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  1. Hey, Just wanted to introduce myself and to thank for adding me to the whitelist. I'm not new to RP or DayZ as i have played it since beta mod for Arma 2 and beyond. Really enjoyed RP in DayZ back in beta but never dipped my to with DayZRP servers. I signed up in 2016 but the IRL tool me away for a while so happy to be back and actually get stuck in. Finally finished all the lore related reading and love what the loremasters have cooked up. Hoping to finish up my character story and jump into servers this Friday/Weekend. Will see you all in game IC and out here OOC and maybe some forum IC in radio chatter. Have good one Max
  2. Born in the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1989 to a military family whose traditions and service span from the time of the first world war. As a child he showed aptitude for sports and science. He was particularly good at wrestling and loved martial arts. At the age of eighteen he took up boxing and had his goals set on being a professional boxer and be the first to break the tradition of military service in the family. He graduated top of his class and was persuaded by his father to give military academy a chance and enrolled on reserve officer training program. He suddenly discovered his love for the military as he loved the discipline, order and simplicity it brought to his life. Finishing his reserve officer training he was snapped up by the 104th Guards Airborne Division where he passed all his training with flying colours and slowly began climbing the ranks. Through his carer he undertook various tours where he showed great leadership and determination, which lead to his promotion to Major. His latest tour as a Major in Takistan proved to be the hardest and one of his last. He was injured whilst out on patrol almost loosing his hand however following full recovery he was still honourably discharged. He met his wife in a military hospital in Moscow. She was his physio therapist who was on an exchange form Chernarus. When they decided to get married, she suggested they moved to her hometown for a quieter life. What she was not aware of is following his successful recovery he was being recruited by 3rd Special Purpose Brigade. He decided to travel to Chernarus to get married before taking on another military contract. Unfortunately following the outbreak his wife got gravely ill and passed away leaving him empty and now sure of what to do stuck in this god forsaken country
  3. I have been chasing chikens in this patch I'm yet to catch one
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