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  1. Terra

    • Terra
    • Conor


    Dont know why It wont show but a link works too! ❤️

    @Aisling maybe this something for you too!

    1. Roman


      Should be careful so you don't get points for posting such filth Terra.

    2. Terra


      It's not forbidden! @Roman As an Ex-Admin, I am well aware of what I can post on the Forum. I am a productive Community member! ❤️

    3. Roman


      At least you don't have access to global chat anymore 😁

    4. Conor


      Wow, really @Terra? I though you had moved on from this...

    5. Aisling


      honestly @Terra this is why I have trust issues

  2. First time being initiated on after returning to the community... Featuring @Lucio and @yodaddyhotdog (I think) who I thought were the dudes distraction...
  3. Going all the way back on topic. Some may see this as being biased as I have the legend rank and therefore have access to the whole item shop but I do not think that any donor rank should give you unlimited access to the item shop. I believe donation perks should only include out of character things on the forums. If people disagree then I guess I would not be against a compromise of maybe a percentage of the donation being turned into item credits or maybe one of the methods people have already suggested but I am strongly against the idea of paying a lump sum for open access to the shop, especially when new items are constantly being added.
  4. If you are fully aware of what text RP is, then why when I RP with you via text do you not respond? You say hello to me, I say hello back. You ask what brings me here, I tell you I came to see the crashed helicopter. You then ask me if my tongue is cut out and say that I do not have a voice... My tongue is not cut out, I just answered your question of what brings me here. I did not start the whole 'not being able to hear you'. That was you. I then ask if you can hear me because maybe your character is hearing impaired or something. I even suggest for you to take your hood off to improve your ability to hear me. More text RP that you ignore very well for somebody who has a thousand hours of RP and knows what text RP is. You then invent the idea that I am passing you notes, despite me never emoting anything to do with passing you a note. Now I know you are new here so I am going to give you the run down. You ignored my attempts of text RP, despite it being clear that is what I was doing. You powergame that I am passing you notes, even though I never passed you anything. After all of this you then go out of character using your microphone to tell me to unmute my mic and try re-logging. The fact that you said go to sleep instead of re-logging is the only thing that told me it's clear you are at least trying to roleplay. Even if I was trying to communicate with you using a mic, and you were truly trying to be of assistance, then going out of character using your own microphone is strictly forbidden. It says it clearly in the rules, section 3.8: "OOC communication should only be done through text chat and only when absolutely necessary. You may not use OOC chat to casually chat with other players in game. Use the "//" prefix to indicate OOC text communication." It is not petty for me to assume you don't know what powergaming or text RP is. That is just my opinion from what I observed during our brief encounter.
  5. It's been a while since I have cringed so hard while viewing a report's evidence.. Hahahaha! 😂

    I hope the ban-hammer smacks the player in the head on the way out. 

    1. Conor


      It is very cringe inducing I agree.

      Wouldn't mind him staying in the community as long as he has a lot of instruction on how to do things properly.

    2. CamoRP


      Yeah, I guess I was being a little harsh. But still. That was horrible.

      @Lori, she had introduced the ideal of the Mentor Program again, but she went inactive within the same week.



      I rather introduce a mandatory Mentor Program as a punishment on these kind of offenses, with less warning points if they agree to the "rehab". Sorta how Final Warning is a probationary period for players that were granted Amnesty.

    3. Saunders


      We should get the mentor programme up and running and instead of just giving out bans and points we offer players half the ban and points they WOULD get in return for learning about the rules in the mentor programme.

      So instead of 4 day ban and 10 pts. 2 day ban and 5 points + having to take part in the mentor programme.

      This would give incentive to take the programme and also teach people how things should be. I don't know how we would go about it logistic wise with who to offer it to etc but it would be a nice addition.


    4. Conor


      Problem with the mentor program is that people need to actually want to improve their RP in order for it to work. Just saying "Speak with these people for x amount of hours per week for 2 weeks then you are good to go" won't help if they are not committed to taking the information onboard and improving.


      @Saunders Don't reduce the ban time for the mentor program. Have them serve the whole ban and whilst they're not on the server they can be with the mentors in discord or whatever.

    5. CamoRP


      It's funny, I just edited my reply and realized Saunders just wrote what I just edited-in.

      Anyways, to what Conor says; I say if they agree to the "rehab" they may have their sentence and warning points reduced. Also show true devotion to make changes with their attitude. Leave it up to the Mentor if they see an improvement.

    6. APositiveElmo


      As a former mentor, I can tell you that mentees, even if they were willing to come to the mentor program, often didn't take well to learning about RP in the majority of cases. Its a nice concept in theory but garbage in practice.

      Also @Conor I swear you, Ron and Terra are cursed with finding unique individuals. All I seem to meet are whitenames that don't talk or decent RPers.


    7. Lori


      The reason I gave up on the mentor program is that 4 out of 5 of the mentors that applied couldn't read.

    8. CamoRP


      @Lori I guess I was the 1 of the 5 that could read.

  6. Waiting for logs to be posted like

    bored over it GIF

    1. StagsviewRB


      Ain't like our time my dude...ignore the forums i say.

    2. Kattica


      Ignore them Qnr. They only make us ex staff mad. 

    3. Conor


      It's okay, the ball is rolling now.

  7. Server and location: Server 2 - Heli crash north of Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23:20/23:25 GMT - 10/06/2019 Your in game name: Anya Petrasek Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown (he had a couple of friends on the hillside somewhere but I did not interact with them) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://youtu.be/PP1MS-wF94o Detailed description of the events: Spotted a heli crash. Went to look. As I start looking inside I hear someone outside say something. I went out to say hi. The dude clearly doesn't understand what text RP is... Apparently my mic was not working and he 'powergames' that my text RP is me passing him notes without any emotes leading up to that such as: *Writes on a piece of paper and hands it over* Due to me being "new" he tries to explain what my issues might be. He says that I should check if my mic is muted or re-log to fix it. I then hurriedly log out. I get the feeling that he is actually trying to RP which is good but he has no idea what powergaming is and no idea what text RP is. Please watch the video it tells the story a lot better than I can via text notes. Apologies for the loud discord chat. I mute it when I realise the IG comms are getting even juicer.
  8. Conor

    Reinstate Older White List Application Process

    https://i.imgur.com/dNVvntX.gif It made me die a little bit inside. After returning from a year or so break of DayZRP, the majority (not all, some has been great) of RP from random encounters has been atrocious...
  9. Conor

    Reinstate Older White List Application Process

    I just witnessed some traumatizing shit in game. Report coming soontm Please for the love of all that is holy make the whitelist harder.
  10. Ron

    • Ron
    • Conor


    1. Conor
    2. Ron



    3. MajooRB


      Hi friend

    4. Conor
  11. Born into foster care, Anya grew up in Miroslav’l. Rebellious during her childhood and prone to sudden bursts of anger she never felt like she fit in amongst her peers. Dropping out of school without any grades she fell into the world of drink, drugs and gangs. She made a living by moving drugs around the country for her boyfriend Daniel Novak as a part of his gangland drug empire. Her travels would take her all over the country and occasionally across the border into Russia. Despite multiple run-ins with law enforcement she always managed to avoid a jail cell, often whilst others in her entourage were not as lucky. After the outbreak steamrolled her country into a wasteland, she was left with loss and had to fight like everyone else in order to survive. //More backstory to be added here at some point
  12. Conor

    Drancovník [Open Recruitment]

  13. Conor

    Remove the 3 character limit

    I see no reason why there should be a limit on the number of character pages you can create.
  14. cf32823ac4.png

    1. jason hunter

      jason hunter


      I check my phone and i see this. I think: "This guy is weird"

      I go back to sleep

    2. Oliv


      nice, only 2 out of 3

    3. Daddy


      i got all three baby, gimme that sweet, sweet aneurysm

  15. Conor

    Drancovník [Open Recruitment]

    you should join us. Kirill looks like he could get me some dank gear
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