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  1. Two shots to your dome NYEAH.
  2. Jahmeir was born in Atlanta Georgia in a rough neighborhood. His father left his mother at birth and never was seen again. Jahmier growing up without a father figure was tough for him but he quickly picked up a new father figure to look up to. A good friend of his mom "Devonte" who had been helping her pay bills and such so she could get by raising Jahmier. Growing up he saw how this man always helped his mother out and always took care of the ones that he loved most. Jahmier idled that and started to follow the same moves and mentality that Devonte had. Jahmier tried to hang around Devonte as much as possible taking in and learning from him, Devonte took him in as his "youngin". On Jahmier's 13th birthday he was pulled aside by Devonte after his party, Jahmier saw a serious look on his Devonte's face one that he had not seen before. Devonte got on one knee leaning in closely to Jahmeir reaching for his waistline pulling out a 38. snub nose holding it in front of Jahmeir with both hands. Jahmier confused backed up a step watching Devonte as he spoke "You ever use one of these son?". Jahmeir quickly shook his head left to right eyeing the pistol as Devonte held it. "Shii' really? I outta show you how as your birthday gift" Devonte said grinning at Jahmier. On that day Jahmier fired his first bullets at a few cans Devonte set up, quickly learning how the pistol worked and how to aim properly. Jahmier from that day forward got closer to Devonte spending a lot more time then he had previously with him learning that Devonte was apart of a gang. The "E.A.B.H.B" or "East Atlanta Bounty Hunter Bloods". Devonte was a respected OG in the gang after spending most of his life in it. Jahmier idled the respect and brotherhood of the gang, wanting to be apart of it. Jahmeir spent months with the gang after school whenever he could learning from them creating strong relationships with them. Jahmier started to skip school more and more as he hung out with the gang more getting into trouble a lot more than he used to. Jahmeir dropped out of school completely when he turned 16 devoting almost all of his time to the gang. Devonte liked how committed Jahmeir was to the gang and asked him if he was down to completely join and take the initiation. Jahmier learned that he had to get jumped in and kill a rival gang member that went to his school to show that he was 100% down with the gang. Jahmier accepted getting jumped into the gang and shooting the rival gang member killing him with the same 38. snub nose he got for his birthday. Jahmier was in and out of juve for small crimes such as drug possession and public disturbance. After a year or two in the gang Jahmier gained a lot of respect from the other members being known as the guy down to do anything. Devonte put a lot of trust in Jahmier and started to give tasks to him that were more difficult and dangerous. It came a day where Jahmier was trusted enough to leave the country for a huge drug and gun deal in Chenaraus. This is where Jahmier was stuck when the infection hit only with a few of his members, surviving.
  3. Jimmy Lorenzo is 19 born in Brooklyn, NY. Jimmy is Italian and has a lot of cousins, that he knows and some he doesn't know. Jimmy was getting bored of school and generally didn’t like it. Jimmy skips school one day to just walk around. Jimmy stumbles across a restaurant called Paninos. He decided to walk in Paninos to be greeted by a man named Donovan Lorenzo, Jimmy thought immediately that they had to be related so he asked. Turns out that they were related and he had been working at Paninos for a while. Donovan after a while told Jimmy that he was apart of a drug operation, and they were going to the place Jimmy wanted to go for a deal. Jimmy asked if he could go and after a while, Donovan says yes. That is how Jimmy got to Chernarus with Lorenzo family.
  4. Zorull

    S1: No value for hostage life, NVFL-Farm between Ratnoe and Polesovo-18/09/16 18:30

    Jimmy Kolens POV: Heard the initiation starting shooting killed one im pretty sure I hit two of them multiple times didn't hear any pain rp considering they have just been shot. Then they started yelling commands I could not understand I continued to shoot then I heard over the radio not to shoot but it was to late I was shooting while the command was given then Nathan got executed firefight still continued after Nathan died I shot another one then eventually getting killed in the firefight.
  5. Jimmy Kolens POV: I was watching from a distance and I saw the guy aiming a gun at Vincent Lorenzo and heard he was initiated on so I took one shot after Donovan Lorenzo (missing) and saw Vincent Lorenzo getting executed.
  6. Zorull

    S1: Invalid execution of Hostage. Between Kabanino and NWAF 00:15 16-9-2016

    Jimmy POV: Gator got initiated on and i went to help I heard that he had been executed over the radio so I went to check it out I went there and was initiated on my friend shot at one of them and then I was shot for no reason after this my friend was killed at that point I pulled my gun out and shot one of them. Later I went into a building where they rushed me and I killed one then died.
  7. Zorull

    The Plantation [Open Recruitment][ACTIVE]

    Lit ass song
  8. *After hearing the news for the second time but this time over the radio he pushes the PTT button* I don't like this I wish I was there *Takes a deep breath* Rest in piece boss, I will take the lives of anyone that is affiliated with the group that did this *Throws radio in the air and shoots it with his AUG*
  9. This is my POV if anyone is intrested
  10. Zorull

    SOF-004 Test Subject Notes

    Nice thread dude.
  11. Jim responds to Jimmy "You feeding that snake I gave you?" Jim puts away his radio with a small chuckle. *Holds down PTT button on his radio responding to Jim* Hey man I don't know how to feed considering the scar is gone now. *Lets go of PTT button laughing*