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  1. Inb4 Kylo Ren is a spy and is actually trying to bring down the First Order. That's why he was so sad about killing his dad and asked if he would do anything. That's why he was saying "I will finish what you started" to Vader's burnt mask (as Vader killed Darth Sidious). And that's why he wasn't trying to kill Rey, but train her to become more powerful. I agree the plot was very similar to IV but whatever. It was a great film, very funny although I do think it rushed in the middle "Hey let's go attack the Starkiller base right now" but overall very enjoyable. Only negative was the cantina music which was hyped up to be epic but was completely forgettable. Oh and not using all the awesome characters - Captain Phasma and Poe (would have liked to see how he escaped Jakku). There were so many cameos in this that not all got the justice they deserved e.g. the guys from the Raid films were those space pirates but killed immediately without doing any cool hand to hand combat. Also anyone find it weird how it all took place in like one day?
  2. DeadAntelope

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Personally i'd say like, 15 kills over 2nd place is carrying? somewhere inbetween 10 and 15 you are starting to carry. This.
  3. DeadAntelope

    Official CS:GO Thread

    The next guy on your team has 24-18 and then 22-25. You being on 30 kills does not mean you're carrying. I think the 17 point difference does. So you planting/defusing more than your team means you carried?
  4. DeadAntelope

    Official CS:GO Thread

    The next guy on your team has 24-18 and then 22-25. You being on 30 kills does not mean you're carrying.
  5. DeadAntelope

    Official CS:GO Thread

    IKR. Best possible map veto for TSM (apart from D2 not being played), win LG's map in a stomp - 16-5. Then go on to Overpass, your best map and get fucked cus you're too impatient on CT and always in 3v5s. Nobody stood out above the rest, no hard carry. Also that anti-eco loss on Inferno T side fucked them. Also, lost $50 on NiP v LG and then $50 on TSM v LG. So I'm cleaned out lol.
  6. DeadAntelope

    Official CS:GO Thread

    It's a google chrome extension called LoungeDestroyer. Here's a link to it: Link. The bottom price things shows what the current price on the steam marketplace is, and the abbreviation stands for what condition the skin is. There are also some really nice looking themes you can choose to use for the site to make it less bright/better looking overall. Cheers.
  7. DeadAntelope

    Official CS:GO Thread

    How did you get that + $ thing? Also RIP. NiP love getting people's hopes up by winning 2nd map, but getting trashed on 3rd.
  8. DeadAntelope

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Anyone bet on LG vs nV?
  9. DeadAntelope

    Offical Payday 2 General Thread

    Easiest cash I earned was rushing Shadow Raid DW with ECMs back when it was a respectable game and the devs didn't fuck their consumers and lie at every turn.
  10. DeadAntelope

    Official CS:GO Thread

    RIP. Biggest throw of the day however was NiP vs Titan on D2. 14-4 up and lose 17-19. I was annoyed to say the least.
  11. DeadAntelope

    One last song Before you die? What would you chose.

  12. DeadAntelope

    Official CS:GO Thread

    My first knife (FT)
  13. DeadAntelope

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Frontside Misty looks like a shitty Vulcun tbh. I don't really like any of the skins in the new case which I guess is good as it means that if I get dropped one, I won't buy a key, saving me money
  14. DeadAntelope

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Ah I guess it would. Ask for a price check here https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensiveTrade/
  15. DeadAntelope

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Condition? Factory New Well it's worth $290.35. A key is worth $2.83. So I guess 102.6 keys.
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