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  1. How you been Buddy? Long time no see!

    1. Buddy


      Buddy has been doing pretty awesome!  

      Stable income, a roof over my head and a wonderful woman to journey into the unknown with!

      I'm mostly kicking around Roach's discord & streams as far as online activity goes

      I hope you've been enjoying your side of life as well!




  2. Link to the situation: #help in discord Any supporting evidence or notes: Feedback: Helped me get back on the server at like 4am my time. So mad props to him. Suggestions for improvement: Honestly nothing. Just keep at it man! Absolute legend
  3. I am proud AF of my new character, I put the most effort I've ever put into a character on Ricky. High hopes for his future!

    1. turtlemilk


      "Salt Lake City, Utah, USA"

      yee boi waddap

    2. PyroPupper


      mfw I'm Canadian and never been to america


    1. Darion


      AHAahahahahahaah you know it xD

  5. Can't wait to play at 300 ping on EU servers.
  6. Rip the best Brady who wasn't slim shady
  7. I was going to donate the 5 Euro to change it.
  8. So I'm looking to change my name to Pyro, but the name is taken by this person that hasn't logged into the forums since April and isn't registered. Is there anyway I can get this username since the person seems to be inactive for quite some time, having joined back in Dec 2016.
  9. *Shawn flips the frequency and hears the broadcast begin, pressing down his PTT once it ended.* "Anything else other than a bald black man for a description?....and who do we bring him to if we catch 'em?" *He releases the PTT.*
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