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  1. Bruce Adams

    Dead Man Walking.

    *Bruce lets out a laugh before holding down the PTT* "Boy you should know I'm know hero just a simple man. You were always stronger then your brother glad you kept that spirit." "If you ever need anything keep your eyes and ears open and you'll find me" *Bruce clips the radio back to his backpack*
  2. Bruce Adams

    Dead Man Walking.

    *Bruce sits down and picks up the radio and holds down the PTT* "Bobby Kalo" *Bruce releases the PTT for a brief moment and presses it again* "It's been a long time and you may not remember me but I know your brother taught you better then this. Handle your shit and don't broadcast it like this, we used to be better then that." *Bruce releases the PTT and walks out of his cabin.*
  3. Bruce Adams


    One of the few pictures of Bruce. Had a nice time with you guys, swing by again sometime, you know where to find me
  4. Bruce Adams

    The Black Roses

    played a little bit today got some gear. Glad to finally be back.
  5. Bruce Adams

    The Black Roses

    Can't wait for Grizzly to see the "new" version of this group.....
  6. I am requesting this group be archived. Thank you.
  7. *Grizzly picks up his radio and press the ppt* "To whom it may concern and to whom ever may happen to be listening my name is Grizzly. With the past few days has brought some new information to light, as well as some troubling events, and it has been dully noted that an apology needs to be given from me to a one Mr. Connor. I may have acted quite rude and I am sorry for that but with the information and recent events I believe that an apology personally from me is needed. So Mr. Connor I am sorry for acting in a unpleasant way towards you and will see to it that if we ever meet again that you receive the respect that you deserve. I hope this message finds you well and if need be I am more than happy to deliver this apology in person if you see that it would be more fitting." *Grizzly releases the ppt and clips his radio back on to his backpack*
  8. Bruce Adams

    Appa!? Daddy!? [Open Freq.]

    Bruce was resting his head against a tree outside of Stary switching channels to get any idea or hints on sightings on Quinn. It had been five days since Ken's death and Quinn wouldn't leave his mind, well Ken's ghost seemed like he was pushing it into his head to be honest. Bruce let out a sigh: "God Ken can't you just let me sleep already. I'll find her..... I know that's what you want me to do but I've been everywhere along the cost of this God forsaken country and no one has seen or heard from her." Bruce punched the ground. "This is all my fault if I would have been there I could have stopped this...... I'll find you Quinn. I don't know where you are, but I'm coming......." Hours pasted and night was quickly approaching Bruce had left his makeshift camp for maybe 5 minutes to gather some loose twigs to stroke the fire he had built when he was approaching the camp he heard a faint broadcast coming through the speaker. He ran over and tried to tune the signal in to catch a few words of Quinn's broadcast. He was just about to hit the button to ask her where she was when an unknown voice came across the speaker. Bruce listened to the man speaking and couldn't recall the voice. Bruce let him finish and pressed the button. "Quinn this is Grizzly...... I hope you are ok, the group is worried about you. I'm currently out looking for you, no one else seems to be..... It's not that they don't care but they are still recovering from the loss of your dad and leader. Roy is doing his best to hold them together but this hasn't been easy. I couldn't imagine what you are going through but being alone isn't the best thing for you Quinn. This world isn't safe anymore and I don't intend on losing anyone else." Bruce let go of the button and thought a moment. "Also to the gentlemen who was just speaking. I don't know you, nor do I rightfully care to do so, however Ken a good friend of mine is dead and since I now know you where there I'll be looking forward to one day speaking with you in person if I get the chance to see what you know about this. I don't know the details except for the people responsible that killed one of the best men I knew up but if you have had or did have a part in it I want you to know that there isn't a place in this country you can hide from what's coming. Also for the one's that are responsible if you are listening, or if you know the group that did this give them this message, The world is a lot smaller now. Ken gave his life to end the war between you and his group........ I'm not apart of his group; however, I am a very pissed off old man who has lost a dear friend and is ready to track you down and do the same thing you did to him. That's not a threat my dear listeners. No. No. No. That is a promise that shall be up held until I am either dead or until I have your leaders head on a nice wooden pike. You can run, fight, or hide. None of it will save you, however." Bruce lets the button go one last time and sets the radio down and opens his bag of coffee beans and begins chewing on them. He had finally heard something. As Bruce chewed his coffee beans he thought about how he should sleep. "Aw hell. There's no rest for the wicked....."
  9. Bruce was born (Nov. 1977) in the forests near what is now Kobuk, Alaska in his family's log cabin. His family was very poor and had moved to Alaska before his birth to follow the oil companies his father worked for, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, which was founded in the same year he was born. Bruce grew up in the woods and his father would be away during the week so when he became a late teen he learned advanced survival and hunting skills from a old lumberjack who couldn't leave his cabin after a tree he was cutting down came back on top of him and crushed his legs. Bruce would go and cut wood and split it so the lumberjack wouldn't freeze. The lumberjack did pass however after he became sick. Bruce left home once he turned 19 and moved to Pysht, Washington after he met a traveling logger by the name of T.D. Miller who had just partnered with Clark Ring to form a logging company. Bruce went to work for Merrill & Ring, and was given a log cabin in the forest around Pysht by the Merrill and Ring families after he had became so close to them. By 2007 Bruce had became a sort of partner to the families and after saving most of his pay (he hunted his food and didn't have any bills.) Bruce bought a large share of stocks in the company and retired at the young age of 30. Retirement wasn't as cracked up as Bruce thought it would be however and started looking into going back and teaching people survival skills like the old lumberjack showed him all those years ago. He attempted to open up a school of survival but couldn't get many customers way out in the middle of no where, and he gave up on the idea. It wasn't until one night Bruce was eating at the Ring's household that he found his calling. The Ring's Eldest daughter had started doing relief aid and had just came back from a war torn country in Africa. As she was telling stories about the people she had helped and the things she had seen, Bruce knew that he wanted to go and help people in the same way. The next day the Ring's eldest daughter took Bruce up to the international humanitarian office and he signed up. He spent the next year in multiple third world countries until in 2009 when the bloody civil war in Chernarus had came to an end. He would then fall in love with the country and the people and bought a cabin in the forest near Pustoshka and eventually married the Ring's daughter who also came for the aid relief in 2016. However things took a change in July of 2017 when what is now know as the Outbreak ravished Chernarus and Bruce and his wife were separated. Bruce has recently found a journal that had been hidden in a school and has began recording his story. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jan. 3, 2018 Met a doctor today named Nicholas Covric at the Povlovo military base today, traded and headed to Povlovo together. Once in Povlovo we heard a commotion in the church and against my better judgement Nich wanted to go and help someone who was in pain in the church. Luckly the dumbass did get himself shot and killed by the guys who call themselves UPS (The United People of Salvation) made me laugh a little. I'm remembering when the United Postal Service came up with the slogan what can Brown do for you, then of course there always follows the memories back home and in Washington. I hope the Millers and Rings are doing ok. I'll find a way to get back home one day but it seems like everytime I try and cross the border a horde of the sick come out of no where. Not enough ammo to even attempt to kill them, maybe with a group someday but ever since the Saints died out I just can't trust a group like I used to. Back to The UPS before I lose myself in the memories; the leader seems to be named Ken Mendenhall (Equipment: .357 revolver which has 9 tally marks on it). Seems like a solid guy even though he stabbed a man in front of me and the doc today. To be honest though he is a good guy and I could lend him a hand if he ever asked (that's a little funny, he only has one hand). His second in command from what I could guess is named Roy Kalo (Equipment: AR style rifle, a pistol under of type, and bat with nails), who from what I can guess has had military training of some sort. Roy led us to his house which is where I'm sitting under a tree while everyone sleeps writing this. There's actually a female with them to my jaw almost dropped when I saw her. Not that I was taken back by her beauty to be honest I really don't care to much for her she seems to hyper. Regardless of that her name is Quinn Gray and she is a character I will say that, loves color blue. She also has multiple bruises all over her and they don't look like they were cause by the sick, which makes me really hesitant about these new people. She maybe a little annoying but I'm worried that she has been through a lot. She reminds me of The King's bride but I don't know for sure I'll ask her when we are alone as well as ask her what the hell those bruises are. Next up is a old man by the name of Jerome Kalo, not very talkative but he seems kind but very stern. Not much to write on him at the moment but once I know more I'll have to write it down. Next is Stephen Springer, who met us in Povlovo and is a freind of Roy's other then that not to sure about him, very quite and likes barrels. Michael Marcano, this guy doesn't sit well with me. I told the doc to stay away from him and apparently he is the one that caused ol' Ken to have a problem handling situations (that's another joke). He was the one Ken stabbed and to be honest he deserves it from the sound of things. He almost got a bullet to his head when he tried pulling a pistol in the church. Might have gotten me shot by Quinn but I'd rather have a guy like Ken on my side then someone who stabs his leader in the back. Keeping an eye on him. Oleg Volkov, Poor bastard got bit before me and the doc made it to Povlovo. He had just had the leg chopped off and luckly the Doc was able to patch him up. He has a peg leg now and I'm scared he is going to try and steal my buried treasure ( I'm so stupid writing these jokes in my own journal). Has a nice little makerov named "Lucky" if I remember correctly. Seems like a nice enough guy didn't talk to much though mainly because he was passed out from the pain. Malibu Cortino, getting strong soldier vibes from him. I can see it in his eyes. Him and Roy will be a tuff fight if things go south, hopefully it doesn't come down to that. I doubt I could protect the Doc if I have to fight two well trained soldiers. That's it for today though going to hopefully get some new gear soon. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jan. 4, 2018 This unlucky bastard came running over the hill screaming like a damn banshee today when I was at Roy's old house playing the piano. I got up and looked out the open door and this son a bitch had a pack of wolves on his heels. He was able to make it in the door before he passed out on the stairs. I shot a good bit of them but if it wasn't Quinn who ran right thought the pack into the building he would have dyed. She gave him saline and he came to after a while. This Quinn girl is something special she was able to get the Alpha of the pack to come in and killed him with a ice pick. She didn't seem like she had any problems doing it either. Lucky she doesn't find the need to use it on me. Ran into Doc again as well after he had dropped my rifle off at a deer stand we agreed to meet at if the UPS ever did anything hostile and we got split up. We did a quick loop back in to town and came back to the piano house, didn't get much sleep last night so I'm laying down to take a nap. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jan. 5, 2018 Well holy shit what a day. Woke up from my nap at the coast someone had nabbed me while I was sleeping and left me there. Right in the SAND NO LESS!!! I have been shacking that stuff off me forever now but it isn't helping just makes me look like a chicken flapping my wings. To be honest though I really shouldn't even record this because it hurts my heart to even think about. Ken is dead. It's hard to believe but after I was kidnapped and taken to the coast. Ken and the group went to meet with another group. However, once they got there I'm told that the group named "Black Fang" who string him up and killed him. Now from what I have been told Ken went willingly and it was to end the war with them. I can't believe the group let this happen. Ken was like a father to most of them and a brother to me. Poor Quinn didn't take it to well. She stopped me from putting Ken's body in the grave we dug and wouldn't let me put him in until Sergei Jackson pulled her back. That poor girl..... She is so young and has been put through so much. Her journey isn't going to be any easier now that her father is gone. Not only that but she ran off towards Zelenogorsk Ivan went after her and we haven't had contact with either of them. She needs to come back soon because I know many groups have it out for her and plus I found a pack of the blue skittles in a suit case..... I thought she would have liked them but I'll hold onto them. If you remember Malibu Cortino from an earlier entry he also is no longer with us. While burying Ken, Malibu put his Winchester under his chin and pulled the trigger.... So much death today. If only I could have been there. I see the faces of the Saints flash in my head as I think about what all has been lost. Not only is the death of Malibu truly a lose especially with his experience as a soldier but his brother was in Chenorus only a few towns over held up in a church. I had to break it to him after he told me his name. I have brought him back to Roy's house and he is sleeping here in my tent for tonight until I can ask what Roy wants to do with him. Its so weird how after all this and even with the sick running around we still have people from our old lives coming in to our new lives like nothing has changed. I wish that Malibu and his brother Garry could have met, they are so much a like that it's not even funny. But don't worry Malibu I'll watch over him until it's my time to come and rejoin you and Ken in heaven. *Written very small on bottom of page* -Ken I will do what I can to protect and keep Quinn safe. Also I never wear a armband unless we are all together and no one even knows me so I'll say this..... I will kill every single one of the Black Fang the same way they killed you...... In cold blood.- ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mar. 28, 2018 Well well well look at what I found after such a long time. I wish it had more entries because I sure as hell don't remember what happened, well somethings are there but it'll take sometime for the other things to come back or at least that's what the stranger told me I hope I can trust him because if it wasn't for him I would more then likely be dead. Poor guy is probably going to wonder where I've ran off to but my mind kept flashing back to Polana like it's calling me. After getting here I almost instinctively came up the stairs of a corner pub and turned into the room upstairs on the right. I was empty besides to chairs pushed up against the wall with some duck tape still on them. Some poor assholes must have gotten tortured other then that the room was spotless like someone had cleaned it as if the pope was going to be staying here. I found this book with some pages torn out underneath one of the chairs and well surprise surprise its mine! Well whatever happened here I must have been apart of it somehow. Oh well can't remember anyways so I guess I'll get a move on next stop Novy. Have a good day book of my past see ya soon. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Aug. 12, 2018 I can't believe I used to such a push over. I can't believe I let others decide how I would live my life I'm done with that I'm coming back a new man. I will no longer stick to the shadows I'm tired of the thought of losing my life to many I have cared for have lost their lives, why am I still here? This is a promise to myself I'm done being the person who lays down in order to save lives. I no longer see a point in trying to restore humanity when it was destroyed. No one cares about each other anymore and I'm no different how far I've fallen I suppose but with me done grieving over the only person that made this hell on earth worth living in and my food running out I suppose it's time for me to hit the old proving grounds again. See you soon hell open your arms cause I'm embracing you this time.
  10. - The United People of Salvation - "We are the better good." - Ken Mendenhall - Prior to the infection that devastated Chernarus, most of the population generally lived a more peaceful life. There were farmers, school teachers, lawyers, construction workers, etc. People had past lives that built on their character, which developed who and what they are. However, after the infection devastated Chernarus, most of everyone went into survival mode, and trying to stay alive was their number one goal. Enough of this mindset led to many losing track of who they were, and soon led to people engulfed in their own ideas of how the world should be run. This was almost selfish in a way, they were the masters of themselves and those below them. One month drags along, and during that month people had seemed almost disconnected with what was. Now they lived in the present, which involved almost none of their past lives. People began to create their own groups of people and followed whatever they deemed was right for them. People took advantage of the chaos and anarchy around them to further their own goals. With all this said, there were those that at least tried to retain their humanity, but there were some who were better at it than others. Eventually, fate would have it that Ken Mendenhall and Tion Thomas would meet. Ken was a devote Christian at his core, and Tion was a teenager with potential. The two of them got along well with each other, and became close friends. Maybe it was all the potential Ken saw in Tion to do good, or maybe Ken saw that God's plan for himself involved Tion somehow. Either way, the two would continue to travel together, meeting more friends along the way and sharing stories and experiences. This continued until one fateful day, it all changed. While traveling on the southern coast in between Kamenka and Komarovo, Ken spotted an island. It had what looked to be a massive fortress built on it, with a bridge connecting it to another island beside it. The two thought it would be a good idea to check it out, but they would have to make the long swim over. When they eventually made it across, they soon found out that the long swim may have been well worth the trouble. The two explored the island, killing the local infected. They stared in awe at the grand structure, which turned out to be a massive prison. They talked and talked about it until they reached a small, grey industrial building. Inside was a broken generator, but Tion believed he could collect parts and fuel to repair it, seeing as he knew a bit about how to work one. They walked the entire island down, and once they were done, Ken had gotten an idea. Instead of always running around and living in a nomadic lifestyle, why not just live on the island? What once was a place of imprisonment could be transformed into a place of hospitality for all the good people in Chernarus. Ken now believed that he was meant to find this island, and that it would be heavily involved in God's plan for him. Over the next couple of weeks, the two gathered supplies and let close friends know of their plans. Eventually it came time to officially come take the island, and they went through with it. They made the long swim back on to the island, and together, with the rest of their friends, took it from the dead. Now they had full reign of the island, and can do with it as they please. Tion had collected generator parts to repair the generator located in the small grey industrial building, as well as a stockpile of fuel. When they had delivered all the parts and fuel from the mainland, Tion was able to repair it. With that, we can now allow for running hot water, working toilets, and working faucets for sinks all over the island. Ken realized at that point that if hot water can be brought back, then much more of what was can also be brought back. He looked to God for guidance, and eventually settled on some core values. This group he had started would be all about values people had before the outbreak. Ken wanted the group to be all about helping others, putting in hard work to get things done, loyalty, and just generally being good to people. However, one aspect of the people that Ken wanted to preserve the most was who they were. Everything learned before the outbreak proved crucial. People followed moral codes before the outbreak, and the same ones needed to be followed during it. Before the outbreak, people had professions; be it a doctor, farmer, soldier, or anything useful. To Ken, your past is everything, and so it would be for this group. We are a group that makes decisions collectively, we try to stay away from one person gaining too much power and control. We may have all been of varying backgrounds before the infection, but now we are brought together as one collective group. We all share the common idea that we should preserve who we were before all of the devastation, and help one another throughout the process. - The Great Reformation - Within three months, event after event led to a reformation of ideas. Ken and the group had been tried and tried again until Ken had enough. Ken grew more and more skeptical of strangers around him, and the loss of Tion through the infection had been the last straw. Instead of helping random strangers and giving people the benefit of the doubt, Ken now feels that his own people are the best chance he has of surviving. To him, the greater good is no longer rooted in the old world. It is in his new family that he met through the new world that is the better good. His people and close allies are all that truly matters when it comes down to it, and Ken will do whatever it takes to protect them. This will be known as the "Great Reformation" in the U.P.S. timeline. - The Long Wandering - After about one month of trying to branch out and make allies in the north, Ken and his people finally get back to the island, but it was too late. The entire place had been wiped clean of any of their supplies. No food, no water, no fuel to keep the generators running. There was simply nothing there for them anymore. So Ken and his people set out on the road, trying to find another place to call home. Maybe there was never meant to be a home, maybe this was a sign from God. Either way, most of the group knew it had to stay together, or die in separation. This period of being on the road, searching for a new place to call home shall be called "The Long Wandering". - The Revival - After wandering around for so much time, the group eventually found trouble in Novo. They had just found a working truck, hoping for it to bring them to a new home, or at least somewhere other than the north. They had went straight through Novo, and just when things were looking fine, twenty armed men come out into the streets and demand that they stop the truck. At first they tried to just speed through, but one of the group had gotten shot and went unconscious, so they were forced to stop. The group called themselves the "Black Fangs", and took their truck. The group was forced away, walking to the next place they could find. They found a ship and stayed there a while, but then the same Black Fangs arrives. Ken had just been reunited with his newfound daughter, of which he had just discovered the papers confirming their relation. The Black Fangs took Ken's daughter away from him, and tried to take one of his other friends, but failed. After that hostile encounter, Ken and the group got together, and discussed their options. They were pretty much down on their luck, but then one of Ken's allies spoke up. His name was Brandon, and he had been a part of Mars Corp. He told Ken that he and some of the remaining Mars Corp. could help his group retake the Prison Island, and supply them with enough supplies to get them by for a while. The group decided this would be their best bet, as they would now have the supplies to retake their home from the dead and stay there, and be protected by these Mars Corp. Now Ken plots on how to get his daughter back, because if there's one thing Ken still cares about in this world, it's keeping family together. And nobody was going to stop him. Nobody. Ken has now partnered with Mars Corp., Viridian, Shadow Stalkers, and a Communist group to help protect the surrounding area around them. -The Second Long Wandering- In a matter of three or so weeks, the prison had once again fallen. Now the group is out again, who knows how long this time. They had found a cabin and resided in it for another month or so, but even that came to an end after bandits had robbed them dry. Now they are looking to find another compound, for they must find another home, or surrender to the nomadic life. - We are The United People of Salvation - Group Goal #1:Find and build a suitable home for the Family Needs of survival.[Complete] Group Goal #2:Help our allied Groups, and see how they can benefit to the cause of the family.[Approx.Day 235] Group Goal #3:Travel to Areas of the country,trying to find and fix Old World Technologies through any way possible.[Approx.Day 275] Group Goal #4:Create or help create a open area away from Family home where survivors may come trade, socialize, and whatever they wish upon the family..[Approx.Day 247] Group Goal #5:Carry on the Family Legacy of what Ken Medenhall once Created.[On-Going] - When radioing through TS, try to mute more often to avoid constant OOC chat - - To provide other users with unique quality RP. Including but not limited to moral dilemma RP, campfire RP, hospitality RP, and hostile RP. - - Keep IC conflicts very separately from OOC conflicts - Bruce Adams @Bruce Adams Joey Thompson @Ryan Carter Sergei Jackson @Titan_ Matthew Black @sika Jacopo Maldini @xdproslim11 Parker Lee @rekarp117 Nathan Rowe @ThatCrazedGamer Ashley West @AshleyJesse Ulman Tolatoy @TheTrueHawk Selina Fox @kimmylou ALLIES - R.I.P. - Ken Mendenhall @Mr. Blue Malibu Cortino @LCKY Cole Anderhol @colabear Artyom Dvorak @melon21 Simon Murphy @Salmon666 Max Doverman @Mr. Blue Mason Montello @Madkilla67 Eli Vaneslow @Fil Vandren Emilia Perez @kimmylou
  11. I will admit this could be seen as bad rp and would like to talk to you personally before you go through with this report. On the grounds of gear rp I would disagree. I had a full ghillie and had no need for your m4 since I have a vss and am very good with it. I am not trying to stop this report but I would prefer us talk about this and let us come to an understanding regarding the events. Once again I'm not trying to stop the report I just wanna talk to you and give you my insight. Please give me a PM and I'll respond asap. Once again, I am sorry for the misunderstanding and did not mean for this to go this route.
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