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  1. What does a guy have to do to stop the snapchat filters? @Josei @Sleepyhead @Brayces

    1. Josei



    2. Brayces


      Pay me. A lot.

    3. Sleepyhead


      It's become us.

  2. Returning

    You will get used to the cringe. All in all, you will realise that voice rp is much better than text rp at least in my experience. Welcome back.
  3. Farewell

    Hopefully, you will return soon, good luck on whatever else you choose to do in the meantime. Next time I would follow Buddy's advice though, nevertheless cya. Aaand, you still have the option to stay if you would like to.
  4. DayZRP's Graphic Artists [Megathread]

    Does she have a portfolio? Got something big, and I'll be able to pay for it. But, I need to see what she can do
  5. Neither is this a website for personal issues and yes this is an off-topic thread about personal issues. Which in my opinion I don't see any reason why someone would go about their personal things to a bunch of strangers. But whatever floats your boat. if I were you I would just ignore these "silly" posts if you take this thread seriously.
  6. Real life picture Thread

    it seems like you have something in front of half your face #stopthesnapchatfilter
  7. @Aiko @Rolle This is the second time, please end this

    1. Rolle


      Aiko is responsible, I have nothing to do with this

  8. Wtf

    1. Josei



  9. BeanZ WAR

  10. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    I dig the avatar 9/10
  11. Sorry, blue doesn't fit me Mr Roboto
  12. Community Opinions and the Sort

    Let's stay on-topic if you have a problem with someone talk to them privately.
  13. [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    2/10 Seems like you put about 2 minutes of work into it
  14. BeanZ WAR

  15. Boys Only Thread

    Sorry, I do not seem to have time for this thread.
  16. Hall of Framer Monthly

    Seems like a @Rolle question. Hopefully, he can shine some light on this.