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  1. "After the Army, Danny's hands would always know and remember the rifle." Operator "Prophet's" File Prophet, Danny Baker(DECLASSIFIED) was born in REDACTED on REDACTED, to his father REDACTED and his mother REDACTED. They lived on a small farm on the outskirts of town. As long as he could remember, Prophet wanted to join the military. When he graduated REDACTED high school he finally got his chance. He joined the Army at 18 and was a Cavalry Scout (19D) and was soon deployed to Afghanistan in REDACTED province. After his first tour, Prophet was a severely changed man. Losing friends, brothers in arms. During Afghanistan, Prophet scouted many locations that the Taliban had put weapons caches and hide out. He was later accepted into special forces school and many of his credentials and parts of his identity became classified. Prophet retired from the army shortly before the outbreak. He missed the military horribly. Always wanting to go back day in and day out. He was extremely efficient with his job in the military. Never losing sight of the mission or the brothers in arms next to him. After retirement, he traveled the world and took contracts with private military contractors in order to feel like he was in it again. Missing the brotherhood and the thrill of what it was like when he was in the Army. In REDACTED, he was then only once contacted by a classified email from a company known as Potius Cras. This is where Prophet's story begins. Currently WIP
  2. I apologize for all inactivity. I just got out of the hospital and hope to be back in game within the next day. I will certainly crack down on the activity issues and see if we should archive for now. I will get back to you with a certain answer.
  3. Will do. I just updated the roster
  4. Good luck. Stay safe. And we can't wait to have you back. Have a great time and make memories.
  5. *Charlie would perk up as he heard the familiar voice* "Sandman, it's Charlie. Good to hear from you again, we have a lot to bring you up to speed on. I hope to see you again soon. Charlie out." *Charlie would release the PTT*
  6. What I would give for the server to be full again and have the community alive.

    1. Ender


      Dont worry 0.63 will Fix all of that RIght???? ?

    2. Couch112


      Damn I hope so

    3. Ender


      For a game that i absolutely love. I really hope so too. However i have this worry that its only just going to bump the hype up a tiny bit before falling back to where it is now. The huge active dayz community i fell in love with have all moved on to different games and have just moved on in general. Times where i could wake up and open twitch to see giants like m1ndr, silo, wobo, septic falcon, all streaming and having fun with dayz, or the smaller streamers like, xsmak, tacImpulse, calindel, cjtherocker, and so many other amazing people roaming around and having a blast on taviana. It just feels as if anymore, dayz its self didn't make it to the station on time for its own hype train. And now its desperately trying to catch up. I'm hoping for the best with 63, but I'm prepared for it to fail.

      Sorry i just realised i got way too carried away on a rant. Lol

  7. Hey man can't wait to see you back!!
  8. Just had really good rp with the group today and they acted as a professional military force not gonna lie. Not perfectly like a military but damn well. Not to mention that many military members wouldn’t speak out of turn anyway if not necessary. And the call outs over the radio were spot on. The rp was fun and engaging up into the point where I had to go to bed. And starting off a storyline that came out of the blue like it did is great. Don’t wanna reveal too much though. Y’all will see in game. Just saying. Keep it up guys. Hope to see y’all in game again.
  9. As I am back I have also just created the group so it is waiting approval at this point to send out the invites to the members. See y'all in game!
  10. I am now back and will be on extremely actively. It was a good trip but now the Mountain Men have very large things in store.
  11. *After hearing the young voice Charlie answers back* "Yes, Robbie we have met before. Kirby had little part in this. He did not know what was going on completely. For that his punishment will be public and he will no bear the same fate as Santiago. He is the one who put all this into play and I will be sure to execute him myself in Vybor. As justice for my group and for yours. Santiago will be brought to justice. I will meet later tonight. Will your man Borris be there?" *Charlie releases the PTT as he continues to hike the mountains*
  12. *Charlie would press the PTT again* As for you Kirby. Turn yourself in and you will be punished. You were caught up in a mess but you also didn't stop it. I know you didn't want to do it. Now turn yourself in and accept the punishment the Mountain provides. Accept it and you will be pardoned when your punishment is complete. If not then you will sadly bear the same fate as Santiago. Don't force my hand on this. Think about how far back we go. All the years we have known each other. *Charlies releases the PTT*
  13. *Charlie would listen in. Pressing the PTT* Santiago, cut the shit. You can't disregard everything. Not possible. You the only one?!? What about the Kamenici that took you hostage? The CDF? I'm sure their bodies tell a different story about what I was willing to do. I am willing to do this. You leave me no choice but this will happen. *Charlie would release the PTT*
  14. *Charlie would push the PTT holding back his anger* "Santiago. I trusted you as my enforcer. As a brother in arms. And this... This is what you do? Just know, I will be the one to hunt you down. To give you the justice you deserve. I hereby commission all Mountain Men to track down and bring ex-Mountain Man Santiago Pavia to me, Charlie Baker. Alive. He will be punished for his crimes against the Mountain and against those we are trying to help." *Charlie would lean in resting his elbows on his knees and speak, a fire in his eyes burning* "Santiago, I don't want to do this. But in order to reclaim what you destroyed this must be done. If you have any information regarding Santiago then send it to the Mountain Men. His punishment will be made public. Now back to you, Santiago. I will see you on the block. Where you will rest your head and the sword you left at camp will meet. Blood in. Blood out. You will die for your crimes. Just remember that the Mountain is always watching." *Charlie releases the PTT and finishes packing light provisions. He straps his grandfathers Winchester and slings it over his shoulder. Hiking through the mountains to find Santiago."
  15. To start, the last Mountain Men fought a political war and a war on 4 fronts with the Damned, Anarchy, Kamenici, and the CDF. This time we are only fighting a one front war against the main oppressors, or villains. We are taking much larger steps and more risks in order to achieve the goal of being able to lock in our position as a hero group that can protect the people who are under the oppression of the villain groups. Secondly, the Mountain Men were just contacted by a group of merchants who would like to use us as wholesalers for pelts, leather goods, craftables (such as ghillies) and meats. Not only that, but we ourselves are going to be trading herbal remedies and decoctions in order to combat the dwindling supplies of modern medicine. It being the apocalypse and all. Not to mention that the Mountain Men had a store in Vybor and Zelenogorsk for about a month and a half or so. Back to issue of the schools. We have set up a small mobile camp in order to teach some UN Doctors how to cope and operate without medical supplies by using herbal treatments and the like. However, once we gain a foothold we will expand this school and teach the people who come in a broader and more effective way than teaching it in small groups of 2-3. We are even training every member who is able in our group to use herbal medicine. This way we can teach it with whomever we meet along the road. The Mountain Men of this iteration will no longer be as timid as we were. This time we are taking bigger risks more often and so far they have begun to pay off. We are going to be a bigger, bolder group than before and, we have already begun to devise certain plans in order to push back the oppressing force and establish ourselves as the protectors. I apologize for such a damn long reply but that is how we are going to be different. The Mountain Men of this time will be far greater and more efficient than the last.
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