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"Mars is there, waiting to be reached."

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    Community Answers

    1. You could've picked someone less bias... smh
    2. Thanks for the RP today guys and girls, joining this group has really payed off!! I look forward to the next session and the shannigans we will get up to!
    3. Sorry, I know I have a dick (text RP is a clue) like you enjoy but you are not the one for me. My eyes are firmly set on @DrMax
    4. Simmer down fella, I just joined the bloody group! In other news, I am very glad to be here. Looking forward to having some fun and enjoyable roleplay with you fun and enjoyable roleplayers!
    5. Still staff? Damn.

      1. ImElrod


        hes biased 

        gave my nan 5 points for flamebaiting his ma

      2. Elmo


        yes so-called legend conor, maybe one day I'll get the boot

    6. Y'all need to get a life and go outside. DayZRP died in 2012 didn't you hear?
    7. I spoke to Rolle aaaaaaaaages ago about giving Josh a higher rank (MVP/VIP/Legend etc.) to commemorate not just the extensive time he gave to the community as a staff member but to honour how much of an honest, down to earth, kind and beautiful human he was along with the impact he left on everyone he interacted with. If I recall correctly I got shut down with something along the lines of "You should know the criteria for the different ranks" and then ignored ?
    8. 331d30bbd9.png

      Would have been more suitable when your username still had "cringe" in it.







      1. Elmo


        chatting shit bowlcut boy

      2. Bear


        that seems like a toxic comment made by community member @Conor

    9. 4f8fd0bb80.png



      1. Hofer


        Can you believe it

      2. Conor


        @Hoferunfortunately, yes.

    10. I did not enjoy your roleplay today.

      1. Hofer


        I don't like you

    11. DayZRP died in 2013 mate
    12. And because of that his opinion is completely irrelevant? You haven't played in 39 minutes as of this post so yours could be irrelevant too... only people who are currently online can have an opinion on how the server is run. Regardless of recent play time, many many people (some who have not posted recently for various reasons) have invested a lot of time and (in some silly peoples cases) money into this community and are within their right to voice their opinion on how it is run. Just because they haven't played in a while doesn't mean they are never going to play again. The argument of "You haven't played in X time period" is old and dumb.
    13. S1 - Chernogorsk - Breach of Twitch TOS - 6/9/21 - 04:20

      1. Jamie


        That’s disrespectful

      2. Conor


        So is breaking twitch TOS by doing mean things to people in a post apocalyptic world. Don't make me report you to daddy Bezos.

      3. Elmo


        as an ardent racist myself, I find this very not cool

      4. Jamie


        Fudge you you mothertrucker /permission to slap

      5. Eagle


        Who's gonna be the first one to get banned for saying the unholy word of Simp?

      6. Keira


        or virgin or incel -_-

      7. Craig


        this white straight male offended me. BAN HIM.

      8. TGJ


        OH NO the unholy word simp

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