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  1. Real talk does anyone get off to big dicking on DayzRP? 


    1. Dew


      nice buddy you're only half a year late

    2. Zorull


      Do I have to post new songs? @Dew

  3. Mr. Nelson is my guardian angel. ?

  4. Zorull

    Blueface Appreciation Thread

    On the deadlocs happy late birthday to this man. ? ?
  5. Zorull

    Bad RP and NLR in Kabinino 00:30

    Zorull POV: -User Has Been Warned for Part of This Post- @Leon_Idas I broke NLR, the reason why I couldn't and wasn't talking was because I was on a call with my girl. These actions were done by me and only me and I wasn't in comms with the rest of the boys. I was just checking to see what gear I could get before I logged off.
  6. That profile pic looks familiar ?

    1. Falk


      Well it's a famous actor.

  7. *JJ nods grabbing the J toking it, before pressing the PTT* Listen, lil mark ass bitch ass Moody. Where the fuck you from? I'm from out the gutter. *JJ holds up his middle finger* Middle finger, Zone 6. Where I come from we walked up on bloods more bout it than you. Where the fuck you get your 'K from? I got my shit from Osama Bin Laden, lil nigga, he signed the shit cuz. You and your homies finna quit sneak jabbin, fore' I make your mommas have to make a GoFundMe for ya'll niggas' funerals yurrrrdme. I bet you got punched in the mouth in high school, lil bitch yurrrrdme. *You would hear Javier mumbling 21 to himself in the background. JJ releases the PTT, toking the J one last time before passing it back to Jamal*
  8. My POV: Moody initiates on both me and Cipher, I run away towards the town and start to sweep it for any Saviors. I returned back to the compound where I find one Savior and kill him. I then take a megaphone and tell everyone to leave the town. After a while of sitting there exchanging shots every once and a while, I hear word of Savior reinforcements coming in from the west. I pushed back into town where I shot at man many times but bullets don't work sometimes, and I die.
  9. Zorull

    let amnesty players apply for staff

    I agree with this notion. Thank you and goodbye!
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