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  1. Deputy_Derp

    Real life picture Thread

    It's not a good sesh if there isn't a tall lanky prick... fact.
  2. Deputy_Derp

    Random name you remember from a long time ago

    Some guy called Mack James and this weird group called "Mobius".
  3. Deputy_Derp

    Return of the Memestar

    You have issues.
  4. Deputy_Derp

    Black Skull Media Thread

  5. Deputy_Derp

    Novaya petrovka Baiting Attempted RDM Server time: 21-02-2017, 22:05 

    -User was warned for this post-
  6. Deputy_Derp

    23.4 kHz [OPEN]

    Henry sits and listens to the strange transmission. "AHH! WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?!?!?" He throws his radio aside.
  7. Deputy_Derp

    To the ass that stole my mask. [Open]

    Henry sits down with his radio and hears all the commotion about a mask. He takes off his Gasmask for a brief moment before putting it back on again. He then holds down the PTT. "What's with all these weird people and their masks? Also, if someone takes your mask, then shoot em'. Works for me." Henry releases the PTT.
  8. Deputy_Derp

    Failed Robberies Thread

    If someone ever tries to get you to take off your clothes, try seduce them... at least, that's what I'd do.
  9. Deputy_Derp

    Ooooo I am sure getting old. (Open frequency)

    Henry picks up his radio and holds the radio close to his face. He silently speaks into the radio, yet it's still audible. "Hey, JC. Come meet me sometime..." He releases the PTT.
  10. Deputy_Derp

    The Lore Wipe

    I'd really like to see idea 1. I like things fresh every now and then.
  11. Deputy_Derp

    Joffs Dramatic Readings of Posts Ep. 3

    k e k
  12. Deputy_Derp

    Hey there, newcomer here.

  13. Deputy_Derp

    Hey there, newcomer here.

    That passphrase didn't work
  14. Deputy_Derp

    I think it's that time of year.. [Open]

    Henry picks up his radio and holds down the PTT. "Shit! That reminds me! I need a girl in my life! ...or a guy, hmm.... MACK!?" Henry runs off in search of Mack, trying to get a date for valentines day, even though he's a bit late.
  15. Deputy_Derp

    Hey there, newcomer here.

    Hey all! I'm a newcomer and I really like to roleplay! I have 1000 hours on GMOD RP! K|E|K Hello, people. Your friendly neighbourhood roleplayer meme is here. What's the passphrase?