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  1. Let's not pretend we haven't worked out all the sight lines and cover spots for fighting off bandits...
  2. There are no logs that I could find for the moving of your storage cabinet, besides when you yourself moved it. There is a position log for @ImNovaaa who was recently permanently banned. This position log shows him upstairs in your building (same elevation of 190.5) We'll continue to search for any other indicators of who could have been there but if nothing is found, there is a strong chance we will close this report.
  3. Hello there, @Hofer is inactive so I shall steal this honour. PM a Mod+ if you wish for this group to be unarchived. /Archived
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  5. I am not accusing you of lying. I am factually stating that you're lying. You are continuing to lie with this response. In our recording of the helpdesk conversation, we hear you hot-mic a portion of a video down your mic. What we hear you hot-micing is the exact same video that you have provided in this report. As I previously stated, it's an indisputable fact that the video you were watching is the video of this situation. If you want the proof, we can have our CSI lab complete some in-depth comparisons of the helpdesk recording and your video for you to see.
  6. That's a no from me, chief. The horse looks like shit.
  7. @Stempist riddle me this. Last night when we spoke in the helpdesk, we asked if you had any video evidence. You searched on your computer and found the video evidence, then watched the video whilst in helpdesk and even accidentally hot-mic'd a portion of the video before stating "Not trying to be shady or anything but I actually do not have it". Yes, you later 'found' the video and provided it to us and then here in the report. It is an indisputable fact however that the video you were watching before telling us in helpdesk you had no video evidence is the video you have posted in this report. Why did you lie directly to us?
  8. Kill Logs: Hit Logs: Chat Logs: Connection Logs: Calling in the following people for their point of view as well as any un-edited video evidence they may have. @Fred Flint - Fredrick DuBois - OP @JakeWalford - Johnathan WhiteHall - POSTED
  9. When your friend told James to raise his hands and you aimed your rifle at the second man, did you say anything? Or did you aim your weapon in silence? Also... Can you clarify what you mean when you say "so I initiated." What actions did you take during this initiation? Did you say anything?
  10. Verdict: @Malcom Moon | Griefing | Guilty @Drtots | Griefing | Guilty @Iris | Griefing | Guilty Reason: In this situation, the three of you come across a base in the woods which you judge to be abandoned. You then decide to tear down the walls for resources and go about doing so. @Malcom Moon you state the following in your PoV: How is this an indicator that the base is abandoned? A hole in the wall could be an unfinished section, currently under construction... or maybe the base had recently been raided and the owners had not had the opportunity to patch up the hole created by the raiders. Either way, this is irrelevant. It has always been forbidden for one to tear down a base for resources, regardless if (you think) it is abandoned or not. Whilst your reasoning for destroying the base was that you needed nails and did not want them to go to waste, not only did you destroy the base but you destroyed all the hard work the owner had put into it. You had no reason to destroy any part of the base. You did not know who the owners were or if there even were any owners. You had no history of hostility with anybody residing there, you did it simply for the nails. If you find a base in the future and are suspecting it might be abandoned, do not just tear it down otherwise you will be finding yourself back in this situation receiving a punishment for griefing. There are many things you can do to find out if it is indeed abandoned. You can visit it frequently in hopes of catching the owners there, you could leave notes asking for them to contact you or leave a note in response. You could even send out radio messages to see if anyone will respond. @Drtots and @Iris - Whilst you might not have physically partaken in the destruction of the walls as shown in the logs, you are both complicit in this rulebreak and as such will also receive the standard punishment for griefing. With the above stated, the following applies Outcome: @Malcom Moon | Griefing | 7 Day Ban + 10 Warning Points + Character Reset @Drtots | Griefing | 7 Day Ban + 10 Warning Points + Character Reset @Iris | Griefing | 7 Day Ban + 10 Warning Points + Character Reset Signed by @Conor, @Eagles & @Eddie
  11. Kill Logs: Hit Logs: Connection Logs: Calling in the following people for their point of view as well as any un-edited video evidence they may have. @dre_tou - Duke Tucker - OP @OblivionCross - Preston Waters - @Stempist - Donte Williams -
  12. If you read through the PoV provided by CJ, his version of events differ slightly from what you state. You say that you asked the man who spoke to repeat himself and then you are immediately shot dead. CJ says that after the man repeated himself per your request, you started running away and were then shot. Can you please clarify more on what happened in-between the time you asked for them to repeat themselves and when you were shot.
  13. I sent you feet please respond.

    1. Hofer



    2. Conor
  14. @God and @Sung A very fun time today in Wrzezeezezezezcz. An enjoyable enjoyable encounter to end the night with. Until next time!
  15. Kill Logs: Hit Logs: Connection Logs: Calling in the following people for their point of view as well as any un-edited video evidence they may have. @chief_mello - Smedley Butler - OP @Husky. - Joe Collins -
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