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  1. I love @Deadplex "ALL OF YOU PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP RIGHT NOW OR YOU'LL BE SHOT.... I've initiated"
  2. Glad we didn't get Wish we could have gotten Lucius out too... I've been taken hostage too many times to count but one time that stands out was when B17 took me hostage and @Staggs was sent in to save me and killed me rather than the hostage takers. Another time was when I was in zbor and @Sasha beat me to death with a baseball bat
  3. Thank you @Charlie for the RP yesterday too! I really am enjoying our character development! Gang gang gang gang streaks
  4. Thank you @Charlie, always a unique experience, streaks
  5. Pavel Spilenski PoV: I was meeting Donny at the camp to give him his draco after he died in a firefight at Kab. These 2 guys come up and initiate and Donny runs away into while I comply. As I'm being hauled away from the camp, my game crashes and I have to relog, after some ooc communication with the captives via steam, it was determined that they had let me go. After logging back in, I returned to the GM camp and was given a gun from the tents. That's when I thought I spotted Jared with Donny's weapon on his back, stupidly, I pointed my weapon at him, and as seen from Jared's video, me and Donny were iced before he escapes from the camp. I didn't really play any part in what came after mine and Donny's deaths.
  6. Aha yes thank you @Charlie! Truly enjoyed your Rp today too, streaks
  7. @Charlie I really enjoyed your RP at the Green Mountain camp last night, streaks.
  8. Thank you for the roleplay too, truely enjoyable!
  9. Yeah, I think this needs to be a rule. Maybe a three life rule or something. Ive said this before on another thread. The game is so boring at the moment as theres literally no consequences to dying, gear, big dick, backfire, regear, repeat. Its easily one of the most common cycles in the game at the moment and it makes story lines obsolete too if a character keeps meeting the same guy ever day after executing them. Look at it this way, in real life, the majority don't get to chose whether they die or not when the situation is put before them, and this should be the case in game too. A three life rule or something like that would be a step in the right direction, ok.
  10. Everyone needs to calm down, the reason the patch didn't attract much attention is because it came a few days before Christmas. Give it a few weeks before worrying about activity, as people is busy with Christmas and stuff. I mean, I like to consider myself an active member of the community but I haven't been in-game for a few days now because I've been doing Christmas stuff. I.m sure there's many others out there that are in the same boat. DayZRP isn't dying yet, it bounced back from 1 half full server before, and its nowhere near that point yet, but I agree with some other points that have been raised in the thread though.
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