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  1. Conor

    Drancovník [Open Recruitment]

  2. Conor

    Remove the 3 character limit

    I see no reason why there should be a limit on the number of character pages you can create.
  3. cf32823ac4.png

    1. jason hunter

      jason hunter


      I check my phone and i see this. I think: "This guy is weird"

      I go back to sleep

    2. Oliv


      nice, only 2 out of 3

    3. Hakanai Yume

      Hakanai Yume

      i got all three baby, gimme that sweet, sweet aneurysm

  4. Conor

    Drancovník [Open Recruitment]

    you should join us. Kirill looks like he could get me some dank gear
  5. 21:49:11 | Chat("Franky Bell": //*I'm a ghost*
  6. Conor

    Drancovník [Open Recruitment]

    y tho @Para
  7. Ron

    • Ron
    • Conor


  8. Conor

    RE: Unable To Comment On Character Pages

    @Hebi Kotei I just commentated on your char page. Maybe only some scrubs have them disabled @Elmo
  9. You already found it but in case you forget, the password is dayzrp #Conor4CH
  10. Conor

    Drancovník [Open Recruitment]

  11. Born in Miroslavl' to a Russian mother and Chernarussian father, Natalie never found herself being able to fit in with others at school. Preferring the company of herself over others her free time would be spent exploring abandoned buildings, drinking or sat in a quiet corner with a book. After finishing school she had a myriad of jobs. Never settling down until she found employment at City Library No.1 in Miroslavl'. When shit hit the fan she was at work. Soldiers in the streets were evacuating people towards the city centre but she managed to slip away. Heading out of the city towards her home. Upon arrival the streets were eerily quiet and the house was empty. She struggled to decide what to do before a car pulled up outside. Inside was her best friend and her best friends boyfriend. She quickly hopped in as the sounds of gunfire erupted from the direction of the city. They drove in the opposite direction. Natalie frantically trying to contact her parents as the car headed north east, towards South Zagoria.
  12. Conor

    • Conor
    • KyleRP

    Long gone are the days where anyone could post on a report so I guess I'll leave this here.


    "The ONLY times I went OOC was to question your wounds, as I didn't understand what was happening to you. And when you went into OOC, so I could answer you. I don't see how I was excessively going into OOC."



    00:22:22 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // You wouldn't be out of it this much if you were shot in the leg...

    00:26:33 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // I want to RP with you properly, but you

    00:26:39 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=)): // make it hard..

    00:31:02 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=)): // You shouldn't even be unconscious in the first place.

    00:31:44 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // You said the exit wound was the size of a fist, that makes no sense.

    00:32:04 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // permakill character

    00:32:34 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // You're not RPing with us.


    I'd say that there is excessive/unnecessary OOC... but what do I know?

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    2. Hebee



    3. KyleRP


      Holy moly you should be staff

    4. Conor


      @LouieRP I care. I think people should care about the quality of RP in the community and each time they log on, actively try to improve it with their performance.

    5. LukeRP


      If you actually cared then log in and help people improve instead of trying to fish for beans. 


    6. Elmo


      When a valid argument can't be used in rebuttal, act like you don't care, maybe they'll go away.


      Image result for thinking emoji


    7. KyleRP


      "each time they log on, actively try to improve it with their performance."

      Last played4 months ago

    8. Beni


      Image result for the chicken connoisseur gif

    9. Dusty



    10. Conor


      @LouieRP If I was fishing for beanz or even cared about them then I would have a lot more than I do... let's not be childish. This was just an attempt to voice my opinion to Kyle with the hope that he might attempt to engage in thoughtful debate instead of repeating after you.

      People should be eager to find out where they have gone wrong so that they can learn, change and make progress instead of instantly going on the defensive. If you don't know what blood loss and gunshot wounds can do to a person, are you really a medic? I would say more research would be required.

    11. KyleRP


      Thoughtful debate after all of your member (currently in teamspeak with you) instantly beaned the post and started posting gifs, I'm sure all you wanted was a nice little debate, totally not trying to stir the pot.

      Maybe if you actually meant for a thoughtful debate you should have poked me on teamspeak and talked to me, where I could give you context, but don't worry, we all know what this was.

      Feel free to poke me on teamspeak if you want an actual debate.

    12. Beni


      I beaned it because I liked the post. Regardless who posted it, I still would've beaned it. 


    13. Conor


      Honestly not trying to stir any pots. I am not in control of who gives me beans or when.

    14. ShanePVP
    15. Beni


      Oi Oi Shane lad, have a bean bro. We still on for a zoot after work next week b? 

    16. Hebee


      Ya right, benjamin if that is your real name, people don't just give beanz to posts they like. There is always an alternative motive to it everyone knows that. 

    17. ShanePVP


      always beni <3

    18. Beni


      Hebee don't get vex because your boys won't be able to hold off my boys when we pull up on your base next weekend. 

    19. Hebee


      Come on then.

    20. Sparky


      Hebee I gave you beans cause I liked that post :D

    21. Hebee


      Consider yourself reported for stirring the pot with your beanz kid.

    22. Beni


      Myself and Hebee have put aside our differences and are going to build a wall on the Rust server.

    23. Hebee


      God King Trump shall watch over our borders.


      Anyway ill stop shit posting here now <3 you're all silly 

    24. Roland


      The atmosphere in here is thick. 

    25. ShanePVP


      you mean thicc

    26. Elmo


      T h i c c*

  13. Conor

    Spartans media thread

    Haha great content Administrator Spartan
  14. Conor

    Interview with a Community Member: Terra!

    Nice interview. Always nice to get a mention
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