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  1. PathFinder007

    To the people of '' James Town '' Open Freq.

    * Picks up the radio and presses the PTT * Im the businessman you fucked around with, with your so call tax *laughs to himself and releases the PTT *
  2. PathFinder007

    To the people of '' James Town '' Open Freq.

    *Picks up the radio and giggles to himself * Wheres that little fuck that was running his mouth on the radio... Dalton shit face i believe ? *You hear him laughing * He wont be having a loudmouth anymore *Tosses the radio into a pile of corpses *
  3. You said that i may not talk and at no point did you say i may not make any noise( nothing in the video aswell) I am sorry i have to do this but in the past week there has been to many newcomers breaking the rules and getting away with it by saying sorry, i am a nice guy that believes in second chances but I'm tired of this happening and you guys not learning your lesson... To the GameMaster i have received a PM from tristyn saying sorry for his actions and if i could close my report...it states in the PM he killed me because of his background story ( and the doctor drugging him) and because of his leader... It clearly says in the rules that your background does not give you the right to have execution or KOS rights on a person... If need be i can provide a screenshot of this Private message
  4. when i said i quote " guys we by the tress close to the barn " or something similar i was talking in VOIP as i said in my report...(in hope u guys would get scared , which in fact did make you scared ) ... Why would i talk in VOIP and in teamspeak if i wanted to informal my friends which were 5ks away ?? By the way it only takes 2 seconds to tell someone where you are if you in a situation like that ! I just watched your video evidence and it clearly says if i TALK i will be killed thats perfectly okay... i talked once while we were walking i said "im getting tired can we take a break" a few minutes later you killed me because i sighed ? That is not TALKING ! You aswell basically admitted that your group killed me for no good reason as i was useless dead, why kill me and end all RP ? SO lets get this clear for the Game Master 1 You said i should not talk other wise i would die 2 i spoke and said "im tired can we take a break " 3 after walking with my hands tied up my character started to feel tired so i "sighed" 4 you then killed me because i did the above So does me talking once (after being told not to)and sighing make it justifiably to kill me? and goddammit what kind of demands is this ? For me not to talk while we in a huge open field ? This brings me to the point of Bad RP and killing a hostage For Sighing With the above said i will stop replying to this and will carry on if a GM requires me to...
  5. i can prove that your leader said " stop talking or else you dead " there was nothing about noise and i told my group my location as soon as you told me to get "down" i then futher spoke to them in VOIP in hope they could here me
  6. This. We parked our car somewhere then decided to eat dinner IRL and when we get back, the car was ruined. *Sigh* All the tires were flat, all the doors gone, but fortunately our items were still there but the car wasn't usable. I don't know if some guy decided to destroy our little "Seddie" but my friend said that there's a bug, that if you leave it there, it will be eventually ruined. He said he read it on a post or something. Is it true? There is a known bug like that but it could also be that someone shot it... Where did you guys Park it?
  7. *George hears the answer to his question and replies* "Ah, sorry for not introducing myself. My name is George. Well, I understand the M4 takes 5.56, after working with that for what seems to be an eternity now, well, since this outbreak started atleast. But what does this AKM you speak of take? I've never come across one, and I only really know the ammo the guns the British Army used, like the SA80... Anyway, back to the point, what does that take? I seem to find the green-coloured bullets lying around, and I can't help but wonder if they're the type of ammo you're looking for? They seem to be rather high caliber, something a rifle would take. *George starts to write down the information on a notepad* Also, like I believe I heard someone say before me, you're gonna need a pretty large group of body guards to help protect the compound. But as you seem so adamant you won't be robbed, I'm assuming you have this covered. Good luck." *George releases the PTT and places the radio back into his bag* *picks up the radio * Well hello George im not to sure what that ammo is called its grey in colour and they come in a dark green box... As for the guards im hoping we have enough *ends transmission *
  8. Well, I think I gave it some thought for about a week, slowly adding stuff and writing the beginning of the guide. Then after I had enough important points to add in my mind, I typed all of it in one day, read it through and modified it and then released it. Then today I added those three major chapters and I was already planning them yesterday. I usually like to write everything in one sitting if possible, while surfing the net and doing other stuff at the same time. +1 Well great job
  9. PathFinder007

    Do You RP With Yourself?

    ii often RP with my self in hope someone will hear me
  10. Loving the guide... How long did it take to compile this ?
  11. PathFinder007

    Just starting to play DayZRP (hopefully)

    GoodLuck man Hope you get accepted
  12. I know the Reports can be annoying at time but they are mostly due to the fact that people kill people because they are Blood thirsty or simply by mistake and if nobody reports these people they just going to think its fine and keep on doing it... In my opinion the people that report those situations are trying to make the community a better place and i respect you for doing that !
  13. * picks up the radio and pushes the PTT * Greeting old lads its nice to hear so much people that are interested in our Trade Zone, Our Trade Zone will be up and running in the next three days we just have to sort out some business before we can begin... To the mysterious guy that asked about the price to enter and so forth... Right now there will be a Ten bullet price to enter and it has to be the ammunition for the M4 or the AkM...Please understand that hiring guards and paying people come with a cost those bullets you will be paying will be going towards the security to keep you guys safe... The Trade Zone will be held in and i believe the English name of the town is Grishino as they say. If anyone has any information about groups plotting against us please come forward and you can take my word for it you will be compensated accordingly ! As always Stay safe out there and goddammit dont waste your ammo ! *Releases the PTT and tosses the radio into the tent *
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