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  1. Conor

    Remove the 3 character limit

    I see no reason why there should be a limit on the number of character pages you can create.
  2. you should join us. Kirill looks like he could get me some dank gear
  3. Conor

    RE: Unable To Comment On Character Pages

    @Hebi Kotei I just commentated on your char page. Maybe only some scrubs have them disabled @Elmo
  4. You already found it but in case you forget, the password is dayzrp #Conor4CH
  5. Born in Miroslavl' to a Russian mother and Chernarussian father, Natalie never found herself being able to fit in with others at school. Preferring the company of herself over others her free time would be spent exploring abandoned buildings, drinking or sat in a quiet corner with a book. After finishing school she had a myriad of jobs. Never settling down until she found employment at City Library No.1 in Miroslavl'. When shit hit the fan she was at work. Soldiers in the streets were evacuating people towards the city centre but she managed to slip away. Heading out of the city towards her home. Upon arrival the streets were eerily quiet and the house was empty. She struggled to decide what to do before a car pulled up outside. Inside was her best friend and her best friends boyfriend. She quickly hopped in as the sounds of gunfire erupted from the direction of the city. They drove in the opposite direction. Natalie frantically trying to contact her parents as the car headed north east, towards South Zagoria.
  6. Conor

    Spartans media thread

    Haha great content Administrator Spartan
  7. Conor

    Interview with a Community Member: Terra!

    Nice interview. Always nice to get a mention
  8. Conor

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    I am not asking about the defending of yourself, that bit is the same as always AFAIK. Just trying to imagine watching a guy down the street point his gun at my friend and strip them of their belongings whilst I have to stand there so we don't both end up dead from the snipers in the trees.
  9. Conor

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    But what about in the rules where it says "Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in"
  10. Conor

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    Might have already been asked but if I witness a friend being initiated on, and we have been traveling around together for the past few weeks, then do I have to just stand there and watch or can I act realistically and take aggressive action to free my friend, if the opportunity arises?
  11. hitmarkers, air horns and lots of flashing shit on the screen.
  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/12689-keira/?status=54457&type=status Why the verdict is not fair: Calling someone's action pathetic is not flaming. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I believed that the banning of Dom was pathetic which was to be seen in my post. Since I knew it was JimRP banning him, I tagged him to address my statement that I think his actions were pathetic. I did not in fact call him personally pathetic or use any other insulting language towards him. My first post was deleted without any explanation. This is pretty confusing in my opinion and kills off any transparency between staff actions and community members. If you think I broke a community rule: discuss it, hand out points and shoot me a pm but don't just delete it. After I noticed my first post disappeared I had to approach staff/ Oliv and asked what was going on. The explanation I received was "it was something a bunch decided to do [...] we do that from time to time, to be a bit more lenient" and this concept is new to me. I was then told "if it get's hidden again, this is your notice that it was lol" which still doesn't explain anything about what was wrong with my post. The idea of deleting posts before handing out punishments is actually community friendly but if you miss out on the explanation of WHY or any communication about the erasing of someone post at all - it will end like this: I received points because posting something a third time (without flaming content), being annoyed that my other posts were deleted without an actual explanation of WHY, I was only told that they were in fact hidden: If staff actually looks at all three of my posts, you will see that my first two posts are actually different to my third, with the third addressing the issue. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get points removed and I would like an explanation regarding exactly what part of any of my three posts was flaming as I am yet to receive this information. In my warning message from @Ark he says I know what I did but.... flaming? I don't see it. Pls explain. What could you have done better?: After my initial post was hidden, I could've approached staff via Ask the Admins, PM or Teamspeak to specifically ask for an explanation of which part of the community rules I breached but at the end of the day, I should not have had to do this. Staff took action and should've formally notified me with an explanation on the matter. I would not have even known that the post had been removed if it were not for PMs I received telling me so. Another thing I could've done better would be to leave staff feedback for Jimothy and tell him there with a lengthy explanation as to why I believe his actions were/are pathetic. PLZ MY NAME IS QNR