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  1. Gatorr

    Nights Chapter [Lore Faction]

    so this is a lore faction according to who?
  2. I think everyone on the server should have to go through mandatory sensitivity training for gender inclusiveness. That is the only solution here
  3. Gatorr

    Boys Only Thread

    me and the bros after a day at the lake
  4. you sir are mistaken. The .45 ACP is the reason US won against the Germans. not a single round in the game matches its sheer power. If you dont believe in it then you dont have to use it
  5. This is a thread for the community to show support for the most iconic and lethal weapon to ever have served in combat in the Chernarussian wars. This weapon alone has a higher body count than both the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. It has unjustly been removed from the loot tables and we, the community, are taking a stand and demanding it be added back. Roleplay just hasn't been the same without it and the recent drop in server population can be attributed to the removal of the pink derringer. It all went down hill since then. So please add it back. Thank you
  6. Gatorr

    [ALL FREQUENCIES] A call to arms !

    "yeah I bet they're thrilled you just gave them your name, location, and your plans to attack them. thats some big brain tactics right there, son."
  7. Oh thanks for reminding me. People that refuse to perma their character despite causing never ending hostilities. They shit talk, never comply to any demands, and constantly start fights and refuse to take responsibility for their actions and never perma when they are caught. Whether its out of spite or they actually want their character to be immortal. "my character my choice" is a whole lotta bull if you ask me. In real life you dont get to choose when you die and who kills you. So you should do anything in your power to avoid that happening by RPing realistically like you value your life and not hiding behind the rules. Without perma no conflict ever ends unless the people get bored of it OOC
  8. People that create sarcastic and passive aggressive replies on threads
  9. Gatorr

    Jackfish's series & trailers

  10. Anytime theres a bad verdict the current GM team will always go to war defending it, even when a large majority of the players, usually composed of people who have been GMs, tell them its wrong. If this many people agree on something the team should take it in and listen to them.
  11. you can smack my ass in a snapchat story any day
  12. Gatorr

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    my boyyy
  13. Gatorr

    Allow Megaphones to be More Viable

    yeah the way people have to initiate with the megaphone seems so unnatural and dumb. People need to give their location, group, appearance, social security number, height, eye color, and state if they have any medical conditions to have a valid initiation. And people literally sit there and make a checklist of the things you say so that if you miss 1 criteria they can report it as invalid. Not to mention the thing of the person having to be visible doesnt even really makes sense. As long as the people who are getting initiated on know whats happening it should be fine. Otherwise you have to send someone to basically suicide and stand out in the open
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