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  1. Sully Antonsson

    Sully grew up in northern Iceland and was born into a strict Seventh-day Adventist family. At an early age, he found himself denouncing the religion; much to his father's disgust -- whom was a pastor. Having been rejected by his kin; he fled his town and headed for the capital -- Reykjavík -- where he studied to become a gourmet chef. When struggling to garner money for his rent and studies, Sully got himself mixed in with Slavic loan-sharks. After avoiding them for weeks, the loan-sharks finally got their hands on him - making it clear that they would break his kneecaps and cut off his johnson if he wouldn't pay up. Sadly, Sully had no money to give; so the slavs thought of a better use for him - as a drug mule. They sent him to their home-country of Chernarus where he would receive contraband to bring back to Reykjavík - if he did this, his debt would be paid. The ship docked in Chernogorsk, where he was provided only with an apartment address - but something had gone wrong, for the apartment was empty. He waited in the apartment for days, sitting on a box of narcotics - eating food from the fridge, expecting contact - yet no one came.
  2. roadkill <3

  3. Pijka's Pseudo-Art

    looks really good! keep it up!
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    I've not spoken to you person to person before but your content, media and persona says it all.
    With you gone, the hope DayZRP had is truly gone, I don't mean that in a way to burden you with guilt because of course that's not on you. 
    You've been a pillar of the community and I'm sad to have never gotten a chance to meet you myself o7

  4. Mischief's Art!

    damn good art, absolutely beautiful
  5. yes the events such as a terrorist attack are fictional, but wanted to shed light on how it all operates
  6. Sorry for waking up a sleeping thread but I have to point out this quote "had taken several hostages in the Menntaskólin, the biggest high school in Reykjavik." "menntaskóli" translates to "Junior College" so it could literally be any college, so what you're saying is "had taken several hostages in the college, the biggest high school in Reykjavík" which is also funny because I think you're referring to the University of Iceland. Oh and the Delta division you're talking about is NOT Icelandic, it's Norwegian... It briefly trained TVS in 1982. Also, The Viking Squad has barely ever had to use their weapons, the first time they did was in 2013 when an old senile geezer started firing a rifle from his home. They were forced to kill him but I assure you that the one who took the shot needed to take leave due to mental trauma, so no; the TVS is not a squadron of "top of the line" counter-terrorists who take on James Bond missions deployed in Chernarus...not to mention that just casually deploying your man in a foreign country is fucking illegal and wouldn't be authorized because TVS isn't a secret intelligence type of thing. Don't get me wrong, I have great respect for TVS but here they are portrayed as a band of super soldiers, but they're just professional peacekeepers who have thankfully never had to deal with a terrorist attack before. But, your terrorist attack is a fictional event and I'm not calling that part out because fair enough, shit like that can happen. Just wanted to clear things upppp palllll
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  8. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    always a good shoulder to cry on shade, love you man
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    love the new profile, so christmas-ey !


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      <3 merry christmas
      doesn't beat yours but yeah, incoming song

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    merry christmas, sign me up for this one please
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    holy damn, merry christmas sign me up please
  11. Prison Island Event

    damn that's radical but does the idea of this being part of the lore by being set before the infection happened seem interesting? like a prequel sort of? that's a thought at least or will the groups involved go by their post-infection names? in that case nvm