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  2. Jaime Colbourne May 13th, 1993 - Present ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jaime grew up in rural Newfoundland, learning how to fish and mess around in the woods that protected Hampden, his home. His parents were ever loving and gave him what they could, make sure he live a happy childhood, something neither of them got to experience. Jaime worked as a manager in a retail store for a few years, living in an apartment with his friend Samuel, they had been pals since kindergarten. Eventually Jaime saved up enough money for a visit to Chernarus, a destination he had his heart set on for a while now. The landscapes and wildlife reminded him of his home the moment he stepped off the plane, "It's beautiful! The crisp air, the sharp colors, its all like a movie scene!" he thought to himself. He stayed in a hotel in Severograd for the first week of his stay. On the day of his departing flight he checked out of the hotel and wondered into the street to get a cab to the airport, when down the road he saw a group of people lumbering down the street. He realized it wasn't just normal people, it was military. The group began to approach a lady walking with a coffee in hand, when suddenly one of the military men wearing a red cap latched onto her. She screamed a fell to the ground as the rest of the group began to rip into her, coating her in blood as her intestines fell out to the sides. Freaked the FUCK by whatever he just saw, he went with the flow of everyone else and booked it in the opposite direction. Jaime and a group of other hotel guests met up at a bus station a few blocks down and decided to make a break for Takistan to escape the madness. Himself and the group survived until now. Jaime split from the group after a hoard attacked and ended up over the border again back into Chernarus. "Aw shit. Here we go again." And here is where the real juice begins. A time that cannot be recorded. The future.
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    Staff Feedback: Hofer

    Link to the situation: #help in discord Any supporting evidence or notes: Feedback: Helped me get back on the server at like 4am my time. So mad props to him. Suggestions for improvement: Honestly nothing. Just keep at it man! Absolute legend
  4. I am proud AF of my new character, I put the most effort I've ever put into a character on Ricky. High hopes for his future!

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  5. Ricky was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on Halloween night in 1996. His parents Stacy Flakko & Kevin Flakko we're more than loving to Ricky, they raised him in SLC up until he turned 15, then moving states to Fort Worth, Texas. Ricky had an ideal childhood but due to issues mostly out of his parents abilities to fix, his life began to spiral out of control. Violent outbursts and impulses began to run his life, sending him to juvie and eventually the state correctional facility 15 times by the time he turned 18. Despite Ricky's poor reputation and outbursts, he managed to seek help, knowing he had a problem and booked himself to a psych-ward in April of 2017, to treat his obvious issues. The ward was presenting a new form of therapy that required the ward inmates be sent to Chernarus for a form of work therapy, where he would be eased into society with working for a living and being treated for his illness. After a few months of this improvements began to appear in Ricky, he outbursts toned down ten-fold, and he developed a interest in biochemistry through the books he had at his disposal. Exactly 4 months and 18 days in, the alerts flooded the airways, the outbreak was starting. The therapy center Ricky was in went into a full on melt-down with panic, having the inmates over-run the guards and workers within hours, Ricky staying in the back, trying to follow with the flow, terrified to become a sitting duck, or have one of the more unstable inmates gut him like a dog. As the inmates charged towards the city, in search of safety and or out of sheer delirium, Ricky and a few others took to the woods, taking what few provisions and weapons they could salvage from the torn apart building that was considered the most secure of the time. A few days into their survival, Ricky grew to work with the 3 other inmates that followed him; Victor, Dante, Phillipo, and Dmitri. Soon food and medication grew thin, and tensions rose, finally ending in a blood bath where Dimitri and Ricky would fight off the other three inmates who tried to kill Dimitri with a brick to the back of the head. The blood drenched both their clothes, looking like wolves that just finished a fresh meal from a kill, the stood and stared in awe at their lifeless comrades bodies. They made the agreement to split the goods and parted way, figuring they'd rather deteriorate on their own and not run the chance of killing one another if the times got rough, so off they went. Ricky never heard from Dimitri again. He traveled across the coastline, in the woods, trying his best to avoid being seen, fearing he would be slaughtered like the unfortunate souls he's seen in piles of decomposing bodies on road sides, some staggering around like lost souls, no purpose, simply left to die on their own. Eventually Ricky made it to Severograd where he got his hands on a fully automatic Kalashnikov, of course Ricky had no clue what it exactly, was, all he knew was it would kill whatever he needed dead. Ricky roamed the streets till he found a survivor, a smaller Russian man going from house to house with his backpack, shoving anything he could find inside. Ricky's mind was slowly spiraling down to where it once was, having run out of medication days ago, his symptoms were worse than ever, impulses telling Ricky that the man had medication and food, that he so desperately needed. Ricky shot the man in the knees before the man even knew he was there. Rolling in pain and almost crying Ricky approached him and tried to grab the bag from his dead mans grip, fighting for the bag as if it were his life. Ricky's conscious told him to stop the mans struggles and Ricky took the butt of his rifle, and beat the man with it till he laid limp, motionless with a face unrecognizable other than red, Ricky slung his blood stained rifle over his shoulder, and the mans backpack over the other, and headed to the woods, where he would head to another town, find another man, and get another bag. "Survival." Is all his brain had left to say. Months past, then a year, and Ricky was making it, his brain ordering him like a dog out to kill just so it can eat, he did what he had to, and to him, he saw nothing wrong with that, however one day a group of people did see something wrong. Ricky stepped out from behind a decaying van and pointed his .44 Magnum at a man walking down the street, his face battered and bruised, his walk feral yet human. Ricky told him to set the bag down and to run far away from here or he would put him down like a mutt. To Ricky's surprise and shock the man stood his ground, stared, and let out a low growl, leaving Ricky confused before a solid wood baseball bat dropped him flat on his face, his entire world fading to black as he heard voices all around him before everything went quite. Ricky awoke, surrounded by at least 8 men, armed with bats, machete's, Kalashnikov's just like the one he had, his hazed glances stopping when one man stepped forwards and kicked him straight in the guts, leaving Ricky to fall on his side and wheeze and groan, muttering under his breath before the man knelt down and grabbed Ricky's face, holding it up to look at him, eyes making contact. It was the man from the road, the one who growled, and he did it again, right in front of Ricky's face, before shoving him back into the dirt and standing up. "BOYS, Say hello to your knew chewtoy! I think we'll call him.... Hyena, since his worthlessness makes us all laugh doesn't it?" The silence surrounding them is fitted with a few mumbles before he speaks again, his voice a roar that echos through the woods surrounding us. "IT MAKES US FUCKING LAUGH DOESN'T IT?" The surrounding men almost snap into a trance and begin to laugh before a few let out wolf sounding howls, making Ricky's hair stand on end as the man turns back around, looking down at Ricky's bloodied face. "You hear that Hyena? Welcome to the Pack. Whether you like it or not." Over the next several weeks, Ricky was beaten up, forced to do labor for food and other privileges the men gave him, eventually granting him his own tent to keep him out of the elements, slowly Ricky's hate faded as he watched the men joke around and live their lives, their closeness almost family like, making Ricky yearn for what he used to have. Ricky gave in and began to show more respect to those he worked for and slowly the beatings stopped, the labor eased, and after a few months, Ricky was face to face with the man who kicked him to the dirt. "I'll say Hyena... I'm impressed with you. You've come a long way from when you were a fucking scumbag on the street." He stands up in front of Ricky and from his holster hands him his .44 Magnum, shined and polished, better than he'd ever seen before. Ricky nervously took the gift of respect and trust, holding it as he felt the urge to blow the mans head clean off, before he wrapped an arm around Ricky, and walked him out of the tent, to the other 7 men that had been there the day he was pulled into this with no other choice, cheered for him and let out howls of approval and acceptance, making the urge fade as the feeling of family crept back up his spine. The Alpha leaning in to Ricky's ear: "Now let's get another one Hyena." The men all grab their guns, bats, and machete's and head back to the streets of the town where Ricky had his head almost taken clean off by a bat. The Alpha gave his trusted men a nod and headed off into the streets, as the Pack followed in the shadows, with his trusted men giving Ricky the same solid baseball bat that knocked him clean out before, when a man stuck the Alpha up again, Ricky crept up behind him with predatory like skills and made a solid thud when the bat connected with the mans head, within seconds falling to his knees and then to his face, the Alpha staring back at Ricky over the unconscious mans body, his face holding the same sneer Ricky saw that fateful day. "I know the strong when I see them, I saw right in you Ricky." *Ricky's story will continue as his life goes on*
  6. Jay came to America when he was 1, his family leaving Germany for the "American Dream". He had an average life coming up, excelling in the English language, becoming a journalist for an online blog. Jay came to Chernobyl to research a facility up in the wilderness, only to be unfortunate enough to remain when the outbreak occurred, thankfully not in any major areas, giving him time to prepare and not be eaten alive. He soon left the facility and began to wander the deserted streets, avoiding infected at all costs, crawling past, hiding up trees, anything he could do to save his ass. Finally he came across a major city, he chose to explore, and well, that's where this story all begins.
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  9. John was born and raised in the town of St.Johns. He was your average kid and grew up to become your average adult, landing a excellent job at a major bank in the town. John was sent of to Chernarus to visit another bank to personally work out a transfer agreement, unfortunately for him the outbreak began during his visit, unable to leave he seeked help from the UN, staying in their camps until the UN was overrun forcing John to go out into the war torn land to fend for himself. Days after being out in the wild John was terrified, blood soaked his pants from the infected that he had to fend off with a baseball bat, he gagged in disgust, wandering into a house to hide where he found a handgun, this he would carry with him to the end of days and find to be quite the saving grace. Days later John wandered the roads, slowly finding items to add to his survival collection, finding a nice backpack, comfortable clothes, and a nice hunting rifle to keep him fed with some real food and not the canned stuff he was becoming sick of. Traveling through Zelenogorsk he fended off a swarm of infected inside a hospital, leaving him weak as he patched his wounds two military looking men approached him seeking medical attention. John being the man he was, gladly obliged, only soon after to find himself at the mercy of the two men, held up for his goods he was again left with the clothes on his back and not much to spare. Angry John set out, livid at his two attackers he set off to find what he needed to keep himself safe, to John, safety came in the form of a 7.62 assault rifle. John kept heading north, always checking his back, terrified of seeing someone, he needed to find someone to trust, but who? In this world he could barely trust himself.
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