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  1. This is great guys finally a strong force again
  2. *Dragan stumbles to a tree and sits down, he look at his leg it look broken, He whisper to himself ''Now is the time'' he grabs his radio from his belt and presse the PTT* Victor if you can hears this then is means we need to meet im sorry for the things ive done to you i want make up for it but i dont know how i have till my leg gets infected so its up to you what you will do let your enemy die or help a friend i hope you can hear this Dragan out *He releases the PTT*
  3. mate this is really good, i really enjoyed watching keep it up
  4. Really good Stags
  5. *Dragan listends in consfusing and responds* Alright Victor, If you can find me i will listen to your side of the story but dont make me regret my disicion, This a one chance opportunity if you screw up i dont see any other way then adding you to my list. *Static is heard*
  6. haha i didnt know you took a picture of that haha
  7. Dragan hold PTT* i know my old friend, As far as i can control myself i won't search for you but i dont know what i will if we come across *dragan releases PTT*
  8. *Dragan Hold PTT and responds* I may not be the person i used to but rose and i dont have any issues we always respected eachother but you on the other hand Victor you dissapeared without saying anything, Ive spend months searching for you but i finally gave up something i useally dont do, And then you show up at my home asking for information about us. I have made new friends and new enemys, My new friends took me in when i was on the edge of breaking They made me see how life really was *Dragan Releases the PTT*
  9. *Dragan Hears rose's message and reponds* Hello Rose, How have you been haven't seen you in a very long time and yes im still kicking . We should definitely catch juts name a place and time an il be there I was nice hearing from you again. You take care now *Dragan releases the PTT*
  10. *Dragan listens to the radio, He hold the PTT and reponds* Aah Victor my old friend. what do i hear here you sold us out to the clowns hahahaha You are very lucky that i didn't got informed about this back in sanctuary i would have killed you for that, and what about the other day when you were at my compound, you lost your tongue hahaha. you are lucky that Lyca held me back otherwise you probaly would be missing some parts. well this all for now and we will be seeing each other soon my friend *Laughter can be heard in distance and then it goes silent*
  11. Good story you got here, Keep it up
  12. Nice story Marshal, Really enjoyed
  13. This is really good Matt, Hope to see more in the future
  14. Nicely done, I alway enjoyed Rping with you
  15. I enjoyed reading, Very good Hope keep it up