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  1. Bye...

  2. Get out of jail card idea

    Who would pay 100 euro to come back here?
  3. Jánská (recruitment: OPEN)

    @YourLeftHand has joined the ranks! Looking forward to the RRRRRP!
  4. Having one monitor sucks balls.

    1. Iso


      I wish my monitor did that

    2. Oliv


      I would give that monitor a great Amazon review

  5. It's been a long time.

    Why hello there.
  6. Jánská (recruitment: OPEN)

    Don't let Rolle in!
  7. Character damage system

    If I am trying to kill some zombies with a knife, due to the limitations of the game I cannot hold them at arms length as I stab them in the head. Having to dance with a zombie as you swing your knife often results in you getting hit, bleeding and sometimes even being killed with one hit. Will these hits be tracked? Or will it only be interactions and injuries from other players?
  8. Character damage system

    If my character page shows a certain injury to my character and I do not roleplay out having said injury IG, is that punishable? @Rolle
  9. Torture until you're dead.
  10. b49.gif

    1. Voodoo


      too much reeee not enough RP


    2. Conor
  11. ab6c921b69.png

    1. Pussy


      My immersion..

  12. Samantha Butler

    Born on 25th September 1992 in the British Military Hospital in Rinteln, Germany, Samantha is the only child of Michael and Caroline Butler. The former a Warrant Officer in the Royal Dragoon Guards, the latter an English teacher. She spent the first three and a half years of her life living in Paderborn, before relocating to the UK with her parents ahead of her father's deployment to Northern Ireland. After finishing school at 18, secured a place at the Royal Veterinary College in London. Taking two years out to travel with friends in Asia and Australia she returned to London in 2013 to start her course. Three years into her course, she was given the opportunity to spend just under a year in a foreign country to expand her knowledge and experience. Choosing Chernarus as her destination she set off from Stansted airport, touching down in Novigrad on September 30th 2016 along with another student colleague of hers, Amanda Thomas. Sharing a small apartment together, they spent the first 6 months in the country in Novigrad, working with a local clinic. In March 2017, they left Novigrad, traveling to South Zagoria for the last 6 months of the year in order to work with a different clinic. Arriving in Chernogorsk, Samantha received the news that the apartment they had planned to stay in was not currently available and they were forced to search for temporary accommodation until such time where it was ready. Settling on a hostel in Dubky; the pair started work with the new clinic, spending the majority of their time traveling across the region, regularly visiting local farms to treat horses and cattle suffering from various ailments. This routine continued until martial law was declared on May 3rd.
  13. So there's mention of NATO Warships in the green/black sea but I don't see any mention of the Russian Black Sea fleet. Would they not have been involved since they're already in the area? or are they the "existing flotilla"
  14. cant disable ads

    disabled ads on my profile but still get this pop up https://puu.sh/wEwkg/201e24bcfd.png nvm saw this
  15. Ads on the website

    Just use google ads like before and let people use adblock if they want.
  16. Interview with a community meme

    1. Spartan



    2. Cid


      Perhaps we can leave the petty jabs at the door?

    3. Terra


      @Cid but that isnt fun!

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    1. Rolle


      Hello Inactive Ex-Admin Connor.

    2. Conor


      The Game

    3. Rolle



    4. Mexi



      Rolle got dunked on.

  17. Manchester

    Should this thread not be in off topic?
  18. Reminder: Abuse of Game Mechanics

    So it's against the rules to have your hostage carry shit in his hands?
  19. Who Killed Me???

    It was me.
  20. 35c31497fcce6dcf8b51b8c73afdd6ff_image-5

    1. Iso


      Thank you ma'am :) 

    2. Conor


      @Elmo You're not retarded. You're a star. :)

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      My biased moderator ass appreciates your love :)