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  1. That's an unlucky first, keep trying! The first few times are always a bit sticky, but you and everyone will find their flow soon enough.
  2. Double0nothing4

    Settlements Thread

    The one and the only. I still remember when some people tried to steal an S1203, it got halfway down the path from the front gate when 10+ people all just let loose into it. Poor thing didn't stand a chance Or watching our esteemed guests casually walk in to the front area and start taking from all the tents for the guards. Good times!
  3. Double0nothing4

    British European Referendum

    The scaremongers win! Good job the 'IN' campaign TOTALLY lied about the Stirling taking a shit. Just the Irish and Scottish referendums to go now!
  4. Double0nothing4

    Settlements Thread

  5. Won't lie, it was perhaps the best directed episode. The battle was raw, brutal and gritty. That said, way too much plot armor but I chalk that up to the hacks who wrote the episode as the director did spectacular work with what he was given Well said! Episodically I've felt this season was quite weak from the plot point of view, some of the individual scenes have been amazing though.
  6. Double0nothing4

    British European Referendum

    Yes. One thousand times yes. The EU works on a system of pooled sovereignty - No one country has all the power and as we've demonstrated numerous times.. we can just use our veto and not adopt the legislation. On the note of terrorism, Europol provides us with procedures for the dissemination of information from the other member states - Trust me when I say a proper channel for communication goes a long way when it comes to information sharing. Allies or not, you must give if you want to get in the intelligence world. It's in for me.
  7. Double0nothing4

    So... many... Reports...

    I appear to have picked an interesting time to come back to the community... It's all a learning curve though. I've been here through through previous surges of people and the reports always settle out after a few weeks. Natural selection should catch out the really bad ones.
  8. Double0nothing4

    PsiSyndicate's new DAYZRP series

    While I admire your optimism, clearly you weren't around the last time this happened. Suffice to say, I'll just be holding my breath with the new wave coming. We all know how fun it turned out to be last time. it wasn't THAT bad. I mean it did hit a peak level of cancerous, then after we were left with some impressive numbers of decent players. Optimism! You should smile more, you'd be prettier if you smiled more <3
  9. Thanks lads, I have given the lore a read already and I will get on the new whitelist. Cheers for the help! Consider this question answered!
  10. Well, It's really been a while! I've been away from the game for an ungodly amount of time, but a bit of nostalgia between a few friends has made me want to swing back around again. Would one have to re-apply for whitelist again? Thanks for the help, Dan
  11. Double0nothing4

    What do you call it?

    It's a fucking Bap
  12. It's good to back! I love you Danny. The feeling is mutual, Duane <3
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