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  1. The Symptom king returns 

  2. Hi, so with all the new updates lately and with the return of so many people I thought to myself that it would be a decent time to return. So here I am, hello friends. I wonder who came back and who left.
  3. thanks, can we remake it together
  4. purp gang soontm

  5. I aint no pussy where is the strawberry love video, punk
  6. merry christmas

    1. Strawberry


      and a happy new year

    2. Gaylaxy


      Happy new year to you aswell, Norway SoonTM

  7. woah didn't even realise it was gone. Text initiations should be on more than just cars though. Should also be in group initiations and as well as situations where it might be hard hearing the initiator.
  8. -Thomas Hayes and Brady Barns form The Symptom also known as the Freaks in early june.

    -Founding members contain, Brady Barns, Thomas “Strawberry” Hayes, Jonny “Caeser” Dipero, Arturo Vaso, Edward “Teddy” Greenie and Agu Montumbo,

    -June 1st, Quiet is captured in Gorka with help from Rat Pack, the Freaks goes in and massacres the town, killing over 15 people both innocent and enemies. Quiet was nowhere to be found

    -Thomas Hayes, Brady Barns, Jonny Dipero and Edward Greenie heads towards Gorka because they received a message from Ragnar Voss who was a friend of the Freaks, as well as Rat Pack. He was saying that Quiet was located within Gorka, Thomas had also received threats that if he does not come to Gorka, Quiet will be killed.

    -Thomas Hayes and Jonny Dipero both got shot, during the attempt of saving the girl. Everyone got killed, but the Freaks only ended with some injuries. The status of the remaining Rat Pack members was unknown.

    -Edward Greenie was removed from the Council and two new members got added to the leadership role within the Council. Lyca Orlow and Dalton Low.

    Reason: Experience

    1. Nihoolious


      I remember this. Good times the rivalry between our groups

  9. hello I made this background picture

    1. Brady


      Hello u got this off google and told me to put it to this

    2. Strawberry


      actually, I changed the color ?

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