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  1. The Departed

    Very professional response, if you are far to busy then maybe you should reconsider your position and let someone who has the time do it
  2. Real life picture Thread

    Lets play the game called 'Which permd player is this'
  3. @Taryn No sadly, i can tell you it was pretty horrific to watch
  4. @Taryn-Best fucking pain RP i've ever seen
    • cannon
    • Mexi

    I would like to enroll in 'Professional Shit-Posting for beginners' please

    1. Mexi


      Honestly I learned from the best, @Hebee.

    2. Hebee


      I'm retired just let me die

    3. Mexi


      Hand over the torch then?

  5. The Departed

    A lore factions lore should be perfect. End Of.
  6. The Departed

    Yah that's not how serious RP works
  7. The UN permadeath issue.

    So because of this person agreeing to a permadeath and going back on it i have to blank this from my memory? so does everyone else in the camp?. I've had a few hostile and non hostile run ins with this character, so how do i deal with someone i seen get shot in the head multiple times walking around the place like there's no issue? This really shows that the whole permadeathing rule really needs to changed. I'm not trying to powergame or make them do something they don't want to but really this is a bit out there
  8. The UN permadeath issue.

    You were shot 5 times in the back of the head after the first shot. The crowd was way to big to play it off, not telling you not to play the character but i probably wouldn't go back to the UN camp for a while. If you end up walking up on the camp anytime soon its just going to be BadRp in my eyes
  9. The UN permadeath issue.

    I don't understand why you agreed to an execution at the UN base by the UN if you only hang around there, how are you planning on running up on the camp after 10 people saw you being publicly executed. Especially after being executed for a very specific reason
  10. [VDV] - Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska Rossii

    Glad to be here
  11. Post-lorewipe - Have you enjoyed it so far?

    Gives me a chance to call people refuges, so all in all pretty lit
  12. Robbing people! At this current time.

    You make an initiation your signing up for the possibility of getting killed. There's no real repercussions for just killing someone after they've initiated on you and also no real repercussions for initiating to begin with. Hopefully this could change with the whole character health system. I would blast the cunt