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    I'm done trying DayZRP, Bye :(

    hehe cya
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    Rest in peace xxxtentacion, only artist I really followed from the start. Sad to see this happen. @Alex

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      I feel you, followed him for a long time.

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    Character Question

    it says explained there
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    The Symptom [Open Recruitment]

    "We play for us, and only for ourselves nobody shall depend on us nor we on eachother, escaping a selfish society through a selfish creed. True freedom is here no reliance within this alliance" Chapter one: Introduction Diary page number 23: How we met, how it all began A page from Strawberry’s diary on how they met Translated from Norwegian Chapter two: The First Day of the Symptom Both of them were talking down some unknown road in some unknown city in the land of Chernarus. They were both so thirsty, and for some odd reason, they hadn't met anyone in the past couple of days. How else are they going to get their food and drinks if not given from someone or taken from someone, it's not like they were going to go around searching because that's boring. It had come to the point where they actually needed to search through, something neither of them would ever have foreseen. Sure it’s an apocalypse and all that, but there is still a couple of survivors around. They had been around long enough to understand that something was wrong, nevertheless, there weren't any houses, wells, huts or anywhere there might be water. Not even a lake. When all of the sudden, they see two people, a girl and a guy. You could see Strawberry getting excited when he looked at Brady he could see that he also got excited. Maybe not only for the reasoning that it was two people that could have water for them if you get where I am going. They finally caught up to them after yelling after them, asking them for water. They introduced themselves, Jamie Clarke and Sunni Ashworth. They thought Strawberry's name was funny and wondered if it actually was his name, which is something that Strawberry would normally get annoyed for but these two heavily reminded him of his brother and girlfriend. It was just good seeing more faces that brought other happiness than the usual happiness. They were nice enough to give Strawberry and Brady water, food and supplies for whatever they needed. Brady and Strawberry looked toward one another and they both understood that they weren't going to do anything to these two. Strawberry and Brady asked them if they knew where everyone was if there was an evacuation or something that had happened, ‘cause where they would normally see people, was empty. They asked us if we didn't hear the radio broadcast that was sent by the UN, Brady looked at Strawberry and said “We always have our radio on to hear the bad news from the UN” The two strangers would look at each other and ask why Brady called it bad news. explained the whole situation, and well. They didn't really say anything against it like most people did. It seemed like they were a bit intrigued when Brady told them what we would be doing every day and what we did to people. Stealing from people that can fight for themselves, for example. The girl told us what was happening on the airfield, the UN was doing some research project for an antidote and was going to evacuate or something. Strawberry and Brady both hoped they would fail. Strawberry interrupted the girl and started telling her and the guy, Jamie, about the little band of people we were trying to form together. The Symptom. They were interested and starting hanging around us. They became close friends to Strawberry and Brady, always there for them whatever they needed. One day the four of them was walking together in a forest close to a town called Severograd, when Jamie asked a couple of serious questions about the whole idea of this “friendship” and how he didn't feel comfortable with what they were doing with people. Strawberry started arguing with Jamie about the whole idea of the Symptom, when Strawberry snapped, as he would usually do because of his anger issues. He would tell Jamie that if he wanted to leave, nobody would stop him. Jamie said he would happily leave, when Strawberry answered back with a single sentence “Good, hope I never see you again” Sunni stayed with Brady and Strawberry for about a week longer, until she suddenly disappeared. Brady and Strawberry thought she left to find Jamie. The two of them were never seen again, and therefore never spoken about again. The only positive thing is that Brady found his long lost friend Teddy, in a unknown town, but Teddy wasn't fine. Something had happened to him, to this day he would still wonder lonely leaving Brady and Strawberry alone. He would appear at random times to chat or just have a good time. Chapter three: I am sorry, who? Weeks after the disappointment of the first beginning of the Symptom with the two members, that had disappeared. Strawberry and Brady still had hope to continue the saga of the Symptom. They went out trying to find new members to join their idea of Chernarus. When the two was sitting down talking to each other, Strawberry suddenly remembered a guy he had met before, someone called Gio. He had heard rumours about what this Gio guy would like to do on his spare time and that he might have the same mindset as the two. When he confronted Brady about him, Brady quickly said “I'm sorry, who?” Strawberry explained. They would go out, looking for Gio. When they finally found him he was hanging with another organization, but the two got him to come with them instead of staying with the people he was with. After another week, Gio had seen these two guys been thrown out of a town for being to drunk and attempting to be a couple of tough guys. Gio would go over to the two individuals and have chat with them, where he would find out that their names was Arturo and Trey. The three of them would walk back to the camp where Strawberry and Brady was hanging. Arturo and Trey was very drunk, therefore a couple of easy individuals to manipulate to bring back. When the three of them came to the camp, Arturo and Trey was pretty much unconscious because of all the alcohol. Gio, Strawberry and Brady would put a sack over their head, and wait for them to wake up. When they woke up in a cabin way up north, tied up and a sack over their head they obviously got pretty mad, but then Strawberry started to speak to them about the idea of the Symptom. They liked what they heard, and started to calm down. They even asked if they could join up. Because in the end they were nothing but a couple of loners with no friends, and no hope in this lost world. Strawberry would place to knives one in front each of them. He would then continue to take of their blindfold and remove the restraints. Strawberry continued to tell them to pick up the knife, and use their creativity on two hostages that was behind them, also restrained and with sacks over their heads. Arturo and Trey didn't hesitate, before starting to slash up the two individuals. This was the start of the Symptom. The real starts, with these five individuals as founders. Gio, Strawberry, Brady, Teddy, Arturo and Trey. Chapter four: The leadership of the madness Brady Barns a loner from the big apple, didn't really live the high life if you could say that. He was unfortunate enough to have the start you and me would only dream about, and when I say dream. I am talking about nightmares. His father wasn't the nicest of them all. Brady grew up living with an alcoholic father, or could you even call him alcoholic. He was worse than just an alcoholic. He would hurt himself, his wife and not forget his son, Brady. This was the environment Brady grew up in. Not being able to leave his house since he was born, I mean he could leave his house but only when his father gave permission for it. This way Brady got used to the darkness, while Brady was growing up he was allowed to go more and more outside the house. He started attending school in seventh grade. He was homeschooled for most of his early years. Like I have mentioned Brady was a loner, just like Strawberry but when he started going out like a “normal” individual he started to understand that what he had in his home wasn't normal. There was no other kid that knew what Brady had been through. He thought this was normal, I mean how couldn't he. Brady had never experienced anything else. A maniac of a father, and a bitch of a mother that didn't do anything to stop it. All Brady knew, was darkness, and this is why the only thing he knew and was familiar with was the darkness that surrounded him throughout his childhood. Thomas “Strawberry” Hayes was another story, growing up with only his mother and brother. No father in the picture, Thomas lived a life a bit more normal than what Brady experienced. Thomas loved his brother, cause his brother Vincent was the only one that ever took care of him. At least that's what he thought. Nevertheless, he also loved his mother, because in the end it's his mother and Thomas always thought highly of family. Doesn't matter if it was blood family or not, family in Thomas' mind is someone that's always got your back. Later when Thomas was still growing up, his mother was working hard trying to supply everything Thomas and his brother needed. She had to take up two jobs, one job they knew about, one job Thomas has no idea she had. After some time his mother stopped coming home, after being gone for four days they got a police officer knocking on the door. Turns out their mother had died of an overdose. The police didn't think anything about it, just another overdose from another addict but the brothers knew. They knew that their mother would never touch drugs, she could never have afford it. Because she had her priorities straight. Hence why she would never waste money on narcotics. At this point, the brothers started investigating and found out she had been murdered. What came next, tipped both Thomas and his brother Vincent over the edge. "What is the music of life? Silence, Brother" shift+left click me pls For a more in-depth story check character page; Thomas Hayes and Brady Barns or check the timeline Thomas Hayes - Strawberry Giovanni Dipero - Galaxy Brady Barns - Brady Ted Woodsen - Greenie Arturo Vaso - 2Eazy Trey Morris - Vrtra N/A N/A The big old tough guys The Spaghetti Famiglia The Scared Snakes The Children of Chernarus
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    The Symptom [Open Recruitment]

    So the dream died, I really tried to get people to come back. But now I realise that the way I want this group to be requires people that aren't around anymore and since I don't want to put whoever on the roster I guess I'm gonna let it die this time. Thanks to the people that tried to keep the dream flowing @Gaylaxy & @Vrtra /archive
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    Atlas [IC Recruitment]

    filthy text roleplayers good luck
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    hostile role play question

    Should start calling out question threads in your channel
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    hostile role play question

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    Interview with a Community Member: Prince

    That might be, but I’m pretty sure that these interviews are random. Atleast they used to be, and that’s the way it should stay. You can always interview him yourself and post it somewhere else. Nonetheless, good interview Prince.
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    The Symptom - Media Thread

    Here you will find content from our edgy adventures
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    What do you listen to ?

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    Elder Scrolls VI Thread

    Honestly, Skyrim is my all time favourite game. I still go back to play the campaign from time to time and I still find things that I haven't discovered before. I think I have about 3000 hours into it, which I believe is the singleplayer game that I have played the most, by far. Pretty hyped.
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    Damn, well deserved. Good luck.

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      Thank you, Strawberry! 💕

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      Lies and slander

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    Quick website suggestions

    I got the newest version of Chrome, my music player looks exactly the same as before?
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    Feedback and suggestions on new character

    Seems very rushed. It's hard to read because of the poor grammar and it is far from detailed. Explain a bit more why he decided to become a criminal, why his parents didn't keep a good eye on him, why did he grow away from his parents? There's a lot more, which hopefully you will flesh out. I would also put it into paragraphs so it isn't just a block of text. I can also see that you put up a lot of different nicknames, explain why he got the nicknames in a detailed manner. I would recommend Grammarly for your grammar.
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    Tempory hiatus Human142

    Pretty sure you already mentioned it Cya around, human142.
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    I rate your backstory 3/10

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      old, oooold meme

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      Should flesh it out a bit, tbh

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      I'll flesh you out a bit

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    Fang's Graphics [Avatars/Sigs]

    Looking good, thanks my guy.
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    DayZRP's Graphic Artists [Megathread]

    It's not the right place to post it - https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/66899-dayzrps-graphic-artists-megathread/
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    landon cube is now one of my favorite artists 


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    [GAME] Whats the story behind your username?

    funny meme
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    [GAME] Whats the story behind your username?

    cause i'm the sweetest guy of them all
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    Hello Again

    oof wb, this place has a weird way to keep pullings us back
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    The Black Roses

    Honestly from an outside perspective, it just looks like you guys got some OOC problems against anarchy. Just chill for a second, and maybe cut the attitude that some of your members have.