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  1. add back the sporter and the glock. I will fight for this until the bitter end
  2. They do use it now but in 2009 during the civil war they would have used it, not that they were present in country but if there were any British UN peacekeepers and the pattern hasnt even been completely phased out by the UK. Not to mention the pattern was so mass produced that its ended up all over africa, europe and other places in the hands of guerilla forces and you can get it at surplus stores for dirt cheap. doesnt have to be a full combat set. maybe just reskin a raincoat and a pair of cargo pants
  3. I really dont care if the DPM accessories match with BDU clothes. The whole point is to get DPM clothing. Even though theres similar colors it looks significantly different
  4. yes i realize that? but despite the colors its more for variety and RP purposes. Not particularly for actual camouflaging
  5. The boonie hat and field vest in the game already have this camo pattern, it would be great to have the clothes to match. it is a solid pattern. Would fit all kinds of RP from British, to African and so on. A very widespread pattern
  6. Enjoyed all the RP today at the pub with all the boys pounding some Proper 12. And my man @RavenousRP bringing out the TUNES
  7. *you hear a thick african accent* "We have an army of 300,000 men on de border of Takistan ready for invasion at any time. You infidel stand no chance. I will find you and you will die by my sword. Keep praying to your false prophet, and your time will come. Allahu Akbar.
  8. *A thick Irish accent comes over the radio* "Hello? My name is Patrick and just last night I was jumped and had my Martin guitar stolen. It was my livelihood and I brought it all the way from Dublin. I have a gig coming up and I need a new one. If anyone can bring a guitar to the Irish Pub in Novaya Petrovka I will compensate you greatly, maybe the owner will let you have a few pints and listen to some tunes. Much Appreciated." *he hangs up and pours himself another glass of Guinness to down his sorrows*
  9. im not gonna censor and water down my RP because some other person is streaming. Thats not fair to any one else. Streamers don't get any kind of priority or special treatment just because they have a twitch account
  10. Circa 2016: https://plays.tv/video/5838cfaf8402633048/what
  11. Guys I feel like I need to reiterate because some people arent understanding the topic. The title of the thread is Child RP but im not talking about Child RP as a whole. I have no problem with people playing as teenagers. Im talking about people who play teenagers who run around acting extremely dumb and helpless, talking like babies, crying and carrying teddy bears and shit. Like all they need to do is emote they are a teenager and I'll get it. I feel like the rest is just overkill that makes it extremely weird and unrealistic. They wanna act like babies but carry around an AKM. Like some other people said, I dont know what kind of teenagers you guys come across where you live, but by the time I was in middle school kids were getting pregnant, doing drugs, entering the work force, and so on. Plus this is a mature roleplaying server. So theres going to be killing, torture, and yes even sexual references. I just find it weird to have people acting like toddlers. If Im engaging in hostilities I'm not going to acknowledge that attempt at a shield and I will beat you equally. Its kind of like when I played FiveM and people would change to a dog model and RP as one. It makes me cringe and I'm not going to engage in DogRP and pet you and call you a good boy. Same goes for here
  12. Im not blasting anyone? Im not singling anyone out. Im not talking about a specific instance I'm talking about a style of RP that I've seen lots of people do over the course of a few years. I cant message every single person that does it so Im posting a discussion thread for people to think about
  13. I wanna clarify that i also have no problem if the person can pull it off and act appropriately. But the reason for the thread is a lot of people are NOT pulling it off and making the RP weird and uncomfortable
  14. I've noticed that too and forgot to include it on the thread. I had some "kids" hostage a few days ago and they had assault rifles on their back and were dressed like military. I asked why they hadn't been disarmed yet and I was told to "leave them alone because they are just kids"
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