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  1. ZorullRP

    S1: Invalid Execution/Stream Sniping in Kabanino - 2019-05-15 04:45

    POV: We take this guy hostage and after a while we decide to take him to the UN. We give him some demands I can't remember exactly what they were but the VOD probably shows. To my knowledge he breaks our demands and Panda shoots him.
  2. ZorullRP

    S1 - Invalid Kill(s) and No Time To Comply - 2019-05-15, 00:30 - Severograd

    POV: We are all inside the camp to my knowledge at the time when we hear a lot of gun shots coming from the east very close. So I head up on the hill north slapping an armband on just in case the shots were at us. That's when I see someone behind a shed aiming in the direction of my allies shooting at my allies. I return fire and tag the man once, before I head back into the treeline. The firefight continued after that. Video Evidence: https://plays.tv/s/MCnTzsQ6iYe9
  3. ZorullRP

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    Thanks man!
  4. ZorullRP


    So we doing this now?
  5. ZorullRP

    Group Feedback Suggestion

    Would you rather people not say anything back? The feedback was taking into consideration, just not a thoughtful response was posted back. The responses were meant for the person who posted the feedback, to know that their feedback was acknowledged and taken into consideration. I don't know why you would want a paragraph response.
  6. ZorullRP

    S1 - RDM / BADRP / Baiting / NLR / Ruleplay - Around Pusthoska - 20:36 - 28-04-2019

    POV: After dying respawning and the situation pretty much ending because the OPs ran away. I ran to Pustoshka and met up with boys. I was jogging to Angels compound when I see two people following me, I then turn around and see why they were following me. We stop exchange a few words, that's when Scar, Jim, and a few others roll up on the two that were following me. Scar pretty much takes control of the conversation making his presence known, so out of boredom I look around and notice two people to the west aiming their guns. Curious as to why these people were aiming guns at me, I start to jog West. I get right before Angel's compound when I notice the two split up. One jogs North East and one jogs South East, mostly south. I never get past Angels compound and begin to follow one of them, South, maybe a bit more West. I am told that those two that were following me were initiated on, I didn't have a gun or means to participate in this so I continued to follow this player who was aiming at me not knowing if he was apart of the two following me or not. I lost him and by this time the firefight was pretty much over.
  7. ZorullRP

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    haaHAA! Great feedback!
  8. ZorullRP

    S1 - Combat Log/Avoiding RP - Sosnovka Barns - 20:45ish - 4-28-2019

    POV: I chase Rutkiy for a bit after I see him initially scope in on the situation, I lose him for a bit and then G19 spots him logging off in a bush.
  9. ZorullRP

    S1 - RDM / Baiting - Around Green Mountain - 18:30/19:00 - 28-04-2019

    POV: Two people bolt from us in Pustoshka, we give chase. I am informed that Mak initiates alone on Oxen, Oxen doesn't comply and continues to run. We lose him for some time then we spot him again heading west. We continue to chase, at this point we are near Rugovo next to green mountain Mak decides to take he shots seeing as Oxen was in an open field with no cover. Keep in mind I am at the front of the pack closest to Oxen, I haven't shot nor initiated. Oxen survives the shots that Mak fired makes it to a tree line, continues past that tree line. He is limping now, I am just about to hit VOIP range and I start to try to talk to him asking him if he is okay or not, over all just testing if he can hear me. At this point he jogs through a bush my screen freezes the next thing I know is that I'm dead and Oxen is yelling at my dead body.
  10. ZorullRP

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    Group ass server shits. v2
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