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  1. You keep telling me to send you evidence, I was not recording at the time. Do you have evidence to prove that you were not shooting? There is no point in lying you said that you were going to save your friend. Also your last sentence makes no sense, when have we ever said our whole group was only mexican?
  2. POV: we take this guys friend near crossroads, move him to vmc. I go outside and see someone thurd personing the front of camo. Me and g19 chase him and found 2 of them. G19 talks to them and they ask g19 if hes with the mexicans and g19 says no why what happened. They reply with they just took our friend hostage were trying to rescue him. So g19 initiates on one of them i see the other one Aim his gun at g19 and i see smoke come from him so i shoot him. Than i hear g19 say in ts dont put your hands down or your dead to other hostage and hostage put his hands down so he kills him.
  3. YungBrandonRP

    Sample Broker Report: The Grey Fangs

    Looks good but I gotta agree with @Mademoiselle here, you kinda didn't even spell your own last name correctly. But nonetheless great concept!
  4. YungBrandonRP

    Micaela Iglesia

    Story looks great so far, can't wait to see what is to come.
  5. POV: Vegas tells us that the people that were at the airfield from before that took our car is north of Grishino talking to him. So we pull up and initiate right away. They don't comply so we gun them down.
  6. YungBrandonRP

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria Media

  7. Hector POV: I was the one that was bugged. Some people told me I was fine on their screen so I didn't bother to relog. I put the rp in front of everything because thats what this server is about. You excessively going ooc just to tell me to relog because your "immersion" was broken, broke mine. On to the story. We initiate on 2 people with the help of our vatos the free territory. We roleplay and tell them to find us drugs and we will be back tomorrow to check on them. We let them go after a while.
  8. YungBrandonRP

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria Media

  9. YungBrandonRP

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

  10. Hector: We pull up on these guys because we got word that they were wearing pink armbands, and we have been fighting the so called "carnival" that wear those colors. We initiate on them and give them some roleplay. Than one guy says youre not taking everything so we retort back that we are taking everything. He than says he is going to be let go with supplies to survive and throws insults at us. The ops friend says something slick and gets punched and dies, than op says "that shit is going to backfire on you" after told hes going to get die he continues to talk shit and gets shot. We tell them multiple times to not say anything slick or give lip.
  11. *Hector presses the PTT* Yo pinche pendejos think you so tough taking a girl hostage and than hiding from everyone? Come take someone your own size ese. I don't give a fuck about any of your people. I'll kill them one by one myself. I'll end your family trees and make sure no new generation is started. You fucked with the wrong people vato. You willing to risk thousands for one person? The choice is up to you. *Hector would release the PTT*
  12. POV: Boris says there is some marine giving him lip at the pub. So we take him away from the castle and initiate on him. We give him the dont disrespect us speech and beat him up a little. (He gave us no rp when doing so whatsoever) he continued to give a little attitude insisting he did nothing wrong so we hit him a few times again. After we give him a task for the night we let him go with almost everything he had before minus a can of food or 2 and some ammo. In no way did we bait you into trying to kill us or initiate on us.