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  1. Bobby was born in a log cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. His pappy taught him how to make moonshine when he was 4 years old. By the time he was 6 he could handle his liquor better than most people. When he was 7 his dad handed him a pistol and the keys to the family truck and told him to drive 20 miles for a bootleg run to drop off some shine but on the way there the sheriff tried to stop him because he couldnt see over the steering wheel. A pursuit followed that was short lived because he drove into a ditch. He was arrested and put in the care of his grandmother. The only way he could make money was by pickin his guitar and banjo. His brother Elmer asked him to help with his moonshine business so he got back into it. A man named Pete owed them a great debt and it was up to Bobby to go find him. Pete fled to Livonia so Bobby flew there and has been there ever since
  2. i appreciate the thought. Im ready to muzzlethump some Iranians in the dead of the night. However I dont believe the US military will allow Shroud to bring his dad's Scar 17 and katana. therefore he is useless
  3. its so fucking big and high def your face takes up my whole screen im scared.
  4. bro if you get that upset over new players slipping up and making a mistake to the point you want them banned then youre taking it way too seriously. It didnt even happen to you and youre begging this man to report them. Just take a deep breath homie
  5. Picture of Commandant Gator Al Alyaban, leader of the Japanese State of DayZRP, who has a message for the anti Anime coalition. "We have been oppressed for too long, we hoped our offensive would be enough for you to leave us alone, but now you have started a war that WE will finish. SHINE BAKA!"
  6. This is what ya'll get for hate speech against weaboos. You will serve your time in the gulags and come out better people. Well deserved punishment imo
  7. this will be fun as long as it doesnt get moved to vybor military again because people complain their frames dropped by 3
  8. Stella: "man this queue is really long I wish I had prio-" G19:
  9. wait until the Kavanagh Brothers get there, all of the Joyces are getting pummeled
  10. Keefer was born in Dublin to 3 older brothers. They grew up as hooligans and they would wander the streets lookin for a good scrap. He also learned to play the guitar from his father and loves to play a tune while drinking some Proper 12 Whiskey. After he got knocked out by one of the Joyces in a backyard brawl, he sought further training. He went into SBG Ireland and trained under John Kavanagh for 2 whole days and now has the confidence to beat anyone in a tussle. He went on a trip with his brothers to Chernarus and has been there ever since.
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