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  1. Djrealwolf

    Firefight KOS changed?

    That good to hear because I wasn't sure with how she typed her statement
  2. Djrealwolf

    Firefight KOS changed?

    So..... do the staff just do what ever hits their fancy or do they actually speak to each other about reports, because I am now concerned.
  3. Djrealwolf

    So...yeah...I'm back.

    welcome back
  4. Djrealwolf

    S1: Invalid kill/KoS Kabanino

    Well I was told that the merc talked to you, and guess you could have had the black screen glitch when you woke up it really doesn't matter. No one on my side has video but you can check the logs to see that I killed someone only a few minutes after legging the OP just to objectively show that the fire fight was still active. With that I will no longer post unless asked to by staff.
  5. Djrealwolf

    S1: Invalid kill/KoS Kabanino

    -User was cautioned for this post!-
  6. Djrealwolf

    S1: Invalid kill/KoS Kabanino

    John Richerdson's POV: First off I am sorry if you felt disrespected, I mean no disrespected to any one in the community and I did apologize multiple times for your death, but on to the report. Me, some of the 101, and some mercs we hired went down to the field in between VMC and Kab to find some saviours to ruff up and/or kill. We found them in the field. Hamish @Mr Anon went down to the road and dropped the initiation. The fire fight kicked off shots where fired at a constant rate as the fire fight involved 9 v. 6. The hostiles moved back up the hill behind Kab, both sides fired pop shots back and forth. At this time it has been about 10 minutes from first contact to help give a time scale. A man in red pants runs down the main road just outside of Kab and we pop shots at him he stops and throws his hands up so Niko @rustyjusty123 runs up to him and tells him its an active fire fight get lost. At this time Jericho Smith @BerskyTheBear, a merc named Jacob McCarthy @Jxkey and I move up the tree line to Kab because we smelt a flank. We find a flanker in the tree line close to Lonely Green just on the outskirts of Kab and kill him. We take shots from the hill behind Kab church so we duck into some trees for about a minute and wait for our group to move to us. Once regrouped we all push into the southern end of kab and start to garrison Kab and prep for a push onto the hill above the church to finish off the Saviours. @BerskyTheBear, the merc, and I push into the Lonely Green House to get a view point out of the big window that looks to the hill. We see a guy about 300m out in between a wall a tree looking at us with binos. I pop a shot next to his leg to see if he runs or pulls a gun as it is still a fire fight and I do not know if he is a Saviour or not. I accidentally hit his leg and he passed out. We figure we should try to see what intel we can get from him so I cover the merc as he runs out to banage the guy. The guy wakes up and tells us he is not involved we realize it is the civ Niko told to get lost so we repeat the warning. He falls uncon again for some reason. Maybe a glitch? We try to CPR him again but realize he is safe and we are not. So we zig zag to the log cabin in between Kab and NWAF, a Saviour jumps out on me and Jacob McCarthy the we trade shots CQB, the greatest merc ever hired dies and I kill the saviour. This marked the end of the fire fight for the 101 as we were satisfied with the kill count so we returned to Stary yar by way of NWAF. Allies invovled in the fire fight: @Mr Anon @BerskyTheBear @radkal @rustyjusty123 That is all the 101 you will have to ask @Jxkey for the names of the mercs involved. Allies directly involved in the reported situation are, @BerskyTheBear @rustyjusty123 and @Jxkey. I will ask around of video as I have none. I would like to counter report with NVFL, as the OP knew an active fire fight was under way he even states he was told that the fire fight was going on. Also Lyca did the OP die?
  7. Djrealwolf

    S1 Ruleplay/RDM Stary Yar

    I am sorry if this is true I will wait to see what staff says. I feel like this whole thing never should have been a report. I wish we could have talked it out in TS, I did talk with @Galaxy and it was a quite enjoyable conversation. I hope that no matter how this report turns out that in future people in the community can come to talk with each other instead of jumping to the reports. I feel this could really help curb OOC hate, "salt" and it would over all help keep in game drama in game. This is probably not the right place to post that but I needed to get if off my chest. With that I will no longer post unless asked to by an admin.
  8. Djrealwolf

    S1 Ruleplay/RDM Stary Yar

    I forgot to report whom ever said, "I got RDMed in the piano house and who ever said, "I died" in the video given by @evanm23 at 2:15 till end for metagaming. Sorry for the inconvenience this causes to the staff because I did not post it with my POV.
  9. Djrealwolf

    S1 Ruleplay/RDM Stary Yar

    In the vault animation you usually "jump" or "leap" into the air. So maybe you crouch glitched into the tent but you did not vault. Pointed comments like these are clearly unnecessary in a formal report and I would go as far as to call it OOC hate aimed at the 101 but that is for the admin staff to conclude. That is all I will post alluding to @iBstoneyDave's POV
  10. Djrealwolf

    S1 Ruleplay/RDM Stary Yar

    No I first gave the order at 1:46 in the video it was unfortunate that 16 seconds in you guys started the animation at the same time as I pulled the trigger. This is false. No rule states this. As to the first part of your statement I will not address it as I would just be beating a dead horse.
  11. Djrealwolf

    S1 Ruleplay/RDM Stary Yar

    Your guy killed two of our guys. You were told to get on your knees one time, you did not comply, you were told to get on your knees again about 10 seconds later which you took to long to comply with. You were indeed apart of the same dynamic group and you even wore the same armbands. Since you miss quoted me let me quote myself for this
  12. Djrealwolf

    A radio message to the 101 [Closed]

    *John leans up chuckling, and grabs his radio* Thanks for the intel, but follow the other guys advice in future. You will be safer that way. *He sets his radio down lays back and starts to slip his hand into his pants, but he jumps out of his bed as he hears Hamish yelling at the main gate of camp*
  13. Djrealwolf

    S1 Ruleplay/RDM Stary Yar

    John Richerdson's POV: I was working with security to get everyone out from the event, and not a minute after the event ended head of security @iBstoneyDave comes over the radio and says that there is guy in the resected tent area. Since you can only get into that place thought one door on the piano house a couple of us yell put your hands up from across a fence while Dave goes to the door. Curiously the door was locked still, meaning that the person must have glitched through a tent or fence gap. Once we get to the guy we take him into the piano house we talk to him, he claims he did not know the rules so we explain to him that it was a restricted area and he is not permitted to be there.. He is quite hostile to the guys interrogating him ( @iBstoneyDave , @MoTaVa, @Hannibal Lecter , @radkal) cursing at them and acting tough. We decide to give him the benefit of the doubt and let him go, also because we didn’t want to ruin the event by having something kick off.. While all of this was going on a group of his friends also wearing red armbands gather outside the piano house and start getting aggro. Just before he leaves the Piano house and also on his way out he says to another guy with a red armband tell Louie to get the boys and burn this place to the ground, at which point I am super confused because we have been friends with Louie for a long time and we were allied with The Saviours before they disbanded, but before I could ask anything everything got way messed up with trying to get the civs out and the hostages under control. As there were a good few of em and they were starting to kick off (and due to his burn it down comments) one of the guys initiated and we all followed suit. We got everything sort of under control and moved the hostages into the piano house, once the first two hostages got into place I told them to get on their knees(which your can hear in the video as the video taker walks into the piano house) They do nothing so I scream at them about three times more, at the same time as my screaming I hear over the radio two of our boys got shot so due to this and the non compliance from my point of view we decide to execute them, I do see that the hostages were getting on there knees in the video but it was at the same time I pulled the trigger, but to be honest even if they got on their knees they still would have been shot for our guys getting shot and for transgressing against the settlement and the 101. The hostages were giving us good hostile rp and we were hoping it would turn into a storyline wear our long time allies turned on us but it like the event had to fall into a firefight because they already had a sniper in place when the kicked off. Now as to report how can I be accused of RDM and rule-play at the sametime? I would like counter with a False Report I would also like to counter with Baiting as the Saviours knew that had no rights to attack and they knew that we would have to hold the guy up for being in our tents and when I let the guy go he knew we would hold them up again for the whole tell Louie to come back line. Giving their sniper time to set up and kill Mr.Anon, to quote the video, “I am going to assassinate Hamish... which one is Hamish”. To sum up it was not rule-play as RP was given that led to the execution of the hostages. As to the accusation of RDM here are the rules: 8.5.1 Hostages do not comply with your demands or pose a direct threat to you or your group. 8.5.3 The rescue party refuses to negotiate and open fire, after the hostage takers contacted them on the radio. As the rescue party did not even give us time to contact them. The hostile party also failed to identify themselves until the first mention of Louie and even then they did not say explicitly that they were part of any group (or that they were even with the people around the area). If we were told there was a rescue party coming or nearby we could have opened negotiations. Lastly Settlement Rule one of approved Camp 101 Settlement states: Unauthorised entry (area marked in red)/ Robbing of tents will result in the hosts dealing the perpetrator as they see fit (this may include kos if deemed necessary).
  14. Djrealwolf

    S1 Ruleplay/RDM Stary Yar

    I will post tomorrow.
  15. Djrealwolf

    A main open freq

    Hello this is the 101 call all the boxers who are fighting tonight to Stary Yar as the boxing matches are starting soon.