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  1. *Jimmy lets out a sigh of relief, as he tightens the bloodied rag on his arm. He is quickly stopped by Ivan "It's fine Mr. Lorenzo answer to the radio" he mutters as he assists Jimmy in tightening the rag* *People could be heard speaking in the background as he holds down the PTT, wincing* "Hey, uhhhh" *He pauses for a moment squinting his eyes in pain as Ivan finishes tightening the bandage on his arm* "I uhhhh, sorta am in the same situation. I'll try meet with you there SS snowflake" *Jimmy releases the PTT, chuckling to himself as Ivan reaches down to help him up*
  2. Zorull POV I was in the field rping with these guys, at the time I was sick. We were doing some deals that involved me giving duct tape or something I got close, he got angry so I backed up. I walked up to him again asking for ammo when his friend shot at me for getting too close, I'm fairly certain I was hit but I can't tell because of how bad hit boxes and lag this patch. Either way this man shot at me a few times almost hitting or hitting me, so we hostile action was taking.
  3. Zorull POV I wanted the mans vest I asked him nicely for it he didn't give it to me, so as he ran off we initiated on him. I provided RP throughout the whole situation and took only his vest. At that point I decided to let him leave with everything except the vest obviously. The reason why I needed the vest was because we were planning on attacking a compound in Novy where there was a good chance of a fire fight breaking out.
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    The Rainbow Six Siege Megathread

    We tried boys...
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    Quotes we like!

    "You suck at aiming kid, that's for the VOD" - @Cipher
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    The House

    It was a good run boys. It really be like this sometimes. // Archive this hoe, please.
  8. Yeah some terrific RP today thanks to @Mak for some quiet hostile RP, @ScarletRose for screaming at the top of your lungs, @yuthee for killing yourself, @Jean for being my sad partner, and @Tyler15 for being an actual juice box.
  9. This should be added, great suggestion @RedRP. Or at least trial it.
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    The House

    Thanks man. Yea I gotta do work feelsbadman. Yea "promotion" yikes... Thanks!
  11. Thanks @Nihoolious @Shroud and the rest of the New Moon boys today for some hostile RP. And thanks to @Jean for being my hostage partner.
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    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    10/10 Because you are sexy human