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  1. Looks like a whole lotta gang shit /approved
  2. Graphics looks great, @Nightngale coming in clutch with those photoshop skills! Group is going to be lit. /approved
  3. My initiation was "get your fucking hands up". I finished the first sentence and repeated myself. He could have stopped but he ran towards the bin for cover.
  4. What was the shooting in the first video?
  5. o7 The best allies the GD's could ever have. Up the Ra.
  6. Link to the situation:N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback:One of the best staff members there is. Unbiased whatsoever. A true homie in my eyes. You handle verdicts very maturely unlike previous staff members. Suggestions for improvement:N/A
  7. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: Feedback: Randy is the first person to answer whenever I have a question. He replies quickly and is a great member of the staff team. One of the few staff members who is unbiased and trustworthy. Suggestions for improvement: None
  8. Allies: @Jean POV: We see this pink armband guy in vmc, I contact my boy Ryan and ask who the watchmen are and he tells me they work with saviors and tells me to take him. So I initiate on him and he sprints away so I shoot him.
  9. Hit me up, lets play with bobby and shit
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