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  1. Barbers/hairdressers Surely people would like their hair to be cut nice for the end of the world?
  2. Conor


    Yes. This is probably the best way to do it, since it is extremely unrealistic for a character to instantly move from Chernarus to Livonia, given the distance between the regions.
  3. I do believe that this thread is at a dead end. The topic of offline raiding and if it should or shouldn't be allowed has been brought up several times before. https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/100690-should-offline-base-raiding-be-allowed/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/98953-initiation-before-raiding/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/101013-thoughts-on-offline-base-raiding/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/93748-no-more-offline-base-raiding/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/93550-would-offlining-a-settlementbase-be-against-the-rules/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/97771-constant-base-raiding-when-offline-what-can-we-do/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/96288-thoughts-on-the-current-state-of-base-defenseraiding/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/101699-another-discussion-about-offline-raiding-collective-dissapointment/ There are probably more threads but you get the point. It has been discussed to death and is still a thing. There is no feasible way for offline raiding to be forbidden and therefore it will almost certainly continue to be a thing until the end of time. With that said... /Closed
  4. Why don't we just remove base building?
  5. There is no possible way to stop offline raiding. If you go to a base with the intention of raiding it and nobody is home, how do you know they are offline? Maybe they have gone out of their base to RP somewhere or find loot? We cannot require groups to find who the owners of said base are and then figure out a way to contact them to see if they are online or not. If you don't want to get offline raided, don't go offline... maybe a group requirement should be that at least one member of the group must be online and in the base at all times otherwise they get disbanded. /s
  6. Who told you this and do you know how they found this information out? You fail to mention any of this in your 'POV of the entire situation'.
  7. To add onto Rovers question (which still awaits your answer), the post from Eagle (which strangely appeared despite him not being called in) talks about you knowing that the vehicle attacker was a member of Operation Yggdrasil because they were the only people you have had a previous engagement with. Without information gained OOCly from the helpdesk, how can you be so sure that the attacker is in fact an ally of your hostage? We roleplay in a post apocalyptic world where people are very violent towards eachother. We have server rules to make the roleplay more enjoyable between parties but from what Eagle said, if OOC information was not used then you basically used the knowledge from the rules that you are protected from unannounced hostility against those who you have not previously been engaged with to determine that the attacker was an ally of your hostage.
  8. @Mystery - The cars that were damaged/destroyed, were they ones you had stolen during the situation in Zalasei?
  9. @Stagsview - That was excellent. Cannot wait to see what comes of it. Thank you. @APositiveElmo, @AndreyQ, @APositivePara, @Hofer, @SquirtleKitty, @Terra, @Ron Great RP as per. Also @Helgrum & @SpacemanSpiff - Thanks for the RP as our hostages.
  10. Reported for being biased.
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      Sad Anthony Anderson GIF

  12. Seeing as they have been online since being called in but have failed to respond to this report, @CommanderOmega will now be temporarily banned until they do respond.
  13. Kill Logs: Hit Logs: Chat Logs: Connection Logs: Action Logs: Calling in the following people for their point of view as well as any un-edited video evidence they may have. @Aron73 - Daniel Karlsson - OP @Symplekti - Nicholas Karagoz - POSTED @C-J - Charlie James - POSTED @Atrix17 - Riggs Fuller - POSTED
  14. Using the video provided in the OP, please can you point out the timestamp where @God started to raise his weapon at @Skeeterbolt like you said he did. Thanks.
  15. The joke wasn't based on any viruses in asia from 2017... was it The joke was just in bad taste and not really needed. Regardless, it is something in the past. Onwards towards good things with your group now that you are approved.
  16. Thank you for your PoV. Your tempban has been removed. Please keep an eye on the report in case we have any further questions for you to answer.
  17. What's up with the apparent cut/jump in the video at around 22 seconds?
  18. The report was not rushed, the error you have pointed out (which we are greatful for) was just one simple typo. What was meant was "shouldn't" but what was posted was "should". A mistake, yes, but a tiny one. It has now been fixed. Thanks for your feedback.
  19. Short and sweet interaction with you people today however the mood turned to shit when somebody coughed only for someone else to say something about "no wanting to get asia virus"... Please remember that although we live in 2020, we roleplay a world that began in July 2017... there was no novel coronavirus in 2017 so to make memes with it IC is just bad.
  20. Verdict: @Krullix | Baiting | Guilty @Hampze | Baiting + Lying In A Report | Guilty @ImNathan | Baiting + Attempted Invalid Kill | Guilty @ImBlisna | Attempted Invalid Kill | Guilty @ImNovaaa | Ruleplay | Guilty Reason: To start with we will address the accusation of baiting against @Krullix, @Hampze & @ImNathan. The three of you are discovered attempting to jump over the wall of the compound and are subsequently told to stop. You do not stop and instead continue your attempt to get in. You are told multiple times to stop and yet you persist with your attempts until you are eventually initiated on. The behaviour you display is extremely unrealistic and borderline bad RP as you are well aware that nothing can be done to stop you until an initiation is dropped, hence why you continue to try and get over the fence. Your actions left the OP with no other option but to initiate on you and as such, we consider this a standard example of baiting for which you will all be given the standard punishment. Rule 4.7 is extremely clear regarding this behaviour as seen here: Whilst we understand your intention of gaining access to the compound and then dropping an initiation of your own, don't. This is a good plan when you go undiscovered but when you are found out and told to stop trying to gain access, repeated attempts at doing so can be viewed as baiting like in this situation. @Hampze you were well aware that this report was going up as you spoke to the OP in discord beforehand. Despite the knowledge of this, you elected to delete your recording of the situation because "it was taking so much space" and instead use a 1 minute long clip as evidence here in the report. Why you decided to do this we do not really understand. If the video was taking up "so much space" then you could have uploaded it in its entirety for use in the report and deleted the raw file after which would free up your harddrive space whilst still permitting the complete video evidence to be reviewed by staff. Whilst you have not lied in the report, you have tampered with video evidence is grouped under the rulebreak of Lying In A Report. Due to the fact you have been found guilty of this as well as baiting you are being given the higher punishment of 15 warning points with your 7 day ban. @ImNathan & @ImBlisna after the initiation is baited from the OP, within minutes the both of you are seen in the hit logs to have landed shot at people. The hits you landed are classed as attempted invalid kills and you will be given the standard punishment for this. The rules are clear, if we look at rule 4.3 we see the following: The rule actually lists baiting as an example of a rulebreak which does not grant kill rights on those responsible or their allies. To have prevented this punishment, before opening fire you should have legitimately initiated in order to gain valid kill rights on any non-compliant parties. Finally we have @ImNovaaa Later on during this situation, you shoot and kill @CapitalistNick. This is after he is lured by @ImMason & @ImChips on an apparent "hunt" for you. Whilst we find nothing necessarily wrong with him being lured away from the compound to look for you, we do find fault in the fact that you gun him down from 187 metres away and nearly 3 hours after the hostilities first began. He is with two of your friends and the three of you together outnumber him. The three of you could have quite easily captured him, taken him away enjoyed some fun and engaging roleplay but the chance of this was destroyed when you opted instead for the quick kill, just because you have rights. Rule 4.3 states the following: "obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them any time you want and in all situations." You knew that this man was after you which, when you have the opportunity to take him hostage, gives you a great reason to along with a great avenue to explore whilst roleplaying with him as your hostage. Instead of entertaining this idea you chose to place your kill rights over roleplay and as such, you will receive the standard punishment for ruleplay. If you are wondering why we have chosen to review this situation in this report instead of having @CapitalistNick open a report of his own, that is because we have the ability to make that decision. Given your history in the report section, we decided it would be easier to do so in this report. We assume you agree with our decision as you you state here, "unless staff wants to handle this here which is cool too". With the above stated, the following applies Outcome: @Krullix | Baiting | 5 Day Ban + 10 Warning Points + Character Reset @Hampze | Baiting + Lying In A Report | 7 Day Ban + 15 Warning Points + Character Reset @ImNathan | Baiting + Attempted Invalid Kill | 5 Day Ban + 10 Warning Points + Character Reset @ImBlisna | Attempted Invalid Kill | 2 Day Ban + 10 Warning Points + Character Reset @ImNovaaa | Ruleplay | 5 Day Ban + 10 Warning Points + Character Reset The punishments given to @ImNathan & @ImNovaaa put them at or above 30 warning points which results in their permanent removal from the community. Signed by @Conor, @Rover & @Inferno
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    Fix this shit.

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      You should convince his other half. @Kattica

  22. Kill Logs: Hit Logs: Connection Logs: Calling in the following people for their point of view as well as any un-edited video evidence they may have. @Plankt0n - Andrew Ahlgren - OP @Vurre - Jonas Stigler - POSTED @Atrix17 - Riggs Fuller - POSTED @Leik - Lucifer Evans - POSTED
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