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  1. My dude out here drip shotting kids i aint never seen that before
  2. Born to a Chernarussian mother and a Chechen father, Makarov's life was chaotic at first. Makarov's father was a prolific fighter during both the first and second Chechen wars. Growing up during this time was a cruel and unusual time, forcing Makarov into a more mature position in his household. He had to become the man his father couldn't be while at war. He watched as life he knew it dissolved, bombing after bombing, artillery strike after artillery strike, all he loved was taken from him. His father was the first to go, he died during the first Russian advance to Grozny. Sadly, this news wouldn't reach him for months. Then came the airstrikes, his mother and sister gone in a moment, right before his eyes. Knowing nothing but loss and devastation Makarov looked for something to call family. All he could find was a small group of like minded men, willing to fight the war of attrition it would take to repel these men from their lands, and so they did. They were active during the Groznyian Insurgency. His small group of fighters carried out small attacks against infrastructure, attempting to cripple the main supply routes the Russians were using for their push. Overtime Makarov realized he was more useful behind a set of tools than his gun. He set to work, crafting the explosives they would use to fight for freedom. This put a target on his back, which eventually led to a series of air campaigns seeking to destroy his facility. During an attempt on his life in 2009, he fled the country, using the cover of his workshop, now turned into rubble to escape. He went to his Mother's homeland, Chernarus in search of peace and prosperity. However the infection was just the opposite, hiding in the black mountains he recruited others with him. Naming themselves the Sons and Daughters of Chernarus, they sought to spread the will of Allah by the end of their blades, and the reach of their Kalashnikov's.
  3. YungBrandonRP

    Tally Your Bans

    125/30 = 4.2
  4. YungBrandonRP

    DayZRP feedback - the behavior of a community

    This , Ducky hit the nail with the hammer. Also the bias thing was discussed Randy has verdicted me and a few other boys.
  5. YungBrandonRP

    Attempted Invalid Kill

    I dont think Randy has left Kamenici. He's always been on their roster/cp.
  6. YungBrandonRP

    Attempted Invalid Kill

    Yeah a "friend" helped with my verdict too. https://gyazo.com/2fd804505914251bda8830018fa823c1 Doesn't work like that, I'm pretty sure Exotic or someone got in trouble because they talked over teamspeak and thought they had rights.
  7. YungBrandonRP

    Dredgens: Group Profiles

    Ngl, this is a pretty cool concept.
  8. YungBrandonRP

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Sheesh, honestly if rp “stresses” you out, you should just take a step back because imo its really not that serious. See GD and saviors have been at war since forever and I think the only time saviors took gd hostage was when we had to chase you from lop to novaya to myshkino than you guys finally initiated and we killed. Weve had plenty of saviors hostage and it just doesnt make sense to let them go because of the war, we’ve had whoever clayton is, moodys wife, etc but still no pks. And its not the fact that our rp was “bad” its because your stubborn and wanna keep your character which I get. In my opinion if you get taken hostage and your a known enemy you should have to pk. It doesnt make sense for anyone to let a well known enemy go. As for the not being able to find anyone, it seems that people are salty about losing their gear. Not all rp is going to be up to your so called “standards” but nontheless rp is rp. If you create a hub and a hostile group comes to you with demands its as easy as saying yes and complying with those demands and the hub wont get steam rolled. I think its more or less people being stubborn and trying to fight back and than when everything is destroyed they run away.
  9. Definitely get 4 more! I know @Phoenix & @Watchman play.
  10. If further people would like to send me a DM with the roster please do so, so I can keep track of the teams!
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