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  1. Strawberry

    dayz is a full release game with no bugs

    Honestly, best video I have ever seen on DayZ
  2. Strawberry

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya Recruitment (OPEN)

    Damn, you do remember this is an roleplaying server? Even if they arent suppose to wear this or that because of "immersion" then you shouldnt go on the forums and cry about it, you should do something about it in-game not oocly. Got nothing but love for this group, stay on the grind.
  3. Strawberry


    how you doing, lilmcskurt
  4. Strawberry

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    Its just as you describe and many others here. Solution: Bring back the previous whitelist system with a rule containing the OOC rule.
  5. Strawberry


    Welcome to the community, dragon slayer number two
  6. Strawberry

    The Vale (Recuitment Active - All Welcome!)

    Yeah that Walking Dead picture really ruins the graphic side of this thread. Other than that, I already met some of you in-game, it was good. Good luck out there. + The Vale at the bottom isnt in the middle
  7. Strawberry



  8. Strawberry

    Hi there!

    welcome to the community dragon slayer
  9. Strawberry

    False Report?

    I've just returned to the community and from my understanding multiple of the current staff team have their own understanding of the rules, and it seems like they're not on the same page. This was made clear for me a couple of days ago when I had a chat with multiple GameMasters and other staff members. I had also put up a report recently where the GM's that were handling the report forgot multiple key factors in the report, and admitted to me later that there were better ways they could have done the report. All of this and now this report with Dusty. If I remember correctly I have read previous situations where the same thing has happened and all of them has resulted in the same way, except this report. I also asked about this when I was an Game Master and I got the answer that killing someone that punched you once is ruleplay. In my honest opinion it seems like the meaning of the rules changes depending on who that is doing the report. That's a shame, because it makes it hard for the rest of the community to get the correct understanding of the rule and the only way to learn is the hard way.
  10. Strawberry

    Watchman's Avatar Libary [Free Avatars]

    make me something that fits me thanks
  11. Strawberry




  12. Strawberry


    Welcome, "Archer"
  13. Strawberry

    Cant Join Servers!

    You either do not have the correct mods installed, or your game isnt fully updated. It can also be that you have other mods live that our server wont accept. Zomberry is an admin tool I am pretty sure, try unloading that when joining our servers.
  14. Strawberry

    The Asylum

    damn recruitment 2 strict for me goodluckfriends
  15. Strawberry


    made a new char, I got a deep voice now

    1. Majoo



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