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  1. Borat was born into a wealthy family on the 4th of September 1991 in the city of Moscow, Russia. From an early age Borat began to question his family's practices, the highly prestigious school he was sent to as a young child brought radical ideas to his mind. Borat was known to be loud and outspoken and these ideas were not kept in private among his close family and friends. When Borat’s parents realized the new school was fostering his individualism they quickly unenrolled him. Borat was outraged and devastated when his parents broke the news. He was sick of parents control and at age of 16 he decided to pack a bag and leave Moscow. After more than a month of long and dangerous travels Borat reached Chernarus in the year 2007. Borat hoped this would be a fresh start for him, he no longer had restrictions around his thoughts and beliefs and was able to think freely. Borat's dreams didn't live up to his expectations though. He was born in a rich family and had never done a day of work in his life. He was soft and sheltered and did not adapt quickly his new surroundings. Two years later he was still at the same place; poor and incapable of motivating himself to become something greater. As the civil war began to breakout in Chernarus, Borat saw this as an opportunity to make something of himself. It became clear that Borat was born to be a leader.
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