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  1. I spent two hours writing this only to have it deleted when I tried to submit. I'll re-write it in full when i'm less peeved. Beginnings: Lorens was raised in the Swedish countryside, from a young age learned to be self-sufficient. Lorens signed up national service at 18. He did not stay long however leaving the army, and following more lucrative jobs for men of his trade. Mercenary Life: Lorens joined "Blu-Force" in 2008, seeing the hot-spots of the world on contract: The Middle-East, Africa, South America, & East Asia. Working in Chernarus: In 2017 Blu-Force was contracted to provide support and training to the separatists in North South Zagoria. While in Chernarus Lorens' group watched the country descend into chaos, and the infection began. The infection spread quickly and Lorens' group was no exception. Those of his group not showing symptoms or already turned, headed into the countryside to weather the storm. Current Day: One year, four months, & sixteen days from the initial infection, Lorens is still in Chernarus. The last survivor of the Blu-Force group to his knowledge, Lorens has become adept to the new lifestyle thrust upon him.
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