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  1. yea but im glad to see the group return, The RP i got was always good
  2. omg the last time i saw this group i was part of the Free Medic Defense Squad ,that was ages ago
  3. I only have this steam account, i dont have any other https://steamcommunity.com/id/Artyom94/
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist/ Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict was fair because i got banned because i family shared a game i was not supposed to Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I family shared my account with a friend and there was a game on it that apparently i was not supposed to share i did not know that at the time and i received a VAC ban. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: It has been 365 days since my Vac ban and i want to be able to play on the server again and Roleplay again What could you have done better?: Not shared my account with anyone, ive learned form my mistake and it will not happen again
  5. Dragan Adjanics, born in Zelenograd a town on the outskirts of Moscow, Dragan did not have good childhood, as a young boy he did not had many friends and was frequently bullied at school, while at home he was constantly victim of abuse at the hands of his parents, at first the abuse was only verbal but but eventually as he grew older it became physical. This went on until shortly after he turned seventeen when finally he had enough and left home. For the next few months he lived on the streets of Moscow, begging and stealing just to survive, on cold nights if he was lucky they would allow him to sleep in one of the shelters, but even that was not frequent. This lasted until shortly after he turned eighteen, when he happened to be passing by a shop with a army recruitment poster in the window, it took him barely any time to think about it before he wrote the address down and went off to enlist in the army. The next two years were spent in grueling training, it changed him into a stronger person and finally he was ready for deployment. His first deployment was Iraq where he spent the next nearly two and a half years tasked with various combat and diplomatic missions, as the end of his deployment neared he was sent home with a medal of honor. Though he had tired of spending so much time fighting and sleeping on cots and was granted leave, this took him to manchester, a place he had always meant to visit but until then he had not been able to. It was in manchester that he met Rose, a woman training to be a trauma surgeon. It did not take them long to grow close sharing various stories and spending more and more time together. And so when Rose was offered the place in the medical exchange program between Britain and Chernarus he requested to go along as security. His request approved he packed his bags and they along with the rest of the team being sent boarded a plane thinking it would be a short trip a vacation almost. Now, having been separated from the others it leaves only Dragan and Rose, trying to survive and find a way home to their families. - Loyal - - Patient - - Protective - - Honorable - - friendly - - Courageous - - Honest - - Adventurous - - Confident - - Charming - On Lower arm: On right shoulder: Dog Knives Vodka Quietness Hiking Liars Milk His Parents Bullies Greed Cut on his left cheek (Scar) Burn marks on his left arm (Scar) Bullet wound on his right tigh (scar) Daughter Sofia Adjanics Loved One Rose vardent Isaac Merko Victor Ivanov Dr. Jon Smithe Protect Rose at all costs (Ongoing) Find Sofia (Failing) Find a way to control his anger (failing) Help the Free Medics (Ongoing)
  6. *Dragan stumbles to a tree and sits down, he look at his leg it look broken, He whisper to himself ''Now is the time'' he grabs his radio from his belt and presse the PTT* Victor if you can hears this then is means we need to meet im sorry for the things ive done to you i want make up for it but i dont know how i have till my leg gets infected so its up to you what you will do let your enemy die or help a friend i hope you can hear this Dragan out *He releases the PTT*
  7. Dragan

    Untouched Media

    haha i didnt know you took a picture of that haha
  8. Good story you got here, Keep it up
  9. Nice story Marshal, Really enjoyed
  10. This is really good Matt, Hope to see more in the future
  11. Nicely done, I alway enjoyed Rping with you
  12. I enjoyed reading, Very good Hope keep it up
  13. Nicely done, I always admired The Masquerade, had some good time when you they were still around
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