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  1. Floyed was a student in Ireland before the outbreak. He grew up on a farm and hunter when he was young with his father giving him valuable survival skills. After college he wanted to travel and do something good for the world that`s when he decided he wanted to move to Chernarus to help those in need in the world and wanted to help rebuild the country after the civil war. One night when asleep in his apartment he heard gunfire outside. His mind immediately went to its another civil war without hesitation he ran outside and into the woods as it was a familiar environment to him. This is where he came across his first infected. Thinking it was an injured person after being shot his first reaction was to help but when the person attacked in a violent rage scratching him he pushed the person back and they fell onto a log piercing them through the upper torso killing them. It was not until a few days in to this epidemic he realized what was going on.
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