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  1. While I do sorta agree with the initiation portion, sometimes it is fun to do a puncture initiation. Not all the time tho. No need to be too serious when initiating. Sometimes a good laugh is needed. I love when puncture initiates like that
  2. Campfire rpers who literally sit inside their base all day in the middle of no where and do nothing but internal rp. I know it’ll never change but I’m still sick of seeing it.
  3. kek fuck no fam. The games already hard and annoyingly unplayable as is with you being able to get contract cholera from a fucking canteen. Now a decrease of auto gun spawns? Yeah okay. -1
  4. Wendigo

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    big F in chat bb. big RIP bb o7
  5. That’s the same homie me and @G19RP rolled up on last night in the same area. Homie immediately pulled his shit out. Almost got the clap.
  6. Get told Nik was in the area of vmc-ish with a couple randos. So I start heading that way. Hear shots. Heard nothing back from Nik. Server crashes and Hutch and HDragon were dead. That's just about it with my involvment with this situation
  7. Wendigo

    Green Dragons

    On GD we back
  8. Wendigo

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Who are YOU?
  9. MP7 fucking rips. No kap
  10. Wendigo

    World of Warcraft Classic Thread

    Westfall Undead Rogue we out here my nibbas
  11. Wendigo

    Regarding 2.3

    I blame Batok for people bringing 2.3 up so much. Not saying that his report wasn’t valid. I wasn’t there for the situations and I honestly don’t remember the outcome of the report. But before that, it wasn’t even an idea in people’s heads. Before that, people would literally deal with shit in an ic way or just take their salt and take it out on the attackers later on ig. Simple. 2.3 has to be the stupidest rule. As blake said, it’s literally used for more blackmail than anything else. No flame towards Batok. No points plz.
  12. Me and Brandon were outside the compound when they dropped the yeet on my mans Dewskeetskeet. We run in to where the shots were and using our defender right, we start gassing. Unforntunately, my kill was on someone who wasn't involved. but was sorted out in the report I'll be linking below. I die shortly after. Dew was hot mic’ing the whole time and Brandon and I were both aware of what was going on.
  13. Dew met a few guys in Zeleno mil. They initiated. He hotmic'd everything so we kinda had a jist of who we were fighting. I get there and I gas the op. then shortly after, I get gassed myself. I spoke to the op on discord. We both came to a better understanding of what happened.
  14. Wendigo

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    Always fun meeting you and the other rp bois ig.
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