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  1. “We are not nation-building again,We are killing terrorists.”

    Fucking finally bois, lets show these cowards whats up


  2. *Andrei Presses the PTT* It was not our choice to leave, even though i may be happy to leave this country to go back home to my family, this was a decision made by people at a much higher pay grade pal. And to the man trying to act as if we were forced to retreat from this, we only lost four great patriots in our fight to protect our borders, even though to me that may be a great loss of good men, to the tacticians and Generals at home it was a great success. so have fun with your run down airfield and the infected trying to turn you into their next meal, and most importantly, Get Fucked. *Releases PTT as he takes a his last swig of Vodka in the shithole country*
  3. it could be that they killed me just to get my gear for him since he was basically a freshspawm


  4. When you see some Nibba trying to turn your Media thread into some intense anti-trump discussion 


    #TeamTrump ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Yeah I can agree to that man
  6. Yeah if he just role plays out how the situation and execution went that's fine, just would rather not eliminate the scenario
  7. Wow, So let me just get this straight Rolle, you want us to wipe the whole situation, over an hour of roleplay, intense interrogation and torture and then a public execution by a member from the UN from our characters memory, that situation was a the beginning of a pretty big turning point at the camp what with a UN soldier committing the execution, it began the spread of rumors that the camp was being run poorly and the also furthered the strain between a then UN higher up and VDV soldiers, why don't we just say the character survived instead of wiping this bug roleplay scenario from everyone's memories like this is the matrix or something, doesn't make much sense to me my man.
  8. I'm going to assume your referring to me and a few others who replied to your radio chatter and or saw the execution. We can't really wipe the execution from our characters memories, everyone at that time thought you were permadeathing the character because you were asked if it could be a perm and you responded ten seconds later with a yes, so the execution happens, you get a mag dumped into your body and are stripped by scavengers and dumped into a grave and buried, if we see your perming the character we are going to act out in RP that your character is finished and that's exactly what we did. Even though I accept OOC, reluctantly as I may, that you are being allowed to bring back the character IC my guy is still going to think she is dead as fuck until he is shown definitive proof she is alive(EX: seeing her in person) and until that point he is still going to deny her being alive, simple as that.
  9. Some people never stop complaining 

  10. Black Water [Open Frequency]

    *Presses the PTT* I am just making sure other civilians know the truth and are not taken in with your false statements and wild goose chases for some dead bitch. *Releases PTT*
  11. Love me some Dank Radio Roleplay

  12. Black Water [Open Frequency]

    *Presses the PTT* I would not listen to this spinner of lies Black Water gentleman, at this point it seems this man is either trying to send people on a wild goose chase for some long dead assassin for his own enjoyment or he is just in denial. *Releases PTT*
  13. A strange radio message [Frequency Open]

    *Presses the PTT* I can assure you she was not wearing Armour, pretty sure i would have seen a Kevlar vest underneath her clothing or on her when the scavengers stripped her body before she was buried, and i don't care if you had the best surgeon on earth, none of them would be able to save an individual with 30 plus bullet wounds, and i can assure you they all hit, the fucker that did it was point blank pumping rounds into her corpse, you can keep thinking whatever you like i suppose, i was just trying to let you know she is dead as fuck. *Releases PTT*