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  1. Hello there DrCrazyGamer, After reviewing your appeal along with the original report, we have reached the conclusion of denying this appeal. Like you said yourself, the points you received were fair. As is the length of the in-game punishment you were given. It is the standard punishment for the type of offense you committed. You might think the punishment is harsh but so did many others before you who also found themselves in your situation. It's the standard punishment. The fact that it's your first offense and in your opinion, a minor one, does not grant you any leave to have the punishment reduced. Being sorry is also not reason to have a punishment reduced. Wait til the ban is over and then get back in-game. Learn from this. Appeal Denied. Punishment Remains. Signed by @Conor, @Inferno & @Eddie
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  3. Verdict: @Tony78 | Invalid Kill - Roleplayed | Guilty Reason: @HarveyLR meets @Tony78 at the airfield and after a brief period of conversation Tony shoots and kills Harvey. At no point in this situation did Harvey grant any kill rights on you, @Tony78. He told you that the airfield is off limits to scavengers but he did not force you to leave under threat of death. This is what the rules state regarding attacker and defender rights: In order for you to have lawfully killed Harvey, several criteria should have been met beforehand as seen in the above screenshot from the rules. Had he initiate on you, you could have killed him to protect yourself. Alternatively, you could have initiated on him and, had he not complied, you would have been able to kill him. Instead of abiding by the rules (which are very clear cut with regards to when you can and cannot kill someone) you decided that your characters backstory, specifically the fact that he is a homicidal former convict, nullify the rules that we have in place and give you the ability to kill Harvey. This is a roleplaying server. Absolutely zero roleplay was generated from your actions. Let us make this crystal clear that no matter what your character backstory is, (even if you are a mass murdering psychopath who has previously killed every person he met before arriving in Chernarus) you are not allowed to flaunt our rules and perform actions that are directly in violation of them. Instead of killing Harvey, you could have ventured down several different avenues which could have presented good opportunities for fun and engaging roleplay. You could have left the airfield like he suggested, or you could have stayed and continued to speak to him about the laws his character and group enforce. One other option you had, would have been to initiate on Harvey. You could have taken him captive, dragged him off into the woods and questioned him about his motives and why he wishes to keep scavengers off of the airfield. From here you could have progressed with the roleplay and actually partaken in a fun and engaging scenario for you both. Opportunities like this were instantly destroyed the second you decided to invalidly kill Harvey. Thanks to your blatant ignorance of our rules, you will be given the standard punishment for this offense. Whilst you are serving your ban and are unable to connect to our servers, we highly recommend that you read over the rules as well as our newcomer guide and familiarize yourself with the information there. Both pages contain important details that you should be aware of in order to avoid finding yourself in such a situation again. With the above stated, the following applies Outcome: @Tony78 | Invalid Kill - Roleplayed | 3 Day Ban + 10 Warning Points + Character Reset Signed by @Conor, @Banshee & @Eddie
  4. Link to character: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-7/ Link to twitter: https://twitter.com/tuk27759736
  5. Kill Logs: Hit Logs: Connection Logs: Position Logs: Calling in the following people for their point of view as well as any un-edited video evidence they may have. @ajoldaker - Daniel White - OP @Thundergunmax - Fintan O Sullivan - POSTED @AMERICA - Alek Vladimirovich Kotov - POSTED @Murdoc - David Friedrich Breitsprecher - POSTED
  6. Oskar will keep his love letter on him all the time, when he receives it.
  7. The master, perfecting his craft.
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  9. Good luck @sung Anya will be there in spirit to support her man
  10. Obligatory text to not get points Awesome!
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