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  1. Y'all ever just..

    1. Banshee


      Y'all mind if I praise god real quick?

    2. ZorullRP


      Indeed brother

  2. ZorullRP

    Operation Molotok [RP-PvP] - Lore Event

    Character Name: John Blackburn Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Rifleman Which Lore Faction?: CDF Lore Faction staff?: Group Name: Legion Corp Primary Phase: 2 Reserve Phase: 4
  3. Born in Waco, Texas John's father was a millitary man and a role model for John all his young life. He wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps so he enlisted in the marines. He was deployed in Iraq as a infantry man (O311). His tour in Iraq was cut short when he was discharged as a result of injury from shrapnel that tore up his leg. John didn't feel accomplished enough for what he did in Iraq, nothing compared to his father. So he did the best next thing, he joined Legion Corps and was sent to Chenaurus along side the rest of the boys.
  4. ZorullRP

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Lil WhoreRP yet again reporting for duty. Um yea ⠀⠀/ |⠀⠀⠀ ⠀/⠀/ \\ ⠀\⠀\ ╱/ ⠀/⠀(⠀• )⠀•) ⠀)⠀⠀. ╱ (⠀ \ \⠀⠀\⠀/ ⠀\⠀⠀|/ dat way,,
  5. ZorullRP

    S1 KOS/invalid initiation Novaya industrial 13/07/2019 1Am and 2am

    POV: The Black Roses initiate throwing the grenade giving no time to comply nor react, grenade kills two. I eventually get onto the roof I don't believe I hit anyone on my way up there, and then I am TK'd.
  6. Crazy how people are still spreading this bs. No one was forced in that situation, as forcing ERP is against the rules, everything needs consent. Id prefer you not spread rumors like this about my friends. As for child RP, I think its far too common than it should be, and those who act younger than their characters only make the RP worse for everyone.
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I was told in the verdict that I was an attacker in the report when I was defending logs can simply prove otherwise. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: In the verdict I am told that I need to remember who I initiated on and make sure who I have rights on. I clearly stated in the report I gained rights defensively because member of Wolf Pack not only initiated or actively participated in hostilities with a member Jaysh Allah. They had also shot at me and members of my dynamic group who I had been role playing with. If logs were actually pulled from the situation that gave me rights I could prove my dynamic and myself gained rights defensively. Logs may show that @Real VegasRP was killed by either a member of the Wolf Pack or someone that was rolling with them without Vegas or his dynamic who I was apart of shooting. I am not 100% certain if members of Wolf Pack that were down in the field directly hit any of our dynamic but it was clear they were aiming for us and trying to kill us (Logs may show). What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed and ban lifted. Maybe re-open the report and have different staff members look at it. What could you have done better?: Made it more clear in the report how I gained rights, and ask for logs to be pulled.
  8. Such a joke...

  9. It wasn't me I wouldn't be caught around that weeb @Ravenous-kun
  10. ZorullRP

    S1: KOS/Possible Metagaming/Possible NLR Break

    Let me make this clear because it seems people are still confused as to what I said, the fight at Myshkino and the fight that developed at VMC are two entirely separate situations. One of your members I believe it was that Bobby guy who was there and apart of the hostilities by saying he was going to "Spare" the Muslim they had hostage made him apart of the situation and the rest of your group considering you guys are official. Not only that, but Hunter himself says he shoves pork down the Muslim who had died in the previous situations throat, which immediately shows that Hunter was directly involved in a hostile action against Jayshalla. Not only this but the OP's party consistently claims they did so in the sake of roleplay, however it should be noted that had they used their rights on the individual it would have been a clear cut example of rule play seeing as the person died as well as every other active member of his approved group.With this being said it is impossible to claim that this is not a new situation because if it wasn't then every kill from the OP's side would be ruleplay seeing as they are using invalid rights to kill both members of my group and Jayshalla using rights in which none of us would remember. Pamyati gained rights as defenders when one of our members who we all had roleplayed with got shot at by Wolf Pack including multiple others being shot and myself.
  11. ZorullRP

    S1: KOS/Possible Metagaming/Possible NLR Break

    Idk if I clipped this right but somewhere around here in the VOD you can clearly see she is surrounded by CDF heading towards Berenzino. So idk if you are confused or just lying in a report.
  12. ZorullRP

    S1: KOS/Possible Metagaming/Possible NLR Break

    POV: The OPs initiate on a Muslim at VMC, causing a brand new situation and fight to occur, there was another report about this already. We get into a long winded new firefight that carries across the triangle. The OPs are with uniformed CDF heading toward Berezino. We chase for a while and all end up dying except for me. I continue the chase all the way to CDF base, however it is on S1 not S2, I don’t see any movement in the area so I switch and find the person I still have rights on and kill them. I believe it was around 48-50 minutes since we had traded hostilities, I.E Phoenyxx being shot while running away during an exchange; therefore, I still had about an hour of rights left on her and her allies. The 2 hour defenders rights we gained get reset after each new exchange of hostile actions, meaning the timer starts from the moment we stop actively fighting, which in your case was around Novy Sobor. All in all, the CDF are uniformed and with you, you are running with them towards their base, their base in/on S1, it was only common sense for me to switch and check, leading to finding you and using my rights.
  13. Waiting for an apology is the same thing as waiting for an initiation good to know. 👍

    1. APositivePara


      They refused to give you an apology, why not just initiate yourself if they refuse to?

    2. Roland


      Yeah, I've seen the clip. Obvious baiting is obvious.

    3. ZorullRP


      @APositivePara then I'd be banned for NVFL 😩

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