fuck out of all three em and chucked em into the nearest waste receptacle, gaining him the nickname the Buckingham Banger. Charlie followed his boys to a football game in Russia and woke up with all of his lads in Chernarus and know they wandered for their next brawl.
  11. Shroud

    Twitch TOS

    If people are afraid of being banned on DayzRP because of TOS, Don't stream. We shouldn't cater to some shitty companies bullshit TOS.
  12. Shroud

    S1: Novaya Petrovka Industrial Unreasonable Hostage Demands & Invalid Kill (roleplayed)

    wouldn't say its a lie, quite possible the guys didn't hear what you said considering the actual gunfire and the distance between ya, check the stream and see if our guys replied, because i'm not sure if dusty was right next to your building. Fact still stands you very easily could've climbed a ladder to us.
  13. Shroud

    I'm saying it now, 30 fucking beans for someone who can help me.

    yeah i just think we cant play today lad
  14. Shroud

    Event Thread Poll

    Neither i can't play weekends
  15. Shroud

    S1: Novaya Petrovka Industrial Unreasonable Hostage Demands & Invalid Kill (roleplayed)

    Ok bro, if your going to be taking the situation OOC and reporting us for your mistake then your argument is null, because realistically we are talking about your fully developed adult brain here and not your characters brain since we have taken it to this point, if you were talking about it strictly in the sense of RP then your argument would have some merit to it. One would think that we wouldn’t have to spoon feed you instructions in order to use the only exit that could logically get you to us if you actually didn’t know the gate codes. in this situation the way you placed yourselves in the building and how you clearly did not want to comply to our demands in the first place, it’s almost like you wanted to die. i don’t even know how you expected us to know you were there in the first place, because I wouldn’t expect a complaint hostage to be standing 5 FT away from an enemy combantant unless they were to be used as a fucking meat shield. this whole report just seems incredibly petty to me, and a clear attempt to just get someone banned because of a mistake on your side, and to be blatantly honest seems like a clear example of a false report, you had demands that could be followed and refused to listen to them, simple as.
  16. Shroud

    S1: Novaya Petrovka Industrial Unreasonable Hostage Demands & Invalid Kill (roleplayed)

    I was there so might as well put my POV POV: so after an attempt at negotiating with Wolfpack we initiate on their compound and fighting breaks out, after some of the boys get up on the roof of wolfpacks building they chuck a nade in and kill the two combatants and the two “hostages” in the building. so a couple things here, was it conveyed to us either IC or OOC that you didn’t know the codes to the gate to come out? Because I don’t think it was Alao why would you just sit on the top floor of the building inches a away from a guy trying to shoot up at us? Why not just go downstairs into a corner where you are out of harms way? and lastly if you were so keen on actually complying why not just climb up the ladder 10 ft in front of you to get to us where you would have actually been in our custody, you 100% could have complied to our demands and come out to us, you just refused to do so.
  17. Shroud

    Jaysh Allah (Closed Recruitment)

    i understand the frustration but at the end of the day we are war with your group, so its something to be expected for it to be attacked, if you would like some hostage RP you can always comply. Thanks for the feedback.
  18. Shroud

    Remove Grenades

    The grenade rolled down to him and he wasn't completely in the room nah cheif until we actually have ladders grenades are a good way of dislodging people from their Rust Bases
  19. Shroud

    Jaysh Allah Media Thread

    oh haha, fair nuff then, naw it's all good with us bro, sometimes people get a little heated when they die so its all chill made for a good intro anyways
  20. Shroud

    Jaysh Allah Media Thread

    that wasn't us who said it, someone said that about use, hence the clip
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    @Diamond did you know we only care about PVP? pretty wild

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      fuck yo 

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    slam dunk basketball GIF by NBA

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    @NorwayRP they really tried

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  24. Shroud

    BadRP/Possible ghosting S1

    Alright bro ill take your word for it, just that looking through the VOD and hearing "Its almost like he has a mechanical keyboard in front of him" while i'm playing the prayer song ain't the best thing to hear, but it's all good now.
  25. Shroud

    BadRP/Possible ghosting S1

    Alright fair nuff then, this report can dropped However in the future @Hunter i would appreciate if next time we are in a firefight you just don't meme around the whole time we are fighting and laughing as people you were with die outside, kinda just kills the vibe of the whole situation and after a while i just went with and forgot i was even in roleplay, felt like i was on a Rust Pub server.
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