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"That's a horrible idea. What time?"

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  1. Failing med student from Belgium volunteering for four months mainly at the hospital in Cherno (and any other volunteer-work she could get her hands on) to get as far away from responsibilities as possible. She worked in home care to pay for her bad choices and bills. When things started to get bad she decided to stay rather than leave, as any sane person would, in the hope of something interesting finally happening in her life. Things did of course not go as planned as the plague spread out of control and by the time she finally started thinking that leaving would be a good idea, it was too late. Unfortunately she had mostly kept to herself and had no idea where to go until she noticed lights in an apartment while wandering the streets. + Spontaneous Positive Authentic Open-minded Kind - Talks before she thinks Often underestimates dangerous situations Absent-minded ...
  2. scream again until i crash i dare you, see what happens

    1. kiwienne


      come at me brah

  3. Twitch Channel: ( Timezone: GMT +2 What type of roleplay do you focus on?: All How often do you stream: I don't have a set schedule atm since I do shift work, but I stream several times during the week in the evening ? Logo or picture you would like to be on your banner: idk if it's weird to just have my face? But I stream with cam and this is my twitch picI suppose ? Thanks
  4. Spoiler



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  5. image.png.1c7dbeed023b9810283fb81a8ea879da.png

    well hello there

    1. kiwienne


      you keep posting updates!!!

    2. Chief


      She isn't wrong.

    3. PalmtreeWhale


      im sorry! I have to stay relevant you know, keep my followers entertained hue

  6. your reactions are honestly fking hilarious, do you stream?
  7. oh boy, not sure which. I got permabanned for saying some inappropriate stuff in OOC chat because I am a very stupid drunk. I also had my gun out walking around with a bunch of ppl at the airfield in the very beginning, I somehow left-clicked and sprayed one of the ppl with us down. I've learnt to not drink while I play DayZRP... x:
  8. champions online... I was roleplaying a sexy lil thing in purple latex and thigh high socks... she could also turn into a devil. I had a faun sort of girl-pet... it's exactly as cringe as it sounds >.>
  9. LMAO love this, literally me if I'd turn into a zombie
  10. I've had friends poke fun at me for RPing, like they poke fun at so many other things I do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Honestly, I can see how RPing can seem super cringe to people who are not into it (I like it and even I think it's cringe sometimes), but that's kinda the charm too. But ye as others said, if you spend so much time on here, maybe tone it down a lil @Sullyy & @PalmtreeWhale fking roleplayers
  11. kiwienne


    be the best nurse I can be for my patients, figure my shit out, become more confident, stay active
  12. no way I could get my cat to wear an actual christmas hat, but very merry christmas eve to you all from us (we mostly celebrate it the 24th so) !!
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