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  1. Shroud


    This verdict man 🤔

  2. Shroud

    New Moon Media Thread

    Yeah I was confused as fuck to why you died in one shot, I wasn’t complaining though
  3. Shroud

    New Moon Media Thread

    Had some fun in Kab today, GG to the Green Dragon lads
  4. Shroud

    New Moon Media Thread

    Some Roleplay Clips from today, Don't mind the babbling madman in the second clip Also my Aim control is great i swear
  5. Shroud

    Brandon Young's Stattrak Counter

    1V1 Me bruddha
  6. Shroud

    New Moon Media Thread

    Had to get the one liner in on my dude @YungBrandonRP
  7. Shroud

    To all citizens of South Zagoria

    *Confused, he would press the PTT* Knocked off of a roof? I think that you have me mistaken with someone else pal, i honestly have no clue what you are on about. You also seem to have something stuck in your ears since you clearly are misunderstanding what i just said, i am not calling the House wannabees you Spastic, at least they actually did something while they were here, and unlike this Jap running his mouth i actually had respect for Harrison despite our differences. its Brandon's little brigade of Retards i am calling the Wannabees, and that is truly what they are, doing exactly what the house set out to do before, but worse. Now the saviors are good friends and allies of ours, this is true. But it is a mutual alliance, we help them and they help us, if you see an alliance as swinging on someone else's dick then you clearly have no clue what diplomacy is, makes sense considering the History of you and your cohorts. If you really want to try and measure dick sizes you should look upon your own leader, who pussies out and does not even bother to retaliate when i come up to him alone and say my piece while he is surrounded by his pack of cronies, if there is anyone in this God forsaken country who lacks the resolve to see their plans out to the end, its you fellas. *Releases the PTT*
  8. Shroud


    Big Yikers Brothers

  9. Shroud


    @YungBrandonRP welcome back buddy

  10. Shroud

    Since when? (NVFL Discussion)

    This in my opinion should not be considered NVFL in any way shape or form, somebody before him had clearly made the jump, making it completely viable that he could have made the jump to that roof, and he didn't even make the jump because he fucked his jump, but because this game fucked up and flung him to the side.
  11. Shroud


    Where's dat second server though


    1. Banshee


      2nd server is currently on a separate hive than S1, meaning character's won't transfer from one to the other. It is currently being used as a event server.

  12. Shroud


    @Sleepyhead Congrats former GM sleepyhead

    1. Sleepyhead


      Thank you community member Shroud

    2. Shroud



  13. Shroud



    1. Shroud


      This is a god amongst men

  14. Shroud

    S1: KOS in Kab - 2018-12-27, 04:37

    Yes that did happen, and then more initiations were dropped
  15. Shroud

    S1: KOS in Kab - 2018-12-27, 04:37

    Shroud POV: So me and the bois follow @ScarRP as we think he was a guy we were looking for from a previous firefight, he runs into the Piano building where gator follows him in, after gator follows him Scar tells him to fuck off, at this point Gator tells him that we were all good because he had thought he was a different person, and when i walk to the stairs to say hi Scar initiates and tells me to leave the house or die, after leaving the house and sitting outside we then get told to leave the town or die, some of us go outside of town for overwatch while some stay in town to watch the house and the surrounding areas. After about 5 minutes a restart happens and when we all get back ingame, Pepe then identifies @G19RP and gasses him as we had kill rights from the initiation. A firefight breaks out and we kill some of the Mexicans in town. I do not understand why you think you can walk into a situation where your group member initiates on our guys and expect not to get shot in the process, at this point the way you phrase every single response you have made just makes it seem like you are trying to justify the rule armor you are clearly attempting to invoke, considering it doesn't even say this statement you have made in the rules, and hey who knows, maybe after this report there will modifications made to that rule to clarify situations such as this.