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  1. It must be allergy season all these dudes be tearing up 🤧 🤧🤧

  2. Zorull

    S1 Tisy Summer Camp: Killing of Compliant Hostage 3:57

    @RandyRP yes the video I had posted previous had a jump in it, that was unintended however where the video ends is all I have.
  3. Zorull

    S1 Tisy Summer Camp: Killing of Compliant Hostage 3:57

    Zorull POV: @-CML-NorWayyinitiated on @Squillium, I assisted a few seconds later. We disarm him mostly and tell him to drop his radio, we then begin to make our way out of the camp while @-CML-NorWayy is telling everyone within VOIP range that if they shoot us @Squillium will be executed. We are about to start running off when we start to take shots, from the people that were in VOIP range and heard our warning. @Squillium is then executed as a result of his allies shooting. In my honest opinion I believe Norway valued Roleplay over Ruleplay, how was he supposed to know if the group shooting at him was Revenants or Dredgans. The Revenants were well aware of the consequences in shooting at us seeing as Norway told them in VOIP, if anything the Revenants used the rules to protect themselves and punish any players who valued roleplay in the situation. A similar situation where a report was overruled by Roland, claiming that the person reporting used the rules to protect themselves this said person was put on final and even more punishments were handed out to said person. I don't see this situation as any different, seeing as I am fairly certain @Squillium was not going to report until we found him gearing up after his death in Zelenogradsk, initiating on him and killing him because he did not comply. I believe this report might have been OOC driven. (Here is my video of the situation). https://plays.tv/s/MAK3h9m-if9y
  4. Zorull

    Who will win the Iron Throne?

    I'm thinking of this guy right here. OR This guy TBH
  5. I feel like boxing is a really good sport rn. 


  6. On my Grandmas buttas.


  7. Zorull

    S1 Komarovo industrial No time to comply 2019-04-09, 00:29

    Zorull POV: I showed later in the fight and helped with the magic of getting on the roof. I did not fire any shots but like I said I assisted in the magic and was there for most of the situation.
  8. Yo can we uhhh start *PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE* status updates again? 🐒

  9. @G19RP when your so bored of RP'ers hiding that you start to make car noises on the airfield.
  10. @SeversonRP VS @Thrash Another behind the scenes.
  11. Osku

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    yeah yeah we know seth meyers GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers


    1. Zorull


      Toxic man

  12. Zorull

    Old Timers

    This shit slaps.
  13. Alright cool thanks I'll try that, you can close this thread. @SeversonRP
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