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  1. You're not wrong
  2. A work place and an online community about shooting zombies and just having a good time with friends are two completely different things.
  3. Dude, it's a fucking chicken nugget shaped like a dick, I could find more things in my house that coincidentally shape a dick then you can find reasons to disagree with anything Rolle wouldn't like.
  4. People need to put aside the thought of BeanZ being some type of dick measurement.
  5. it is a luxury
  6. bumping due to recent events.
  7. pretty cool 7/10
  8. kill
  9. 98
  10. sup man
  11. Enemies mean nothing, everyone steals in the apocalypse.
  12. Kind of like the reply above, shot my friends pistol on the ground and the bullet bounced up and hit him in the head, killing him.
  13. You'll think you're leaving but realize you have nothing better to do, happened to me. Enjoy your time off though