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  1. WorPB

    Odezva Media Thread

    Nothing can stop us. Slava Chernarus!
  2. Alexej was born in the small town of Bor in chenarus. He had multiple brothers who he became very close to due to his parents abusing them all. A lot of his free time he spent outdoors avoiding and hiding from his abusive parents trying to teach himself how to live of the land how to hunt etc. On his 19 birthday Alexej left with a girl he met one day in Pavlovo who he fell in love with. Naive and full in love the girls broke his heart and left him taking almost everything he had. At that time Alexej was living in a small house in Chernogorsk when he asked his brother Patrik for help who persuaded him into joining the police force in chernogosk.
  3. WorPB

    Group specific outfits

    I would agree with that.
  4. Hi and welcome hope to meet you IC
  5. WorPB

    NHF Media Thread

    Strength in numbers
  6. Worp joined the croatian military at the age of 17 by faking his ID at the age of 20 he was sent to on a search and rescue mission near Chernarus. The next thing we remembers is waking up to a crashed helicopter with everyone except him was dead. He Started looking for a way to survive and get i contact with the croatian army to come and get him. After a few days he understood that that will never happen. So he decided to make the most of it. Made a small shelter in the middle of the forest helping fellow survivors on the road and trying to stay away from any big groups. Nowadays he mostly keeps to himself trying to stay alive and sane.
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