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  1. MintiMintness

    S1 Invalid exictution NW of Novaya Petrovka 2019-05-06, 19:07

    Max's POV: Basically what Tomu said. After I saw a car approaching to Novaya, i decided to have a quick talk with them about how to fix up a car. After we came talking about to which group I belonged, the situation started to get more heated which resulted in one of the previously tortured victims of The order to make allegations against those who had tortured them. Besides that it was a bunch of talking about my characters nature and what The Order was actually about, which did lead down to them initiating on us. Not knowing that I was outnumbered I thought we would try to get in a gunfight after the initiation. As stated above I was gunned down shortly after, so i unfortunately can give no further insight as to what happened after my death.
  2. Maximilian Herkel used to be a political activist in several white nationalist groups in eastern Germany. He strongly believes in the superiority of the aryan race and made the decision to travel to chernarus as soon as roumors about the outbreak spread. There he seeked to convert the infection to political propaganda, trying to prove that the outbreak was truly proof that the slavic race was inferior and thus fell victim to the outbreak. Since the situation substantially worsened during Max's stay in Chernarus, he was eventually was cut off of every source of civilization and started roaming the country, trying to survive and make up his mind. He came to the conclusion that from the ashes of Chernarus he had to forge a new totalitarian ethno state, that would preveil and withstand everything the apocalypse had to offer. He was uncertain how his beloved fatherland was doing but he swore that if he were to succeed with his plans, he would not only bring glory upon a newly reformed Germany and Chernarus, but a newly reformed world. But for now, he is uncertain wheter he will be successfull or not.
  3. MintiMintness

    How's everyone doing?

    I just compiled a few animations for css,so this evening is pretty satisfying for me.
  4. She played me like a piano... Also, if you simply want to put a song in your post, you might wanna try this 1. Find music. 2. Download music. 3. Upload here: http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/ 4. Put that in your text: [mp3 ] Link [/mp3] (without spaces though)
  5. MintiMintness

    Events for different games

    +1 I'd love to play a game of RobloxRP.
  6. You have some good point there. Owning an official group brings responsibility with it, therefor i will today make a few major changes. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. MintiMintness

    Buckshot Hunter's Club [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    oh god yeah! I completely forgot about the civil war in '09 tbh, I'll make some changes so check back in a few days mate throw a song my way that you think would fit <3 Here you go, my man. ^^
  8. MintiMintness

    Buckshot Hunter's Club [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    Ayy, that's pretty snazzy. Needs more music though. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. THEY PLAYED US LIKE A DAMN FIDDLE! [mp3]http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/5818c03a1b789.mp3[/mp3]
  10. Who needs waifu when you have DayzRP?
  11. I highly doubt you can determine if the server's generall rp is good or not in only 2 weeks...
  12. MintiMintness

    November 2016 Community Meeting Announcement

    Will this be like a yearly meeting or will we have several meetings like that? I i'll definetly try to be there!
  13. MintiMintness

    Battlefield 1 Megathread - DayZRP Squad

    Forum Name: MintiMintness Platform: PC Origin/Xbox/Play Station Name: MintiMintness Timezone: CET Favorite Class: Scout
  14. MintiMintness

    Blender video editing

    Didn't know that, i am still using Blender 2.77...
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