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  1. A fun evening of RP. Now I am off to bed but first I will have to clean my teethers with my tootie peg brush
  2. Best place to look for ARs = Peoples bases. No point looking at military loot spawns unless the server has just been wiped. Let other people do the gun collecting for you, you can just pop by and pick them up.
  3. Conor

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    MY PRAYERS! :') Have only now just seen your thread To quote the OP: "All existing wooden boxes have been deleted from the map - map cleanup, anti-hoarding measure" I think your answer is yes.
  4. Conor

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    All players get 10 slot hotkey bar, regardless of clothing worn
  5. @Ironshade if what you have said is true, that would seem like an invalid kill. Your best course of action would be to create a report in this section of the forums. Before you create a report, be sure to read this thread to make sure you understand what is required of you when creating a report and to get the template which you will need for the report. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via DM and I will be more than happy to assist you.
  6. With 27 votes for yes and 7 for no, I believe a general consensus has been reached. Calling in @Roland for his point of view. Please post a full and detailed point of view along with any video evidence you may have.
  7. But how does it make sense for a T-shirt to have the same amount of carrying capacity as a Gorka jacket (which has multiple massive pockets)?
  8. What? I am not sure I understand... I get the last part about everything having the same amount of space as items that spawn IG but in the first part do you mean a T-shirt should have the same amount of space as a jacket?
  9. It is not about seeing which items have the most space. But if you have a shirt with certain items in that you may require for roleplay (vodka, cigarettes, joints etc.) and you want to change your outfit, using the item shop, you might spawn in a new shirt only to find you now do not have enough inventory space for the items that you require for the playing of your role. You then have to wait X amount of hours before you can try again with a new item. People who want to hoard loot do not care how many slots are in a T-shirt or a sweater because they will just go straight for the default high-slot items like M65, TTSKO and gorka etc.
  10. I do not think every item has adjusted values as the wiki lists the sweater and the T-shirt as having 12 slots, the same amount they have whether you find them IG or spawn them via shop.
  11. Posted this in the discord suggestions a while ago but it has since been buried. Suggestion: In the item shop, add the number of inventory slots each clothing item has so people can see before they buy/activate. Reason: Since different clothing items give different numbers of inventory slots, it would be nice to see what gives what before you buy/activate an item so you know that you can store the kit you have in the item you are replacing. Would also be nice to know how many slots each item has without having to google it. Reference picture:
  12. That sad moment when the server crashes and the rollback causes you to loose both M249s you have on your back... 😞



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