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  1. Shroud

    Amnesty Who?

    Indeed, seen that happen a couple times
  2. Shroud

    Dawson's awesome edits.

    Now that's epic
  3. Shroud


    What a Mad Lad

  4. Shroud

    S1: Bad RP in Cherno -03/19/2019 4:00

    Yegor Krasnov POV: Basically what everyone else says, we find this trader and viking yoinks his bag when he drops it on the ground, he chases viking and shoots at him so i run up and initiate to take him into our custody, when he doesn't comply he is shot. I have no vid
  5. Shroud

    Jackals Media Thread

    Hell yeah bois The Triple Threat
  6. Shroud


    Some real squirmy shit out here bois

    1. Voodoo



  7. Shroud

    Jackals Media Thread

    yeah bro GG, that was the biggest flinch i've had playing this game haha, some horror game level shit
  8. Shroud

    Jackals Media Thread

    From a juicy little initiation the other day, GG Green Dragons Also This
  9. Shroud

    The Green Dragons Media Thread

    Yeah I thought I got you with the spray, and I couldn’t move either cause I was blinking red to, it was like two cripples swingin at each other, good fight though
  10. Shroud

    The Green Dragons Media Thread

    I was so depressed when I saw your ass get up from being knocked and bunny hop away from me
  11. Shroud

    Jackals Media Thread

    Good Fight Against Green Dragons today, sadly the last was a trade, but what ya gon do GG Bois
  12. Shroud

    Calling all US and CDF Survivors

    *Yegor would press down on the PTT* This is Sergeant Yegor Krasnov of the CDF 66th Mechanized Is there a rendezvous point we should be meeting at to regroup? If so please relay *Yegor releases the PTT*
  13. Shroud


    That feeling when you rush dude and your M4 jams after one bullet 😞

    1. Challenger


      Thats a rip, but thanks for the M4

    2. Falk



    3. Shroud


      Np man, i'm sure ill get it back

    4. Challenger


      dAMN RIGHT

    5. Shroud



    6. Jamie


      mad dog GIF

    7. Elmo


      ^ Actual footage of you during our siege match @Smoke

  14. Shroud

    So lets talk about surrendering..

    Yeah i mean i don't really think a rule is necessary here, either wait em out and spend the time to get a full victory or just dip. And if they are just spewin memey shit out of their megaphones then just report em for BadRP, the group at GM seems to have a tendency to do this, last time i was up there when they were under siege they were just playing songs and saying weird meme comments out of their megaphones.
  15. Shroud

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

    A Once great nation indeed
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