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  1. roadkill <3

  2. Sullyy

    • Sullyy
    • Roach

    I've not spoken to you person to person before but your content, media and persona says it all.
    With you gone, the hope DayZRP had is truly gone, I don't mean that in a way to burden you with guilt because of course that's not on you. 
    You've been a pillar of the community and I'm sad to have never gotten a chance to meet you myself o7

  3. love how your own community reputation just utterly fucking bullies you no matter how many beanz you have


    1. Bazz
    2. TheLonelyOne


      I've been in this community since july of 2013, I only have 9 beanz so I guess I'm a noobie hahah.

    3. Sullyy


      here you go man now you have 10

    4. Bazz
    5. TheLonelyOne
  4. hey we have a cruise ship holding 3,000 men and women - where should we go?

    let's go to chernarus the post-soviet shithole and sink it

    1. Rory



    2. efcjelavic


      what's the problem, I regularly go on cruises off the coast of war zones

    3. Pepe Jones

      Pepe Jones

      I'm dying!

  5. where have your non-problematic memes gone :(

    1. kiwienne



  6. 1st of march 2017

  7. T R I G G E R E D - IT'S 2016, PEOPLE!



  8. fucking danes

    1. efcjelavic


      iceland makes me want to die