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  1. Deputy_Derp

    Whitelist Difficulty

    Yes, but it isn't hard to find. I done my whitelist 20 minutes before leaving for work and it was accepted by the time I got home. It's pretty easy. There's a multiple answer section that's just too easy and has quite obvious answers. The way it was in the past was actually good and meant people had to read through the rules carefully. Now people just skim through until they see the pass code. Not to mention this whole thing, kinda worrying.
  2. Deputy_Derp

    good idea?

    My mum would be even more concerned about my mental health than she already is if I showed her this.
  3. Deputy_Derp

    We Gotta Talk About "HostileRP" or should I say GearRP

    I can see where the problem lies, but maybe just roll around with a double-barrel. If good RP without being robbed is what you're after, you won't need a plate carrier. Sometimes I feel like people who are role-playing aren't really cautious of the stakes. People should be a lot more paranoid with zombies everywhere, the threat of murderous bandits and killer wolves around. Everyone's just like: *Walks into a military base and sees someone* "OH HEY THERE, FRIEND" In my opinion I think more people need to be cautious of others, everyone's just all out camping together in Kabanino. You're tempting fate when you just waddle into town with a big rifle and armour plating. Fact is, some players really are just out here trying to get the best gear and to shoot some people, that may be the character they play or more likely just that they want to shoot some people and get the best stuff in the game to prolong said shooting of people.
  4. Deputy_Derp

    Your New Year's Resolutions?

    1. Finally cut and get down to 75kg and a low body fat percentage. 2. Actually play the guitar I bought 3 weeks ago. 3. Drink more water. 4. Learn how to bake. 5. Learn to drive and get a car. 6. Successfully play "Take me home, Country Roads" on the guitar. 7. Acquire poon. 8. Save up all my money for no reason. 9. Start to enjoy the protein shake I bought. Chocolate nut flavour is a meh.
  5. Deputy_Derp


    I, for one, think amnesty is great. Fact is, there'll always be a bad egg. Some eggs can be disguised as a lovely plump egg, but as soon as you turn it over you'll notice the cracks. Some eggs are noticeably bad and get thrown out the day they're bought, and some eggs' yolk breaks when you tap the egg slightly. That's the way things are, and always have been. Amnesty is just the same as having new players join, except some know others, some know decent roleplay, and some just want to come shoot people. That's what's always happening, amnesty or not. Also, amnesty keeps the money rolling in, and that's life's goal. Also I'm back cause of it, which is cool.
  6. James McDougal was born in Glasgow, and was raised in the rough streets of Glasgow. His mother and father kept busy jobs to maintain a decent lifestyle for where they lived. James lived a reckless life, being involved in knife crimes and muggings, however he was never convicted. James worked in a failing car garage, that was managed very poorly and only just managed to maintain a decent income. James wasn't the best worker, but he kept that job and often done courier work. His days began in the garage and ended in the pub, or a shitty nightclub. One day, one of James' friends proposed a month long trip to Amsterdam, where they'd experience the red light districts, drugs, marijuana, and whores. A brilliant idea for a poor Glaswegian garage worker. James and his friends pooled together their income to save up, and at the end of June, their month long session began... and ended as a nightmare. After surviving the outbreak, his friends dead, James turned to become a travelling merchant. Trading most of his equipment for booze. Eventually, his travels found him in Chernarus and this is where he has been for a while.
  7. I saw DayZ was actually decent now and nostalgia struck. So, I took out my wallet and now I'm here. Hello, everyone!
  8. It's not a good sesh if there isn't a tall lanky prick... fact.
  9. Deputy_Derp

    Random name you remember from a long time ago

    Some guy called Mack James and this weird group called "Mobius".
  10. Deputy_Derp

    Return of the Memestar

    You have issues.
  11. Deputy_Derp

    Black Skull Media Thread

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