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    I love and miss you.. hope youre doing okay <3

  1. Having one monitor sucks balls.

    1. Iso


      I wish my monitor did that

    2. Oliv


      I would give that monitor a great Amazon review

  2. It's been a long time.

    Why hello there.
  3. I miss these days, remember kids, always carry a grape soda.


  4. Jánská (recruitment: OPEN)

    Don't let Rolle in!
  5. Character damage system

    If I am trying to kill some zombies with a knife, due to the limitations of the game I cannot hold them at arms length as I stab them in the head. Having to dance with a zombie as you swing your knife often results in you getting hit, bleeding and sometimes even being killed with one hit. Will these hits be tracked? Or will it only be interactions and injuries from other players?
  6. Character damage system

    If my character page shows a certain injury to my character and I do not roleplay out having said injury IG, is that punishable? @Rolle
  7. Torture until you're dead.
  8. ab6c921b69.png

    1. Pussy


      My immersion..

  9. Samantha Butler

  10. cant disable ads

    disabled ads on my profile but still get this pop up https://puu.sh/wEwkg/201e24bcfd.png nvm saw this
  11. Ads on the website

    Just use google ads like before and let people use adblock if they want.