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  1. Strawberry

    Should people who were on final be allowed to join the staff team

    I do believe there have been and is people that have been in staff after being on final, honestly in my opinion it depends on the time the person was on final and what the person did.
  2. Strawberry

    Hello from an old member!

    Welcome back!
  3. Strawberry

    Birthday / Anniversary / Promotion / Donor / 1000th post

    no problem miss u
  4. Strawberry


    Been afk for a bit because Ive just became an uncle, and well work. Ill be back to my normal active self soontm

    1. APositivePara


      Eyy congrats dude 😄 hope all is well

    2. Strawberry


      @Para thanks fam

  5. Strawberry

    Helicopter Crashes

    Russian helicopter crashes have russian gear The "US" helicopter crashes have american gear The spawns are rare and I think about 6-8 of them spawn around the map on different spawns you can easily find with a google search. They respawn each restart.
  6. Strawberry

    Hola amigos, I don't actually speak Spanish.

  7. Strawberry


    best vlog out there


  8. Strawberry


    thinking about trying out ESO, anyone played it?

  9. Strawberry

    Watchman's Twitch Clips!

    no clips of me? huh
  10. Strawberry

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    whackal? 10/10
  11. Strawberry

    Hey Folks!

    Who you doin
  12. Strawberry


    sometime in the future


    1. Lyca


      YESSSSSS 😄

  13. Strawberry

    Im back ...For good? We shall see

    that's unreal jay, welcome back. I do believe your whitelist should still be valid. see what I did there?
  14. Strawberry

    God I Miss X so Much :(

    always my fav
  15. Strawberry

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    4/10 cause moderator
  16. Strawberry


    woah, the wolves are a big threat welcome big man
  17. Strawberry


    If it still isn't working you can send us a picture of your "MODS" screen on your launcher. There should be a green tick at every single mod if there isn't and it's red that means that the mod is corrupted then you would have to attempt to fix it or reinstall the mod.
  18. Strawberry


    Even with everything going on currently with people not agreeing with the system on how reports and etc are set up. This community has the best "justice" system I have ever seen within a gaming community. Most of them are much more biased with "Well, I own/administrate this community therefore everything I do is okay" 

    In the end, I am grateful for what the staff members are doing and happy that we are able to have a healthy discussion on the forums without hatred and such.

    1. APositivePara


      I mean I tried somewhere else (a non-dayz community) and realised that the bias that goes on here really isn't as bad. Community owner's firing staff members who disagree with them, deliberately breaking their own rules... it was ridiculous. I stopped giving as much of a shit about staff members handling reports / appeals where their friends might be involved after that and just focused on whether or not the verdict was correct.

    2. Strawberry


      @Para There have been several communities where I have had a group and we would be banned for going against the staff team/owners or for even taking up rule breaks on their friends etc. So honestly this is the best type of justice system we will most likely ever see within a gaming community and I do think that is mostly because of @Roland isn't strongly attached to anything ICly and looks at the community with a different perspective than most others. I do also think that there is always space for improvement and that this community does accept that. Therefore I believe that this is a great community that will never die out because of management failure.

    3. APositivePara



    4. Roland


      Thanks guys. I do try not to care as much as I possibly can. 😁 I suppose it's good for fairness, at least at the top management level.

  19. Strawberry

    STFU about this staff bias shit.

    I'm pretty sure that's how the community has been running for the most of the time when it comes to the report system. Question: If for example you and I are good friends and we talk a lot OOCly we might even have each others snapchats etcetc. We have a good friendship, and you do play with me from time to time just not in the same group and mostly ICly we stay in our separate ways but OOCly we speak a lot and one day I get reported for something. Would it then be okay for you to hop on the report?
  20. Strawberry

    STFU about this staff bias shit.

    preach We didn't use to be allowed to do anything with anyone that we were friends with staff-wise before, but now that has changed I believe after Rolle's comment. Seems like a lot has changed. Nontheless, back to the topic at hand. If the person putting up the report wants someone else to handle it, where really lays the problem? I bet you there are several other GMs wanting to hop on the report and Randy can always just hop on another report. Even if it isn't biased or even if it's allowed. It still looks bad honestly. The title makes the thread looks childish therefore it won't really be taken seriously.
  21. Strawberry

    Whats going on!!

    not much, what's up with you?
  22. Strawberry

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Hey, just tone it down a bit. It’s a roleplaying community, if he wants to bring back the UN let him. If he fails, so what? Good luck with the group, no pressure. It’s not like the previous ones were holy.
  23. Strawberry


    No you haven't. Just follow the link that General Rickets put in there. It says bad version cause you don't have the mods, most likely. /moved to questions?
  24. Strawberry

    DayZRP Minecraft server

    not this again
  25. Strawberry

    Reviving a group

    If you want to revive any group idea that has previously been done you will need the permission of the last leader. If he would have given you the permission, you would then receive his group and thread. I think it should be possible to bring back the UN if you have a valid standpoint. @Major can probably answer this better than I.
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