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  1. Jay came to America when he was 1, his family leaving Germany for the "American Dream". He had an average life coming up, excelling in the English language, becoming a journalist for an online blog. Jay came to Chernobyl to research a facility up in the wilderness, only to be unfortunate enough to remain when the outbreak occurred, thankfully not in any major areas, giving him time to prepare and not be eaten alive. He soon left the facility and began to wander the deserted streets, avoiding infected at all costs, crawling past, hiding up trees, anything he could do to save his ass. Finally he came across a major city, he chose to explore, and well, that's where this story all begins.
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      AHAahahahahahaah you know it xD

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    Server 2 change

    Can't wait to play at 300 ping on EU servers.
  4. John was born and raised in the town of St.Johns. He was your average kid and grew up to become your average adult, landing a excellent job at a major bank in the town. John was sent of to Chernarus to visit another bank to personally work out a transfer agreement, unfortunately for him the outbreak began during his visit, unable to leave he seeked help from the UN, staying in their camps until the UN was overrun forcing John to go out into the war torn land to fend for himself. Days after being out in the wild John was terrified, blood soaked his pants from the infected that he had to fend off with a baseball bat, he gagged in disgust, wandering into a house to hide where he found a handgun, this he would carry with him to the end of days and find to be quite the saving grace. Days later John wandered the roads, slowly finding items to add to his survival collection, finding a nice backpack, comfortable clothes, and a nice hunting rifle to keep him fed with some real food and not the canned stuff he was becoming sick of. Traveling through Zelenogorsk he fended off a swarm of infected inside a hospital, leaving him weak as he patched his wounds two military looking men approached him seeking medical attention. John being the man he was, gladly obliged, only soon after to find himself at the mercy of the two men, held up for his goods he was again left with the clothes on his back and not much to spare. Angry John set out, livid at his two attackers he set off to find what he needed to keep himself safe, to John, safety came in the form of a 7.62 assault rifle. John kept heading north, always checking his back, terrified of seeing someone, he needed to find someone to trust, but who? In this world he could barely trust himself.
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    Sad Reacts Please

    Rip the best Brady who wasn't slim shady
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    @Jake McSmith You are one ugly man

  7. I was going to donate the 5 Euro to change it.
  8. So I'm looking to change my name to Pyro, but the name is taken by this person that hasn't logged into the forums since April and isn't registered. Is there anyway I can get this username since the person seems to be inactive for quite some time, having joined back in Dec 2016.
  9. *Shawn flips the frequency and hears the broadcast begin, pressing down his PTT once it ended.* "Anything else other than a bald black man for a description?....and who do we bring him to if we catch 'em?" *He releases the PTT.*
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    Disaster At The Market [ 39.3 Hz]

    *Shawn rubs his forehead before pressing the PTT button.* "The CDF has been up to no good and this is not a surprise to any of us. They continue to terrorize what safe communities we form to this day." *He pauses, the wind in the trees can be heard faintly before his voice returns.* "They will not be marching around with this act under their belt for long. Stay safe and aware, who knows what they'll do next." *He releases the PTT and shouts out in anger, kicking his boot against a wall, putting a hole through the rotted wood, he pulls his boot back and sits on a chair, shaking his head and balling his fists in anger.*
  11. Jake McSmith

    The death of the rebellion [Open frequency]

    *Shawn sneers as he picks up the radio again pressing the PTT button down.* "You fools.....you god damn bloody fools. You think one man leads us all? We lead each other, we live under freewill unlike you mindless DOGS!" *Shawn lets go of the button cracking his neck thinking for a moment before pressing the button again.* "Why would we attack now, when we can watch and learn, we will hit you where you are weakest and cripple you. There are men like us inside your ranks that will gut you from the inside out. You can kill a man, but you can never kill his spirit." *He releases the PTT button and shoves the radio back into his pocket.*