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  1. Yo that's a Yikes, rest up lad

  2. Kill people in the name of Allah
  3. This is one of the weirdest meme groups I’ve seen made and somehow the thread still exists, good luck my dudes
  4. @staff can i be unbanned from discord please 


    1. Hofer


      You're not banned

    2. Shroud


      not anymore that is


  5. 🤡

    1. Jamie


      Stop being a clown Shroud xxx

  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://imgur.com/a/njrOiMo Why the verdict is not fair: Don't know why i was kicked in the first place, was having a conversation with some dude calling me a racist so i called him a clown, and if you wanna call someone a racist for no reason then sorry, but you are a clown, so i don't think that's justified points. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: N/A. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unbanned from Discord/Points removed What could you have done better?: Not sure
  7. Oh Vey what a shift smh

  8. Shite change, it’s fucking roleplay who cares, let people do it how they want
  9. Bruh who beanz this kind of archive post lmao 😂, i can't tell if this is ironic or not



    1. TurkRP


      bunch of jokers bro

    2. GMAK


      Any group @Rutkiy is a part of deserves to be archived 

    3. Rutkiy


      @GMAK you're on the list... 

    4. MarikLR


      Most liked content of the day??!?

    5. GMAK


      @MarikLR why are you beaning a group being archived, thats hella toxic 

    6. Shroud


      Facts Toxic ass LR’s gosssshhhh

    7. TurkRP
    8. Shroud


      Fûcking dare ya 

    9. MarikLR


      It is what is. No flame!!!!


  10. My attitude is as clean as the water from the Tara River 🤠

    1. Whitename


      reports kinda yikers lately 

  11. I didn't say fisherman personally, i was also lagging as the entire server decided to take a fat shit when it went down, i just don't see why you feel the need to report for what was clearly not purposefully aimed at you and instead the dude in front of me trying to gun me down. You literally got hit by one bullet. I mean to be honest i don't even know how you know it was me if you didn't even hear me speak apparently and then point me out in the report, and if you went to staff and asked for logs why wouldn't you just talk it out?
  12. So what i am hearing here is that i drop an initiation telling everyone to put their hands up, shoot at someone not complying, and you get hit by a stray bullet and decide to report without even trying to reach out, how incredibly petty were you even complying?
  13. Shroud POV: Me and the boys rock up to Berezino and find some men we had the intention of taking hostage as we have had hostilities, so we set up in town and decide to take these individuals, i make sure to put my voice up to three bars and initiate on everyone in the vicinity, a man then non-complies and runs at me and my game lags as i shoot at him, when i catch back up i drop dead to the floor, not sure if you are the one that ran at me non-complying or what.
  14. Naw it’s more than racist shit is the thing, twitch TOS is super restrictive on language in general
  15. Absolutely not, the day you turn this server twitch TOS friendly is the day it truly dies
  16. Shroud

    The Pedlars

    Ready to get into retail
  17. I agree with what Zero said above, if there is no physical way to edit the map to make it smaller add a mod that makes certain areas of the map Toxic without the proper gear, if we do this method i suggest this mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1752669393 I've seen it used on other servers to great effect.
  18. Honestly I wouldn’t mind this at all, me personally I feel that a smaller map would be better, I’m not exactly sure how this is achievable ingame but to be honest if you got rid of the northern highway and other less traveled areas I think the server would be better off.
  19. Hey everyone, I noticed today that the player counter for both servers has been removed and I was wondering why as well as wanting to ask if you mind or not, me personally I like to look at the player count before I get IG and it seems like an odd choice to remove it.
  20. Shroud

    DayZRP 20.8.1

    Thank fuck it's gone, no more shit talking from fortress dwellers
  21. Shroud

    The Tsepovs

    Yo what's up lad
  22. I mean in my opinion if a group like CLF, who are supposed to essentially be Racist/Xenophobic nationalist Ideologues get to the point where they have been kicked around enough to team up with the people they hate to fight other Chernarussians, at that point the group should archive and become something else because as a lore group they have become somethinjg entirely different then what was intended.
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