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  1. Camo

    • Camo
    • Conor

    It's been a while since I have cringed so hard while viewing a report's evidence.. Hahahaha! 😂

    I hope the ban-hammer smacks the player in the head on the way out. 

    1. Conor


      It is very cringe inducing I agree.

      Wouldn't mind him staying in the community as long as he has a lot of instruction on how to do things properly.

    2. Camo


      Yeah, I guess I was being a little harsh. But still. That was horrible.

      @Lori, she had introduced the ideal of the Mentor Program again, but she went inactive within the same week.



      I rather introduce a mandatory Mentor Program as a punishment on these kind of offenses, with less warning points if they agree to the "rehab". Sorta how Final Warning is a probationary period for players that were granted Amnesty.

    3. Saunders


      We should get the mentor programme up and running and instead of just giving out bans and points we offer players half the ban and points they WOULD get in return for learning about the rules in the mentor programme.

      So instead of 4 day ban and 10 pts. 2 day ban and 5 points + having to take part in the mentor programme.

      This would give incentive to take the programme and also teach people how things should be. I don't know how we would go about it logistic wise with who to offer it to etc but it would be a nice addition.


    4. Conor


      Problem with the mentor program is that people need to actually want to improve their RP in order for it to work. Just saying "Speak with these people for x amount of hours per week for 2 weeks then you are good to go" won't help if they are not committed to taking the information onboard and improving.


      @Saunders Don't reduce the ban time for the mentor program. Have them serve the whole ban and whilst they're not on the server they can be with the mentors in discord or whatever.

    5. Camo


      It's funny, I just edited my reply and realized Saunders just wrote what I just edited-in.

      Anyways, to what Conor says; I say if they agree to the "rehab" they may have their sentence and warning points reduced. Also show true devotion to make changes with their attitude. Leave it up to the Mentor if they see an improvement.

    6. APositiveElmo


      As a former mentor, I can tell you that mentees, even if they were willing to come to the mentor program, often didn't take well to learning about RP in the majority of cases. Its a nice concept in theory but garbage in practice.

      Also @Conor I swear you, Ron and Terra are cursed with finding unique individuals. All I seem to meet are whitenames that don't talk or decent RPers.


    7. Lori


      The reason I gave up on the mentor program is that 4 out of 5 of the mentors that applied couldn't read.

    8. Camo


      @Lori I guess I was the 1 of the 5 that could read.

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