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  1. I am kind of scared people will use it to surround their base, and make one approach without being hit. But honestly I was making my little farm and felt like the beehive mod would make it that little bit more interesting, like making honeywine I can travel around selling, or set up shipments to deliver it out when I have batches ready is something I would like to try.
  2. Hello, This mod - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2598444373 - adds in the ability to make beehives, that produce honey (Of course) that you can use to eat or to make honeywine which I think is the only thing you can make, but he is planning to add a few more things in that front. The hives sting players for a certain radius around if you do not have a bee suit, so maybe it will be required to have them in the open so players can see them and avoid them, and to even maybe fence them off. As I did read in the comments that players were dying in and around bases because of it. Just a neat little thing to add a little to farming / making a little community.
  3. The hope and belief that your base will be safe. And I guess IG RP to get some people looking out for it.
  4. So while having a look at this mod, some dude is using it to actually creating an elder scrolls rp experience for dayz, and has what seems like working giants, draugr, mammoths and other creatures, and you can play as several different races and as an example, he had Khajiit as an option who can't wear shoes and make less noise while walking, among some other things. Has nothing to do with this thread sorry but honestly, shit was cool. People can do some crazy shit in DayZ I have realised.
  5. Not disagreeing with anything you said as I don't think I have played Dayz enough again to understand the difference between the different building mods, and I also haven't seen many rust bases running around, just one base that had maybe 4 airlocks with door frames, but had yet to put the doors in. But this is 50 years after the apocalypse, and PLIKT seem to be able to make buildings with concrete and do have choppers and other such modern technology. Not too far fetched to think that there are some old workers who are expert carpenters, mechanics, builders and other such roles. I would argue this maybe straight after the initial infection, if the person was not a carpenter or builder before the apocalypse, it would be shoddy. But I mean look at the carpentry during our history. Just because they did not have power tools did not make them primitive constructions. It isn't about the tools but instead about the knowledge of those building. And 50 years after the infection where most people would of done some form of maintenance themselves in a walled community out there, which the lore says exist, or even being a builder/labourer/carpenter in their community could build some cool shit depending on their timeframe, determination and supply and of course having the safety while building, I think it is honestly quite feasible. PLIKT's walls were built post infection, so is it really that unfeasible that a community with an experienced carpenter/builder could put up a clean wooden wall if he had all the supplies and time he needed? Also if I was building a wall like that, and wanted to keep myself and my people safe, and I had the knowledge of a carpenter/builder, I would build that shit to the best of my ability. That wall is the one hurdle that danger needs to get over to get to you, better make it a big hurdle, especially this far into the apocalypse when most communities are walled and your character would of come across many walls in their time.
  6. But yeah, I realize I didn't truly think this through from all angles and should probably hold off from any suggestions until I have a bit more time here, it is quite late and I am a bit tired, and I kind of think after posting this, it is just my excitement to hit three months to volunteer for it. Please close this sorry.
  7. I actually now see if your running around with a purpose or goal in mind it would be very annoying saying the least to be forced out of it to join a staff event. Maybe if instead they are given the option, as it would immerse them in the lore of the world and show them a thing or two as to what they can do and roleplay out and as well as to how the community roleplays, they don't even need to be directly involved, just observing as another soldier in the squad and gives them an idea of how PLIKT works.
  8. Suggestion: Force Newcomers within their first couple of weeks to be volunteers for the staff faction in the game, as cadets on their first mission with an experienced person or two leading them, or another scenario like it. You could even lead them through some setup encounters with other volunteers to show them how certain roleplay can be had or lead to different things. And I do believe it has to be forced so every Newcome has to go through it. Reason for the change: The rules themselves say how a lot of Newcomers get banned or warned because they did not understand hostileRP and to play as something else on their first character, and it seems a lot of newcomers from what the community believes and I can find from being a forum goblin the last few days, prioritize loot and gear over roleplay and not enjoying when they are robbed, or have their home broken into offline (Which I myself have experienced and used it to instead grow my character and how he sees the world), so well being in the Staff Faction where their player gear is stowed away safely for retrieval afterwards and they are given a kit and everything they get on the event they cannot keep. Although they may loot people during the mission, be it retrieving an automatic firearm from a civilian it is enforce PLIKT laws, like the no automatic firearms for civilians, and they would be told beforehand they would not be keeping anything, as well as I imagine being given a strict rundown on how to behave. This would show them that the game is roleplay focused since they would be forced into this, and of course being PLIKT they would have a lot of hostileRP led by people in the Staff Faction and veteran volunteers to show them how it is done. I have also read the Staff Faction has a lack of volunteers, so I believe this would breathe some life into the faction. Also, it may change their character mindset, since I have heard talk of the Newcomer Super Soldiers, and other such characters and the term Alpha Bravo Hippopotamus a couple of times. This would show them how the PLIKT faction work, and they may make a new character or change their background entirely, trying to merge with the existing lore that they now understand a lot better. And those who do exceedingly well during their "cadet training mission" or other such little scenario, could be invited later to be a volunteer, since their would be a few newcomers who would love to join the faction, including myself (So unfortunately this may be biased I guess) I joined in 2016 but only played a handful of times and am so a newcomer myself, so this may of been done before (Let me know if it was), and I do understand that there is the mentor program, but that is not forced. This would not only make sure there will always be at least a couple of volunteers for PLIKT, but will also immerse a newcomer in the lore of the world and help them understand better how to make a character suitable to Nyheim and its unique lore, and more than definitely get them involved in HostileRP with some veterans at the helm showing them how. This is just my opinion, and I would love to hear what peoples thoughts are on it, the good and the bad, and like I said I have not a little bias from absolutely loving the sound of the PLIKT faction. Examples: [if applicable]: N/A
  9. Dartz


    Hello Everyone, I was whitelisted back in 2016 but only played a handful of times when I was accepted, and found RP not a little daunting at the ripe old age of 16 and so I stopped playing, but have decided to come back and give it another crack and the last couple days I have been playing on Nyheim have been quite fun, and I can only hope it only gets better from here. I can't wait to meet more people in the server as well as to refine my RP skills, and hope I am not too much of a cringey newcomer. Also if you ever run into me in game and have some constructive criticism on my RP, please let me know what it is, as I would love to hear it and find out what I could do better.
  10. Anthony Alan Galati was born to a farming Magnate in the reformed city of Perth named Tony Galati. Raised with more benefits than most he was not truly prepared at the age of 16 when one of his fathers rivals decided to stop playing nice and forcefully seized all of his properties with mercenaries and also capturing and executing his father. Taking his little brother Alfonso, he boarded the first ship that would take them at the New Fremantle Port by promising to work on the ship during the voyage to pay for their fare. They ended up in Europe travelling arounnd following jobs and ending up in Denmark with not much more than they started with, tired of this lifestyle they wanted somewhere to settle down and build their farmstead, but every where seemed to hostile to them. But one day while drinking in a bar, he overheard someone talking about Nyheim and that it was the best place to make a new life, running to where he was staying and convincing his brother to pack up and make it their destination for where they should settle, they began the hard journey there, barely making it but determined to begin a new life, building a farmstead in a good spot and selling whatever they can get their hands on at a profit.
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