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  1. After being active in both the forums and in game, a few concerns have got me thinking. The RP in game has become extremely stale The servers seem to have lost a lot of people throughout the day Tons of people have perm'ed themselves Bitter distaste throughout the community A hate for staff After noticing all of these things I talked to a few people who have been in the community longer then me. I asked if the community has always been like this and has RP always been this boring? Because when I joined in early July, I couldn't get off of the servers because it was so fun. All of them said that no it has never usually been like this and DayZRP is currently at an all time low. The community seems to be up in flames about everything, and the all around fun IG is completely gone. So my question is, will DayZRP bounce back? Because from what I'm being told, some people really don't think so. I would put this in the question thread but I also want to see what other people think about this and if they have noticed anything different, I want this to become a discussion.
  2. You're not wrong
  3. A work place and an online community about shooting zombies and just having a good time with friends are two completely different things.
  4. Dude, it's a fucking chicken nugget shaped like a dick, I could find more things in my house that coincidentally shape a dick then you can find reasons to disagree with anything Rolle wouldn't like.
  5. People need to put aside the thought of BeanZ being some type of dick measurement.
  6. it is a luxury
  7. bumping due to recent events.
  8. pretty cool 7/10
  9. kill
  10. 98
  11. sup man
  12. Enemies mean nothing, everyone steals in the apocalypse.
  13. Kind of like the reply above, shot my friends pistol on the ground and the bullet bounced up and hit him in the head, killing him.
  14. You'll think you're leaving but realize you have nothing better to do, happened to me. Enjoy your time off though
  15. Dre hears the empty threat on the radio and responds "Man, I leave for a little and still come back to people like you who say shit on the radio but can't back it up. Talk with your gun, not over a radio where we can't retaliate." "This isn't your pond little fish." Ends transmission
  16. I'm gonna post some of the stuff I record from this game. Feel free to post yours as well or just add a comment.
  17. Really? I feel like it's the exact same thing, but I haven't tried it yet.
  18. Now that I am back and I fixed my game, I will be reviving this.
  19. Looks really cool, as long as you guys follow your rules this could turn out to be a very different but unique group.
  20. -User has been warned for this post-
  21. I think it's time to take a break from this place. Servers are always dead when I get on, hopefully things get better. ill still be on ts. pce