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  1. boy can you not see the petty officer rank on his cover
  2. Gatorr

    Go back to old Premium Rank Names.

    at least make silver different, i look like a white name
  3. Gatorr

    Eagles Appreciation Thread

  4. you can still execute people, theres just no guidelines on what exactly grants the rights. If you have a good reason and roleplay it youre fine
  5. good luck guys. Lashings and work seems a little relaxed for murder and cannibalism but at least you have mercy lol
  6. I've never really been the depressed type but lately ive been getting these on and off waves of feeling like im uninterested in everything and have no motivation to do things. its a weird feeling which I would say isnt sadness, but the lack of joy. What I've come up with that usually solves it is socializing, staying occupied and physical activity. I feel like the combination of sitting around playing video games and not being around people causes me to get too deep into my thoughts. Once i start socializing with friends or go to jiu jitsu for a few hours I feel good again. early adulthood is probably your most stressful years because you have to figure out what you are going to do with your life and do a shit ton of work. If you maintain that balance of socializing and exercise you should be aight brotha
  7. Gatorr

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    So sad to hear. RIP brotha
  8. YungBrando comin in with the heat. reminded me of this https://greendragontavernca.com/about/original-green-dragon-tavern/
  9. Gatorr

    Flaming a Permed played and Staff's response to this

    if flaming someone that isnt even a part of the community is a ban worthy offense, will i get banned if I get in an argument with my brother and call him a pussy? or if a guy cuts me off and I call him a dickhead?
  10. Gatorr


    "give me a guitar string and some ink and I can give you the shittiest prison tattoo that will probably give you an infection and fade in a year, but its a tattoo nonetheless".
  11. Gatorr

    Eagles Appreciation Thread

  12. Gatorr

    Female body/male voice OR male body/female voice

    if i get a female or black character model I just wear a balaclava i just dont feel like changing it all the time
  13. Gatorr

    Belts, thigh rigs and storage

    +1 this game is 6 years old and theres still no hip holsters we need to take matters into our own hands
  14. Really enjoyed the RP with @Quill and friends today. Was very immersive. Im reporting @Shroud for avoiding RP though