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  1. A 2 year Hiatus ends.

    Welcome back. I remember you from waaaay back in the day.
  2. Ta Seda [Strict Recruitment]

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  3. Who would you kill?

    Jitka Máseník
  4. The Game

    Conor smells.
  5. thanking you for letting me slither my way in Oh... noooo.. Not him.
  6. Returning to the community!

    Welcome back, Cowbooooy. Nice to see you around
  7. The Game

    >_< Shark pls.
  8. Leaving. Give me my refund.

    Seeya, Hatch. Little Timmy.
  9. Satan Logs Out

    luv u bebs. 4ever
  10. Desperados Media Thread

    That last one is my favorite Nice screenies.