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  1. I have a problem with staff members baiting like this shit right here, yes what game master Conor said by any means is not against the rules. However as a staff member I feel like a certain amount of professionalism should be upheld especially when Scar was asking a genuine question. Everyone knows damn well if Scar took this obvious bait and said some shit back he would have been punished via points, or a ban from the discord. I think belittling or overall taking an aggressive attitude towards members of the community as a staff member is a problem, by this time the staff should know how to handle community members who they think are getting out of hand in a better way then doing this stupid shit. (There was more messages apart of this situation that I was too lazy to screenshot, Conor wasn't the only one responding aggressively or baiting)
  2. Yo.... dead ass chicken bro..... chicken

  3. Your brother gonna be real pissed when he finds out you did another photo shoot in his uniform
  4. This shit kinda slap though 😳

  5. Whoever my 300th bean is, gets a Zorull kiss 😘

    1. ZorullRP


      @Daddy19RP Congrats to G19 😘 MUAH!

    2. BabaRP


      Lies, i was the 300th. I want my kiss.

    3. ZorullRP


      Technically it was G19 plus you got all that weeb shit on your profile... And I might be holding another give away for Zorull kisses, idk.

    4. BabaRP


      @Rolandlisten, imgetting bullied alright. Gimme Erdogan back.

  6. tHaNkS g19 FoR dIaMoNd! @Daddy19RP Um yea ⠀⠀/ |⠀⠀⠀ ⠀/⠀/ \\ ⠀\⠀\ ╱/ ⠀/⠀(⠀• )⠀•) ⠀)⠀⠀. ╱ (⠀ \ \⠀⠀\⠀/ ⠀\⠀⠀|/ dat way,,




  9. Anyways.... Can't wait to see you guys in game. P.S. Update your thread roster don't look right
  10. Was alright @G19RP take me off the roster
  11. Ngl bruh....

    G19 kinda fire ahaaaaa....ahaaa

    1. ZorullRP
    2. Shroud


      If You Say So Reaction GIF by Identity

    3. Kordruga


      bro wtf

    4. ZorullRP


      @Kordruga Sorry bro... I can't contain myself.....fuckkkkkk...


  12. Zorull POV: We initiated on a bunch of these dudes a small firefight broke out and then the situation continued I don't really know much about that execution considering I was making sure nobody ran up on us.
  13. Zorull POV: As my brother Shroud said we were regrouping with G19 on the hill, when we watched some dudes run up on him and initiate we used defender rights and opened fire steamrolling all of them. I killed one and that's about it.
  14. When @ThrashRP and @SeversonRP 1v1'd and Thrash chimped out
  15. I have returned



    1. FalkRP


      About time

    2. JamesRP


      Welcome back.

    3. IrishRepublican


      Welcome back brother, yee yee.  Standford's for life.... xD  *woof*

  16. ZorullRP

    I'm Back

    ello lovely welcome back also happy b day again I wanted to say it on the forums
  17. Yes that RP was great! Especially @WongRP thanks man!
  18. I love realism and finding automatics at places 800 days into the apocalypse, its trigger me dude get rid of them I'm sick of of people ruining my campfire RP.
  19. Y'all ever just...

    1. Kordruga



  20. Removing the ability to initiate behind cover would cause a lot of issues.
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