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  1. Strawberry


    Even with everything going on currently with people not agreeing with the system on how reports and etc are set up. This community has the best "justice" system I have ever seen within a gaming community. Most of them are much more biased with "Well, I own/administrate this community therefore everything I do is okay" 

    In the end, I am grateful for what the staff members are doing and happy that we are able to have a healthy discussion on the forums without hatred and such.

    1. Para


      I mean I tried somewhere else (a non-dayz community) and realised that the bias that goes on here really isn't as bad. Community owner's firing staff members who disagree with them, deliberately breaking their own rules... it was ridiculous. I stopped giving as much of a shit about staff members handling reports / appeals where their friends might be involved after that and just focused on whether or not the verdict was correct.

    2. Strawberry


      @Para There have been several communities where I have had a group and we would be banned for going against the staff team/owners or for even taking up rule breaks on their friends etc. So honestly this is the best type of justice system we will most likely ever see within a gaming community and I do think that is mostly because of @Roland isn't strongly attached to anything ICly and looks at the community with a different perspective than most others. I do also think that there is always space for improvement and that this community does accept that. Therefore I believe that this is a great community that will never die out because of management failure.

    3. Para



    4. Roland


      Thanks guys. I do try not to care as much as I possibly can. 😁 I suppose it's good for fairness, at least at the top management level.

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