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  1. Shroud

    Aggressive staff

    It's like Palestine out here @Diamond, keep that head down before you get shanked
  2. Shroud

    Hypothetical WW3 thread

    And so it begins lads
  3. Shroud

    Close one of the servers.

    I would say yes if they weren’t two separate maps but I think that’s the only reason we do have two servers
  4. Shroud

    Hostile RP for the sake of Hostile RP

    I mean when some dude mugs you on the fucking street does he really have a reason? no not really he just wants you to run your pockets. As long as good RP is provided to the Hostage there should be no need to have a specific reason to rob, that's just dumb.
  5. Shroud

    Kordruga & Blake's Mordhau Adventures

    I'm sorry son but i cannot, you will always be in my Mordhau Shadow
  6. Shroud

    Kordruga & Blake's Mordhau Adventures

    @Blake You can try
  7. Shroud

    My Final Feedback

    That right there is a fancy way of saying you didn't get RDM'd Bye man
  8. Shroud

    Constantly "Robbed"

    Honestly man if you wear Civie clothing with lower gear Till you find a group the Chances of you being you being robbed drops dramatically.
  9. Shroud

    Overabundance of PVP on Chernarus

    If you get physically ill by someones RP in game, you have a major problem seperating IC and OOC my man
  10. Shroud

    Overabundance of PVP on Chernarus

    Man that's pretty Epic dude, i love when people have an immediate Bias towards a person's opinion because of the group they are apart of. Close minded thinkers like yourself is what's wrong with this community, not allowing other people to have an opinion because they are part of the "Problem" Diamond brings up a valid, if you think there is a rule break occurring REPORT IT, because leaving someones items on the ground intentionally is a rulebreak so it's very easy to report such things, these threads do nothing but stir up the community and always turn into a "Let's punish so and so group because they are the problem" and that was clearly not the intention of the OP as he brought up a valid point but moreso the angry folks like yourself responding. Bottom line is if you clearly think there is a rulebreak throw up a report and get it solved, if not then deal with it like everyone else and regear/build you're shit back up, dying/PVP is just a part of the experience because of Group dynamics.
  11. Shroud

    Bring back the Server Map

    I miss that, it was cool to see the areas that were next to each other, you could imagine what conflicts were caused near the border territory and it was a cool way to visualize how powerful groups were. i don’t believe that it was a requirement for groups to show their location on the map so if people are really scared of meta gaming just opt out
  12. Shroud

    Real life picture Thread

    I’ll have you know my man diamond straight boolin out here boi
  13. Shroud

    Wolfpack Frequency [Open Broadcast]

    *Presses PTT* I don't think anyone can really take credit, they just up and vanished my man, they might have ran since we took one of their girlies on a little joy ride, not sure though *Releases PTT*
  14. Shroud

    Wolfpack Frequency [Open Broadcast]

    *Presses PTT* Didn't you hear mate, wolfpacks done and dusted, they haven't been around in a bit and their town is collecting dust, good riddance. *Releases PTT*
  15. Shroud

    Am I the only one boycotting Livonia?

    Fucka Livonia tbh
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