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  1. Shroud

    Post Your Mordhau Clips

    My Mans Tried Me Mordhau PVP comps also are much better than Dayz IMO
  2. Shroud

    Post Your Mordhau Clips

    It's pretty damn good
  3. Shroud

    Post Your Mordhau Clips

  4. Shroud

    Post Your Mordhau Clips

    Good lord no
  5. Shroud

    Post Your Mordhau Clips

    1v1 me lad
  6. Shroud

    Post Your Mordhau Clips

    Only way to go man, one handed weapons are for the weak SMH
  7. Shroud

    Post Your Mordhau Clips

    Here's a thread to post your favorite Mordhau clips as i see many people in the community have been playing I'll Start us off
  8. Shroud

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    You do know that when he says "Weak as fuck" he is referring to something as "Stupid" right? He isn't berating someone and calling them weak, its slang brother
  9. Shroud

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    Bruh look at this deep dive into his comment, if your not memeing with this response this is exactly what we are talking about, taking him saying something is weak as fuck as openly berating someone, I think you need to take a step back.
  10. Shroud


    Yes, I hate that people have the ability to literally loot goblin their shit underground for weeks on end so that the shit doesn’t spawn anymore
  11. Shroud

    Mordhau server

    I’m east coast so that works for me we need to do some sort of tournament on this shit, I wanna see who actually has that medieval skill
  12. Shroud


    🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 Be creeping

    1. Falk



  13. Shroud

    Mordhau server

    anyone tryin to duel now? haha ill take you on that bud
  14. Shroud

    Community Members Represented by Spongebobs Memes

    @Joe just in general
  15. Shroud

    Expand night time.

    No thanks, night time is already trash enough as is, don't need more of it
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